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  1. Mike: Thanks so much for your help. I've ordered a Calibra service manual and bought The Essential Buyers Guide (because I could get it on Kindle and I'm impatient. Also, dropped the sump, removed the timing belt, sprockets, and tensioners. Boy, that crank pulley bolt was stubborn. I've ordered a new oil pump and front cover, gaskets, and oil filter. More questions though... Where do I find the chassis ID or VIN? (I have special construction stickers from Delaware and California) The car is badged HPC, has the Vauxhall 16v fi motor I presume to b C20XE, and a cardboard box
  2. I'm getting to know my (I think) '94 C20XE powered HPC. It came to me after a previous owner damaged the sump. He had the sump repaired, but there is still a crack in the oil pump housing, thus a significant oil leak. Today I removed the front cover, but it was necessary to cut the large bolt that secures the bottom sprocket and pulley to the crankshaft. Through eBay and Google, I've been able to find the oil pump and sump gaskets I need, but I'm striking out on the crankshaft bolt. It's 16X1.5X80 and I've found a couple of places I can buy a grade 10.8 bolt, but I'd be more comfortable w
  3. Haven't been able to apply any of the above numbers yet, but it is clearly Redtop, 16v, fuel injected. Is the Haynes service manual for Calibra 1990-1998 likely to cover it?
  4. Having sold my Lotus twin cam Caterham a few years back, I've just traded what I bought to replace it with a 1994 Vauxhall powered Caterham with a few wrinkles to straighten out. First is a cracked oil pump body which I'd like to repair and enjoy the car for a while before considering a dry sump system. My problem is I got very little information with the car so I don't know exactly what Vauxhall I have. I'd like to purchase a manual to get started, but need to know which one. Casting numbers on the left side of the block are: 75, HH5, R80 400 015, and GM. Can anyone point me in the rig
  5. Set of four wheels and tires from Robin Hood I imported from UK. Wheels are marked MINILIGHT 5.5x13. Tires are nothing special, good enough to roll your project around on, or I can take the off to save shipping. Lug pattern is 4 on 4.25". They are in pretty nice shape and appear never to have been curbed. I will package at my expense and ship at buyers expense. Located in Chico, CA, special consideration to anyone willing to come pick them up! $400.00
  6. Leftover set of fenders and nose from my sold '76 Caterham. Solid parts but should probably be refinished due to numerous nicks and scuffs, some stress cracks in gel-coat, one small crack in leading edge of left front fender (see picture 7) Parts are located in Chico, CA. I'm willing to box or crate at my expense and ship at buyer's expense, but picking up in person would be a strong negotiating point. $600.
  7. I have a '78 Caterham 7 that's suffered a bit of a bump to the rear on the spare tire; not enough to bend any structure, just distorted the alloy skin. I have a competent metal man ready to repair it, but he needs to know which alloy was used. Does anyone know, or can anyone suggest where I might find out? Thanks, Craig
  8. Saw your ad for seats and tried to post a reply, not sure how well it worked. I could probably use 16" wide seats if they don't work for the other guy. How much are you asking? Have pictures? Thanks, Craig

  9. I could probably use those for a project I'm working on. Do you have a picture and could I get an idea what you'd like to get for them? Craig
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