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  1. Yes. I've had a ton of interest, but car still available. PM, serious inquiries only, please. Sandfire
  2. I will have to defer to the Engine heads on this forum to explain the difference between a normal Zetec and a SVT Zetec, but the SVT in this Caterham is made in Germany and my understanding is that it has a high compression, bigger cams and a different air flow from a conventional Zetec. It is not after market tuned, but produced by the Ford SVT (Special Vehicles Team) in concert with Cosworth. Also, I have been looking thru all the documentation to answer several PMs and I believe it actually as 210 HP. Not 220. As for BAT I would like to sell to someone involved with the USA7s foru
  3. I think lotusman1951 is either selling his car or undermining the caterham community.
  4. I have received several PMs but I don't think I have been able to reply to them. Please include your email in the PM and I will respond. Thank you.
  5. Are you referring to your car?
  6. It is really quite sad when you put it that way.... Andy 69 - I'm in East Memphis and have not been to the track so that might be why we haven't met. I've had a few questions about the car so I am providing more info for the group. I purchased the car from a gentleman in Conroe Texas. The car was built by a group of experimental aircraft guys at a hanger in Conroe and the owner of the car, who paid for it, later died and one of his friends helped sell the car. I was active in the Lotus club of Houston (aka LOST – Lotus Owners of South Texas) and a friend of mine and
  7. I am offering my 2005 Caterham SV up for sale. Fully loaded with unique instrument color, full weather package and a bikini top. 220HP Zetec. 9542 miles. 34K or best offer. Located in Memphis TN. Car is fully registered in TN. PM me with questions.
  8. I've been working on my 2005 Caterham recently. Air filter, oil change, clutch box oil. All started because breaks were not really stopping the car anymore so I had to bleed them and the problem is fixed. I am replying to this old post because I spent a day trying to find the gearbox drain and it would appear from this thread that the T9 gearbox doesn't have a drain. So I pose the question - Do I need to mess with it? Sure I crunch gears once in a while, but that doesn't necessarily mean I need new gearbox oil. Bleeding the breaks, however, made a HUGE difference. Like, now the ca
  9. Yes, turns out I do have the DIP switches and they were set to 8386 or 0000001010. Calculating the calibration number is tricky as I don't know what sensor is being used. Seeing as the speedometer is a full 5mph off I think I can probably get pretty close by simple trail and error. Just changing the DIP switches to 1100001010 or 8483 got me a lot closer. I suspect the odometer is off as well then and the car does not have as many miles as shown. Thanks for all your help.
  10. I am trying to re-calibrate the speedometer on an '05 Caterham with the standard Caterham gauges. The gauge with the program button on the front. I am following the Caerbont Automotive Instruments instructions which seem very straight forward. "calibration mode is selected by switching the ignition on while simultaneously holding the programming button down and waiting 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, release the button and the odometer display will flash in calibration mode, showing the previously set pulses/mile". Unfortunately, after a few attempts I cannot enter the calibration
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