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  1. I'm dropping the price to 42k. We're moving in a couple weeks and I'd love to sell it by then Ryan
  2. I'm dropping the price to 45,000 Ryan
  3. Thank you. That is a wind blocker mounted to the roll bar behind the seats. It stays there all the time. Scott said it decreases the amount of fumes that that enter the seating area of the car. Ryan
  4. V8 Stalker XL for sale. The car was built by Scott Minehart, the owner of Stalker Sports Cars, at his shop in Clearwater for me in 2018 and has been serviced by Gator Motorsport in Indianapolis, IN. Street legal and registered in Indiana. It's listed on the title as a 1962 Lotus Super 7 Specialty Constructed Vehicle. Great condition, only 541 miles. Most of the miles were spirited drives on the country roads around my house, and I did 1 track day. Asking $48,000. Feel free to contact me through USA7's, my email which is ryanalexy@gmail.com, or my cell which is 317 796-0835. See additi
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