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  1. Car is still for sale - I wasn't too proactive about trying to sell it during the arctic temps this winter. $13,000.
  2. since the majority of people who have emailed me have asked about the weight... I haven't put it on a scale, but looking at Jeff's car (which is about identical to mine), he lists his as being 1138lbs. Taking away the weight of the full roll cage, I'd have to guess mine is right around 1000lbs, possibly a little less. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2595161/2007-lotus-7/
  3. Thanks! I enjoyed looking at your build pictures and seeing some of the changes since I took ownership. I was a bit worried about the stretch originally, but after seeing it (and driving it), it's of no concern. Plus, I've got the added benefit of (some) storage! It really is a heck of a fun car ... who knows, maybe I'll end up with another one someday.
  4. Dave, While I agree that I'll probably regret selling it, there's always the possibility of buying another one down the road. Space is definitely one of my main issues, especially now - my wife informed me the other night that she found her "dream car", and we're going to take a look at it this weekend. If we end up buying it, I'm definitely in a pickle - 4 cars with a 3 car garage. Unfortunately, there's no room for a trailer - and I don't currently own anything that would pull one. Plus, finding the time to actually drive the thing is getting increasingly difficult. Thanks!
  5. I probably should have included in the original post that I'm open to offers. I'm not really interested in trades, though. I also took a short video with the GoPro the other day:
  6. haha ... i could be patient if I had a bigger garage!
  7. Ha! Okay, okay ... while all of that is true, getting something that my wife wants to drive as well is at the top of the list. No sense in having a car sitting around in the garage that she has no interest in driving. I guess I do have it pretty good here. 1hr southwest to Lincoln for SCCA (home of the runoffs), and 1 hours southeast to Glenwood, IA where Mid-America Motorplex is.
  8. Due to an increasingly-demanding work schedule accompanied by the extreme weather seasons here in Nebraska, I think it's probably best to let someone else enjoy this car. I purchased it in October of 2012 with the thoughts of using it as a weekend driver and an occasional autocross car. SCCA moved all of the local autox events an hour away from me, so this car has only seen a handful of weekend morning drives since purchasing it. I'm the third owner. First owner built a roller, second owner finished the car, I bought it with plans to get it sorted and get it road worthy. Car drives g
  9. I was able to straighten them out pretty well, so I think i'll be okay now. Thanks to everyone that offered theirs up!
  10. Bummer! Radiator is from an R1 (car has an R1 engine). Here's some pics: http://i.imgur.com/VKKAhl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/7GfPo.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Vl6RWl.jpg
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