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  1. Depending on the bolt pattern and back spacing you need, I have purchased steel wheels made by Aero Race Wheels and Marsh Racing Wheels. There are other makes available, e.g. Diamond Race Wheels. Some of them can be purchased directly, or from Summit or Jegs or some of the other suppliers. They work fine for track days and autocross, and are relatively inexpensive. Hope this helps. Leo
  2. Sold today ! Thank you all for reading my adv't. I told the new buyers about this site, and how informative it is. Sabre Seven (HS Engineering) Car + Trailer + Spares $13,900 Mega professional updates. Was & can be street legal (needs emergency brake). $45,000 invested - my loss = your gain. Receipts available. $13,900 – negotiable. PM me with questions. Car + chassis: 1. HS Engineering Sabre 7 – manufactured 1989 (featured in various kit car magazines) 2. 91” wheel base 3. California car with CARB sticker 4. 1 ¼” square tubing frame 5. Aluminum body + fi
  3. Leo's Sabre 7 (HS Engineering) - For Sale - All photos
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    Leoj2006 Sabre 7 (HS Engineering) For Sale - photos
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