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  1. Scotticus....you may call me Hamish....is there anybody in the states producing headers for these cars? or for the Cosworth? Is a UK product cheaper to acquire? It's not my top priority but it's not helping the tuning process.
  2. I've got a few issues to deal with to get this '87 Super 7 Cosworth 2.0 L working smoothly. The headers have been universally questioned as they are short. The car backfires thru the exhaust. I'm working on timing, then carbs but the headers aren't helping. Is there a supplier in the US, or a preferred fabricator? foto 2.heic
  3. I've seen that article and noted they refer to a 'long, tubular, elongated exhaust manifold.' A few racers have questioned if my set-up is hurting tuning efforts.
  4. Brother, you're way over my head on your analysis of the situation here. Thank god for friends with mechanical insight...we'll keep on this and work on your suggestions. Thank you for the thoughts. J
  5. What do these codes indicate on these Cosworth camshafts from a 1988 red top engine (described as a YB) intake, left side is LYD 5, right side is LYD 3. Car is new to me and am trying to get a baseline for it.
  6. MV8 - I wonder about the exhaust. It looks pretty home-made - just 4 to a big 1. Between those and the Webers, I wear earplugs. I don't know how well this unit matches the engine.
  7. Distributor has a small plug outlet on it; a 2-lead pigtail attaches to it running back to ECU. Distributor has a mechanical advance. Question - because the vacuum advance has been disabled, does that not reduce the amount of advance this distributor can provide? Another question - the engine has the bracket on right side for the turbo, so I assume it's a YB, now non-aspirated running Weber 45s. If it was normally a turbo, would it have different cams, ECU, aluminum block, etc? I'm researching this using serial number. If anyone knows best websites for this, please advise.
  8. DavidL, My headers are not a particularly attractive set up. I haven't spent any time considering them as a contributing factor but it's possible. I figure banging out the exhaust indicates a rich mixture. The distributor timing is suspect as my dizzy was originally a Bosch vacuum-equipped model. The vacuum has been removed and welded over/blocked off. My thinking is I'm not getting enough advance so I'm looking at a Burtonpower unit or an Accuspark product; the idea being to resolve the timing concern then devote time to the Webers' tuning. I'm interested to hear if anyone has experience with Accuspark vs the Burton Power (FT295K). Accuspark is much less expensive which raises questions.
  9. Have been cleaning jets, they seem okay. Any input on proper sizing for this engine?
  10. Trying to smooth out the carbs. Getting some popping at various times but consistently after coming off the throttle. Is there a site that specifies which jets and tubes work best with this engine? Unfortunately I don't know if I have a standard cam. Ideas? James.
  11. Mike - should have noted previously - this diagram was quite helpful. My Alfaholic buddy and I got most of the issues sorted. Still don't think it's advancing enough so will look at electronic ignition vs. new distributor - $. Webers still popping when you come off the pedal. Heading to an All British Field Meet in Vancouver this weekend. 50 Lotuses of the 450 cars there. Thanks for the tips.
  12. Croc/Coffee bk As you suggest, YB NA seems accurate. Search for a block marking not fruitful. Smooth spot near alternator mount has no markings. Below the headers appears 21030. the 210 is clearish but 30 could be wrong. By the articles I've read it should be 200 or 205. How should I confirm the timing specs?
  13. Am0908 looking for info on ignition timing, etc., so looking for basics on what engine I have. It's a 1988 7 with a Cosworth, twin Weber 45's. There are a variety of markings on the front of the head - V88HF 80890CA. Also YN0827. Stamped into the head - A782. that could be V86 and not 88. Hard to tell. Can anyone direct me to a proper guide? I've had to replace the dist cap and some wiring; it's running but popping back thru the carbs. Just getting back into dealing with this. Cheers, James.
  14. Does anyone know current pricing on 7 hood badges? Have just received prices for a 7 badge (black and silver) and a Caterham yellow and green version....from the UK. The black one is 80 pounds. Is that what you have to pay? Cheers
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