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  1. One of the biggest questions that keeps coming up about the car is fit. It's an S3, so it is small. I just measured the width of the seat and it is roughly 14" inches wide. If you're curious as to whether you'll fit, build yourself a mock seating area that has walls 14" apart and 6" high. If you can squeeze into that space comfortably, you can probably squeeze into the car. If your hips are too wide for that, they're probably too wide for the seat.
  2. I added some engine pictures. https://photos.barbierifamily.org/Other/Caterham-R300/n-R5865/i-D2nTjcw
  3. Oh, and if I sent you my phone number via the message function, please text me before you call. I get several spam calls a day trying to sell extended warranties and so I'm used to ignoring the phone. One prospective buyer called yesterday and his phone number showed up as "Scam likely". Fortunately, I answered it anyway. But texting first will help your chances of not being mistaken for spam. If you do try to call and can't get through, message me with your number here and I'll call you.
  4. I uploaded a bunch of pictures. The first 17 are old pictures. The remaining pictures are ones I took this morning. I also included a video of a cold start. I just realized that I have no pictures of under the hood. I'll add more later. I put descriptions on a lot of the pictures to provide more context. I've tried to disclose everything relevant - the scratches, the crack in the windshield, and stuff like that. You can see the pictures and video here: https://photos.barbierifamily.org/Other/Caterham-R300/n-R5865/i-cRMbBxw Once again, I would like feedback on what pictu
  5. I'll make sure to take a bunch of pictures. I'm a hobbyist photographer, so that won't be a problem. I measured my front fender as roughly 9" from edge to edge, so I presume that would be 4.5" from center to edge. I think it is registered as a '62 Lotus Seven or something like that. My wife handled all the registration. My intent was to register it as an assembled car or something like that, but when my wife took it in they said that they didn't have any of those plates and gave her an antique plate instead. I believe that I'm only supposed to drive it to show
  6. I've got a Caterham R300 (2013) with about 5,000 miles on it. I think I'm going to sell it. I've never done anything like this before. I'd appreciate any help you can give on setting and price and picking a place or places to list it. This is the originally listing from back when I bought the car: The car has about 4,000 miles on it now (I think, I should check). I made several mods: Added a 5th point to the harnesses Changed out the battery for a smaller lithium battery Added USB ports to the dash Replaced the speedo with a GPS based
  7. I took my Caterham when I sent to get vaccinated the other day. I didn't expect a long, slow moving line. We were in stop and go (mostly stop) traffic for 2 hours. Then the car had enough and stalled out. A quick checks showed that my battery was below 9 volts. I have a lithium ion battery. When I got the car home, I charged it over night to about 13.5 volts. The charge drifted down to 13.0 volts after 3 days, which is normal. It usually drops to the high 12s after a few days and will hold the mid 12s for months. I took it out for a 6 mile drive near the house this morning and the voltag
  8. Couldn't they just use parking boots on them? Or just let the air out of the tires instead of vandalizing them? It doesn't seem like a good way to handle a situation in which the cars are very likely to be owned by innocent people.
  9. Cranky

    Name that car

    Amazing! Thanks, guys. I never would have found it.
  10. Cranky

    Name that car

    I've got this old picture of my father and I'm trying to identify the car. Any ideas? The picture was probably 1956 +/- a couple of years. The car looks like a Cadillac to me, but I can't find any images of a similar Cadillac. Any guesses?
  11. I own a 2013 R300. It's this car: http://www.chariotsofpb.com/chariots/inventory/details/SDKLDK3NS11070411. I bought it many years ago. It's pretty much the same only I've sorted out several issues (with a lot of help here). I think the only significant changes are the addition of a third break light on the rollbar, adding a half-top and doors, and replacing the battery with an Li battery. I'm not interested in selling it, but I'd like to have some really rough estimate of it's current value. It seems like Sevens trade so infrequently and are so different that I have no clue what a reason
  12. Cranky

    Seat Glue

    The carpet is coming unglued from my tillets. Is there any particular glue I should use to reattach it?
  13. Thanks for all the feedback. I ordered one of the Wisamic lights. It is definitely cheap enough to be worth experimenting with.
  14. I'm considering switching out the headlights on my Caterham S3 with their newer LED headlights. It looks like its about $800 for a new pair. Has anyone done it? Is it worth the cost and bother? I don't drive at night often, but when I do, the headlights are appallingly dim.
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