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  1. The car was parked for a year or so waiting for a carb rebuild. That's done now. Seller says they've been driveway-tuned. I assume a fine-tuning will help things. A buddy/long time Alfa wizard will be my instructor on that.
  2. Vovchandr, Croc and 924s - that's precisely the kind of insight I'm looking for. Being 33 years old, it's certainly been driven hard. The car was imported from Holland; chosen because it's LHD. The car is located about 5 hours away (2-ferries) - seen it once. Working toward a test drive and serious inspection in the next week.
  3. Canadian newcomer to the site looking for insights/suggestions on issues to consider as I negotiate for a LHD Caterham. The car has a solid axle and the seller has suggested that may be a weak link in the drive train. This purchase would be a YOLO car so I would like to do the deal. But the outlay is considerable so I am looking for opinions. At 6-1 and 180 lbs I am pushing the seating envelope so a lowered floor pan and thinner seats are a possibility. Thoughts?
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