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  1. The Pinto version is larger in diameter, from 1996 on Caterham used a smaller unit, found it in Standard brand part#TS17T $8 Thanks!
  2. Hello fellow Seven people! Seems my temp sender has packed it in...1996 1700 , Caterham lists the sender as 96 on.... anyone know if there is a cross for something available state side?? Number 6....
  3. And one can never stop with out a comment from someone "You came from Birmingham IN THAT?!"
  4. Hello all! Just completed 1100 mile run in my 1995 Super sprint , 93 degrees heat and burning sun on the way to LOG and sheets of rain on the way back! One failure...a snap on the top! Perhaps someone out there has upgraded their shocks and would sell me the old ones, my right rear is dead, as it's a live axle and a road use car I'm not too picky! Cheers all! Number 6. ( Robert Morey )
  5. Anyone out there have the two hose nipples for the heater hoses, one screws into the intake and one onto the water pump neck for a 1700 cross flow ? 1995 Caterham Sprint. Thanks
  6. Hello out there ! Anyone know where the heater box was sourced from to suit a 1995 Caterham Classic ? It's not cold yet but we use the car quite a bit....
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