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  1. Mike Did you say you lived in the UK? Where are you based? I grew up in Woking in Surrey and came over to the US in 2001. Best regards, Dave
  2. Wow, I am staggered by the positive responses and help here! Thank you all very much for your comments. I have spent the last 4 years in a 2016 Corvette Z06 which is a very fun car but HUGE! If I had posted a question like that on the Corvette forum I would have been ripped to shreds! It is funny that all of the comments about connection to the car, the road and the elements are exactly what I still recall from my younger experience with the Caterham. Additionally, the comments regarding the high sides of the Atom are exactly my concerns on that car. I think the key will be to
  3. So I am thinking of getting back into a Caterham via a 420R new build. I used to race in the Caterham Challenge in the UK about 100 years ago in my 20's so I'm familiar with the car although that was in the dim and distant past. Sadly however, I now hang 300lbs from my 5' 10" frame and I am wondering if I am simply too fat for a Caterham. I will obviously spec both the wide body and lowered floor but even with those options does anyone have a view whether I will fit and be able to drive comfortably? Also getting in and out have to be considerations as I would plan to use the car every day on m
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