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  1. This car has been sold. This post is being temporarily left up for the benefit of the new owner, who was involved in an incident with the car, and requested this be left up until the matter is sorted with the insurance company. Hopefully the car will be back on the road soon, and the new owner will come here to share his experiences with the rest of the Seven community.
  2. Here's a picture of the aforementioned trailer from the previous post:
  3. For sale is a 1999 Birkin S3, styled and titled as a 1969 Lotus 7. This was my father's car, bought three years ago through Texas Motor Works from its second owner, a man named David Kirk from Bozeman, Montana. The car is a live-axle S3 chassis powered by a '97 Ford Zetec 2.0L 4-cylinder (with hydraulic lifters), and it originally had twin DCOE sidedraft Webers. This was mated to a T-9 5-speed manual (w/Fidanza aluminum flywheel) and a Quaiffe limited slip differential. I believe the cam is a little warmed over, not too lumpy but it seems to have more separation than the normal Zetec cam. Unde
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