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  1. New never used from my Caterham Supersprint Black with Super 7 Sprint if interested i will send you photos Price $80 post paid
  2. inchoate A friend with a Seven knew of 12 slightly used 6" X 13" Lightweight Panasports for sale. He also knew of another Seven owner, so we bought and shared them. When I tried to buy them new 4 years ago they were not aviailable. I believe the distributor in the US is in LA. Check the Panasport site
  3. Thanks locust, wemtd and papak, I will try Quantum first, I have bought from Burton before, I should have thought of them
  4. To conclude this thread, I did find 4 Panasport Competition 6" x 13" wheels
  5. I have a spare Ford T-9 5 speed transmission and I need a few parts: Front input shaft seal Rear tail shaft seal Rubber boot in bell housing Any advise on a parts source for T-9's Thanks John
  6. I would like to follow this thread, I could use one too
  7. I know this is an old post, I was just revisiting it to see about tires for my 6" X 13" Panasport Comp wheels. Four plus years since the last comment. Does anyone have a suggestion for track day tires for this wheel set that will not be used on the road, I have a set of 6" x14" wheels for street use. Also, my race engine was completed a year ago, almost and it was more than satisfactory. Here are the specs from an engine dyno Caterham Race Engine 2016 Block: Ford OHV 2265E Kent AX Block Bore: 84 mm Stroke: 77.62 mm Capacity: 1721 cc Compression Ratio
  8. Still no leads on the suitable drive unit. Craig Chima's part was not the one...still looking. Thanks
  9. Yes Eric, a snap ring that fits into a recess on the side of the T9 tail shaft. Tough to get to, use to need care with the right size pliers
  10. Thanks Maurice, I sent an email to Burton sending the photos, looks like the one in the catalog takes another drive cable, Will see what they say
  11. I broke the right angle speedometer drive last time I pulled the drivetrain. I tried JB Weld that lasted a mile so back to square one. Caterham UK does not have them. The drive was standard on my 1991 Caterham Super Sprint 1700 with the Ford T9 five speed transmission, the drive cable operated a VDO speedometer. If I am lucky, there will be two photos with this post, one shows the broken part separate from the drive, the other with both parts together.
  12. James A. Thanks, this is very helpful, it looks like the same caliper, I will check to see it is the same.
  13. I don't have a photo, car at another location, but Dave Beans is about a 45 min drive. Thanks for the tip
  14. Hi Guys, After a significantly long period off track and after a significant engine power upgrade I am ready for a track day next month. My car is a 1991 Caterham Super Sprint 1700, it has stock front calipers, two pot. My question when ordering replacement brake pads, what do I tell the seller is the origin of the replacement pads? I have heard in the past that the front calipers were the same as a Spitfire but that is a hazy memory. Any suggestions on a suitable pad for track days and occasional street use? I see in other posts suggested pad upgrades to Porterfield
  15. Hi Dave, I received your PM and either send a reply 3 times or nothing...here's my message. My email address is in one of these prior posts, email me if you want photos Dave, I can never seem to remember how to post a photo, one time it works, otherwise nada, I have photos of 3 views of the alternator shield, which in fact came with my kit in 1991. Each photo has a ruler in it to judge size. I will try to load one otherwise I would be happy to email you them all. The alternator is also original, sorry the make/model spec not in hand IMG_1808.JPG
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