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  1. Yes, overall I was. The ad was a bit generic and not as detailed as I would have written, but you have the opportunity to write anything in the comments. I thought paying the $250 for the professional photos was worth it. It took a little while to get organized and then to go live, but overall, I would use BaT again if I wanted to sell something interesting.
  2. Bring a Trailer auction is live - https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2005-caterham-7-superlight-r/. Hope the car stays in the family!
  3. Exciting news, my car has been accepted for listing on BAT, so it's no longer for sale on this site. As soon as I have details of the auction, I will include them here! James
  4. Thanks for the offer re the rollbar - is it the FIA bar with diagonal support (not petty strut, just a diagonal on the loop)? I did drive the car on slicks which make a difference, but when I have instructed with NASA, most of the work is normally on minimizing weight transfer to enable higher corner entry speed, as the long straights are huge multipliers positively and negatively to corner speed!
  5. Vovchandr, the cage is bolted in rather than welded, but it is not a trivial task to remove. When originally received, it required some 'persuasion' to fit to the mounting points, and the one time it has been removed to be powder coated again, took a lot of effort to re-fit. I also sold the FIA rollbar, so have nothing to put in its place. I realize the market is small for a Caterham, and even smaller for one finished with the cage, but for someone who wants this, I hope they 'must' have it. Ideally there's more than one of these people watching the auction!
  6. Kitcat, thank you for the kind comments, I have never received more compliments than when driving this car, and I agree, I think the license plate create exactly the right impression to those who understand it! IIRC I would run a best of around 1:35 on the pro course, add ~2 seconds for the club course. It's my local circuit and I have a lot of laps there now, including racing there 3 times per season now. I agree on the price, Caterhams really don't depreciate very much, and the market for all cars, specialized ones even more so, seem to have risen a lot recently.
  7. Yes that's right - Focus SVT in mine. Somewhat easier to get replacement parts in the US than my previous Vauxhall engined car!
  8. Hi everyone, I have reluctantly decided to sell my 2005 Caterham Superlight R. This is the 4th I have owned between the UK and the US, and since I started racing in 2019, I just haven't driven my car very much. It sounds cliche, but I seriously would like someone to enjoy driving this car with enthusiasm, just as 'Colin' would have expected! It has a Ford Zetec with reportedly approx 200hp according to the paperwork I received when I bought from the original owner in 2013. 6 speed Caterham gearbox, Tillett bucket seats, full Caterham roll cage, carbon arches, nosecone, dash and door sills. 2 sets of wheels, one with Toyo R888Rs, one with Avon slicks. Some spares, including a windscreen and full length (rear exit) exhaust section. The car has been well maintained, and recently had new crank and cam sensors, plugs, coil. Front wheel bearings were replaced along with new pads in the last couple of thousand miles. I have driven mainly on the road with it and it is completely docile and usable (once you climb in through the roof!), but also instruct with NASA Great Lakes and have taken students out in the car at Mid Ohio a few times. I have videos from various sessions on my youtube channel if anyone's interested. Car has not been on track since 2019. Mileage is 11,644. I plan to post the car on Bring a Trailer, should they accept it. I have been watching the sales, and in this crazy market, I would expect my car to bring $45k+. I know BAT has a 5% buyers premium which could be avoided if anyone is interested before I put the car online. Happy to chat on the phone, I adore these cars and have owned or driven them on and off for the last 30 years! Thanks, James (Columbus, Ohio)
  9. Thanks for your help guys - I will try NAPA first. Question - what are your thoughts on extending this hose with appropriate clamps - up to 50psi pressure, my gut says no, but wanted to ask your thoughts.
  10. Thank you John - these ones should be .jpeg
  11. Hi guys, I am replacing my fuel hose that runs from the hard line in the engine compartment to the stock Zetec fuel rail. I was encouraged to buy the Duratec hose from caterham as the most likely to fit as the Zetec is not an official build engine, but warned the hose may be too short. Guess what? It is! So now I am back to square one looking for a solution. This is what the Duratec hose looks like - it just needs to be about 8" longer. Anyone have suggestions for the best thing to do here? Could i have one made, or could I extend? Any assistance gratefully received! Thanks, James 814AAB1F-6610-4A25-8C5A-E2F43B7348A7.heic
  12. All, Thanks for all of the help with this. I am happy to report that when I removed the fuel pump from the tank and ran a separate power feed to it, it worked as normal. I re-installed and re-connected, and the car has been running perfectly ever since! Reluctantly, I think I will soon be putting it on BAT as my 'fun weekend' plans have moved to racing in the last couple of years and I use a different car for that. Someone else should enjoy my Caterham...
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