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    In love with Lotus Super 7 since the 60's. Finally achieved the station in life where I could indulge myself with Caterham CSR, now track prepared.
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    HPDEs, racing, exercise, cooking, bird hunting, dog training
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    retired physician
  1. Thanks, gents. Your help is greatly appreciated. I was hoping against hope that I would not need to pull the trans to get the job done but knew that was probably what would need to happen.
  2. I recently purchased a 2005 CSR 260. After my first drive I noted a rather prodigious trans oil leak coming from the right aft portion of the 6-speed manual g'box where the old speedo used to be connected. The car currently has the electronic speedo. Does anyone know if the remainder of this unit can be removed and a bung driven in the hole without removing the drive train from the car and what is entailed in removing that unit.http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=12555&stc=1
  3. Thank you Red. I have found another CSR. I wish you luck with the sale. It is a beautiful car. I wish there was a greater State side appreciation for these cars. They are truly fantastic and the purest form of driving around. Bar none.
  4. Red" is this car still available? I have a 2012 CSR 260 which has become an exclusive track car (I went to Denver to build it with Jon but have had it extensively modified for the track by Beachman Racing in Washington (fantastic operation). I miss being able to drive on the road and saw your car for sale and am interested.
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