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  1. Here's a couple of pictures for you of the end I used the JB weld on. It could probably be sanded or filed to make it a little smoother. Its 6 1/2" across & 14 1/2" tall. I hope this helps, Kurt
  2. I replaced it with the complete distributer that Pertronix sells. The plug wires come out the side rather than the top. If they come out of the top, they hit the bottom of the front carb; if you're running 2 Webers. Kurt
  3. Hey Y'all, My bad...here's some pictures you can actually look at. Thanks for staying on top of things John. Kurt
  4. John, Thanks for the heads up. I'll work on changing them to JPEG format. Thanks, Kurt
  5. Just the stuff that comes with the master cylinders to mount the reservoirs on the firewall. Its what is shown in the picture. Kurt
  6. Hey Y'all, I'm having a small garage sale. I have the following parts for sale: Ford Crossflow Autolite distributor with Pertronix module, slightly used cap. Comes with a second Pertronix module, a used cap & Pertronix Flamethrower coil. I got tired of fighting it every time I set the timing & the plug wires got hung up on the bottom of Weber carbs. $225 Facet 12V Electric Fuel Pump, AN6 fittings on both sides. New $55 Holley Fuel Pressure regulator New $25 Used 6qt. Oil Tank. I thought it was leaking & tried sealing the bottom with J/B Weld. It wasn't t
  7. It amazes me that this has created so much dialog about the VIN number. Perhaps I should have been clearer about it in the original posting. This is what I know: The car is a 1983 Caterham. I have copies of the registration going back as far as 1983, it was changed from a Caterham to a Lotus in 1984 & has been registered like that since then. I didn't ask the guy I bought it from when I bought it how or why he did that, I just accepted it. It was originally registered in California. I have sold the car & the new owner is accepting it also & it excited to be getting it.
  8. Is there a spot on the frame of early (mid 60's) 7's where the VIN number is stamped into the frame, or is the plate near the master cylinder(LHD cars) the only spot? Thanks, Kurt
  9. I have decided its time for someone else to enjoy my 7, so I'm selling it. It is actually an '83 that has been reregistered as a '63, vin # SB1682. I bought it this way & don't know the details. When I bought it, it was in need of some TLC. I finally restored it, while do some upgrades. It now has: Rebuilt Ford Cross flow engine with: Norris Cam Weber Carbs Dry Sump oiling system, new Oil tank, new Areoquip hoses, remote oil filter & oil cooler Pretronix Distributer & Coil Dave Bean Aluminum Flywheel with the
  10. I've got a Ford Cross flow with a dry sump oiling system. There's no name on it, and it doesn't look like the Titan model sold by Pegasus. It has 3 different parts, there's 2 pumps & an 1/8 inch spacer. I can't seem to get it to stop leaking between the pumps & the spacer. Does anyone have any experience sealing these? I tried Loctite 518 gasket eliminator with no success. Also, the oil pressure seem a bit high; 100+ lbs in 4th gear at a steady 3500 RPM. Should I adjust the oil pressure relief on the pump in or out? And, what would be a good pressure? Many thanks for any & all h
  11. Many thanks to all for your responses. This gives me a lot to think about, but they are all of the same vein. I've got a dry sump on my car which means buying 7 quarts, so I just wanted to be right the first time. Wish I could still get Castrol XLR 20w-50 like I ran in my Mini; but that was a long time ago. Cheers, Kato
  12. Just thought I'd throw this out...What's everyone running for oil in a Cross Flow that doesn't get raced, & only driven hard occasionally. Thanks, Kato
  13. I bought a set of anvils & the upper wheel from a machinist awhile ago & built the frame. The wheel & anvils are all precision machined & have bearing to help ease the rolling. The frame in built out of 2 X 3 3/16 (.187) wall tubing so it is stout and has been tig welded together. I had it powder coated semigloss black. I great plans to learn how to use it & make gas tanks for all of the custom motorcycles I was going to build. Since moving to Hawaii, I have found the DMV doesn't like anything that isn't stock. I went to court to get my motorcycle registered, & was told
  14. I bumped my brake master cylinder reservoir this morning while doing some tiding up under the bonnet. Promptly broke the top off. Anyone know where I might find another? Thanks, Kurthttp://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15077&stc=1
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