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  1. My pleasure. There will be more to come.
  2. Part of a recent drive in Tasmania.
  3. Spot on Croc. It is a shame but Cartela is a lost cause.
  4. Thanks John. My ONEX Duratec is 210 bhp, ITB,S, Extractors and Cams, lightened flywheel. Internals are stock. It seems a very match for the car.
  5. Hello from Hobart, Tasmania. Just thought I would share a couple of pics of my Birkin XS. The car was delivered as a car in a box from South Africa and assembled in Canberra. It has an OMEX Duratec engine and a Tracsport type 9 close ratio gearbox driving a Subaru R160 diff with a KAZZ LSD https://imgur.com/8L3bKOr
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