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  1. SOLD. It's a sad and happy day.
  2. Sorry papak, I don't remember off hand. I think it was this one. https://www.aerodynamix.co.uk/shop/exterior/high-level-aero-screen-luego-viento-carbon/ I took measurements and I found something that was close enough and it worked out very well.
  3. It's with a heavy heart I put the Birkin up for sale. If I had a bigger garage I would not be making this post but it's time for the next phase of my car addiction. I'm asking $45,000. 2015 Birkin XS (current generation Wide Body), build completed in Spring 2016. Current mileage on the car is 5,154 (as of 8/9/19) Used on the street, autocross, and on the track. Never wrecked or contact with anything. Engine Highlights: Ford Duratec 2.0L - Estimated 200hp All Engine Work was done by Gerlach Performance and Machine in Colorado Donor Engine was from a 2006 Ford Focus
  4. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=12243&stc=1 It raises the cycle fender just enough. I'm not sure if the Caterham wing stays are similar to the Birkin and if this photo helps you visualize anything. It's an old photo before I installed them.
  5. Thanks Tom, I appreciate your feedback. I have some adapters for the cycle wings that allow wider tires to clear so I'm good there. Why the switch to the Michelin Radials if the Hoosiers are so missed? Wear and budget? I know nothing of the Michelin Radials, should I consider them on my 13" wheels? Sounds like I should stick with my 13x10 wheels and sacrifice autocross gearing, which I'm 100% ok with.
  6. Hello All, Yes, another, what tire should I use. However, I'm not 100% clueless, I just need some opinions to help make my decision. I currently have a lightweight set of three piece 13x10 wheels front and rear that I have 20x9 Hoosier 25b compounds mounted for autocross use. I also have a 15x7/15x8 setup with 195/225 R1Rs used mainly for street but did track days with them as well. All of this is on a 2016 Birkin XS build with a built Duratec 2.0. I'm moving more toward track work with the Birkin and plan on at least 5 multiple day NASA track weekends this summer. I'm comp
  7. That photo is before I even did any manipulation. I took a picture of all of the gaps I wanted to adjust with painters tape applied as reference, pulled the bonnet off, and gently (I mean gently) manipulated the curves while referencing the photos.
  8. Thanks Bill. The mirrors are Spa F1. I have 2 convex lens and no rear view. Takes getting used to but the coverage is good.
  9. Thank you. It was a fun and sometimes painful process. http://www.spatechnique.com/store/itemDetail.cfm?prodID=559&catID=7 I got 2 convex mirrors and I'm not using a rear view. Takes a bit of getting used to but the coverage is good.
  10. Thanks Richard. Tom has been great to work with for sure. Wealth of knowledge and acceptable to all my ridiculous questions. Paint codes are: Lotus Elise B108 and B86
  11. Hello All, I've been lurking for the last 7 months or so as I was building my Birkin XS. It is now complete (needs some fine tuning) and I thought I'd share a few photos. I'd also like to know if anyone has dimensions of the Caterham sill protectors. I'm not a fan of my side panels already and am looking for alternatives. The passeneger side doesn't fit all that well and has developed a small crack, that is bound to get larger. Thanks for looking Gents. Brad
  12. I'm interested in this info as well. Also, if you know the ratios. 2.69,2.01,1.59,1.32,1.13,1?
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