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  1. so, I've recently met this lady, a twenty something birkin kit that came to me in an 'assembled' state. As I go through it I've discovered the oil pressure dumps under braking. Under normal running indicating around 5 kpa, at idle drops of to a hair over 3. But when stab the brake hard it'll dump to around 2. It's a 2L zetec in there with a low profile sump( low capacity too), no idea if there is adequate windage in there tho. Coincident discovery as I was researching dry sump kits last night only to discover this trouble oil pressure concern today. The question is this. How
  2. if there is not a pressure switch plumbed into the brake lines somewhere, then this is your brake switch. It would switch the ground path rather than the positive. switches are in a 'normally closed' or 'normally open' configuration and some switches will identify the terminals as NO or NC in the case where the switch can be used for different applications. you are not looking for power at the switch but a completed ground path when the plunger extends. figure which lead goes directly to ground then test for continuity through the switch from the opposite lead. operate the switch to
  3. I'm a brand new owner of a formerly loved Birkin S3. Also, I'm new on this site. My question is about the upper wishbone balljoint and linear camber adjusters. The previous owner had switched one assembly out but I want to replace them both with a like part either side. The left side had a camber adjuster with a jamb nut on both the LH and RH thread. I'd prefer that style i think. Alternatively, is there a more robust upper ball setup out there? Seems this part is nothing more than a tie rod end to me
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