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  1. Only 600+ miles. Car is in showroom condition. Sigma 1.6 with race cam. DeDion rear with LSD and a custom rear anti sway bar that is awesome. Passive anti theft device. Leather seats, full weather gear, never used tonneau cover. Car will come with a brand new set of 5 14” Avon’s mounted on brand new wheels, wheels and tires have never been used. Car is number 22 of 40 imported. Listing here before I place on BaT car is located in north Georgia. Registered in Georgia. photos available upon request. Prefer email to lagoniaa@gmail.com $43,000 obro
  2. I only have the two poppers/snaps at the center of the dash and the those on the boot behind the seats. All others will have to be drilled. It’s an S3 standard chassis with DeDion rear. Don’t understand why the DeDion rear makes a difference but I read in the confusing instructions provided by Caterham that it does.
  3. Any links to videos of how to install a new never installed tonneau? I tried YouTube to no avail. I’ve found and read the very confusing install instructions from Caterham with no help. Any and all photos of tonneaus showing where the snaps on the car are located would be great and very helpful. thanks all.
  4. Just saw the OMP. How much? Are you in the US?
  5. Just purchased all the parts to install a detachable wheel in my S3. Need to find a Momo 3 bolt wheel. Have an 11” Moto Lita wheel would be willing to trade or buy the Momo outright.
  6. S3 chassis. 2013, headrests and the car does NOT have a detachable wheel
  7. That’s fabric covering On the wheel? Looks like suede.
  8. My new Caterham gets delivered to me on Sunday. I may be interested in the wheel if the wheel in the car cannot be used as a detachable. Do you have any other pics or can you describe condition please?
  9. Looking to purchase a tonneau cover for a standard chassis. Car does not have a detachable wheel.
  10. Doesn’t make the car go any faster? Heck. I bought a 2013 anniversary model. 1.6 liter Sigma De Dion and LSD. Only 200 miles on the car. Waiting to hear back from the seller on delivery instructions. I bought my last Seven from him years ago. the rear fender guards are stainless so I’ll probably go with stainless for the sills. But Carbon fiber would be fine. I am as excited as a kid at Christmas time.
  11. Bought me a Caterham yesterday. Just waiting on delivery instructions. I will need two sill plates, I think that is what they are called, for a standard chassis. It’s the pieces that protect the sills from scratches getting in and out of the car. Carbon fiber or stainless steel. I’m in the SE USA.
  12. About 13 years ago. Somewhere in upstate NY.
  13. I see you are from NYC. I sold my Seven to someone in upstate NY.
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