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  1. the saga continues... I received the new coil, installed it and the car would crank but not fire. I tried the old coil again and same result. I tested the plugs for spark and all were good. I bought new ones and installed anyway. Still would crank but not fire. I connected jump leads as battery was running out of juice - same result. I disconnected fuel hose at injector rail and cranked, no fuel! My fuel pump is in the tank I believe, on the lower right hand side as you stand behind the car. I am working on running a wire from battery into t
  2. dallasdude - that's a good suggestion too, thank you. Still awaiting the replacement coil, which was just shipped to me yesterday. I'll update after that.
  3. Excellent help everyone - thanks very much! John - keep enjoying the PNW!
  4. Thanks John - I am not sure - I believe it is a stock Ford ECU, and I do have an OBD port, but not sure if that means data logging is feasible. I will research, unless you happen to know? BTW - I see you are in 'Seattle-ish' - I was just there with the wife, absolutely gorgeous. Rented an airbnb above Alki beach with the most amazing sunsets over the water.... must be why even a small place is 7 figures! Your 7 must be fun in those hills! James
  5. Thanks guys - no recent changes to the fuel lines or under the hood, but not ruling that out! I've just ordered a new coil - I'll let you know how that goes...
  6. Hi everyone, I am after some suggestions for what may be causing some very intermittent running issues on the SVT Zetec in my Caterham. When I first start the car after it has been unused for a few days, it starts 1st time, settles to a smooth idle and will cycle through the fan coming on and off when the car is up to temperature. Apart from different cams and lighter flywheel, engine is stock and has been used regularly without issue for several years. This was originally a Rocky Mountain built and supplied car that I purchased from the original owner several years ago. Ho
  7. Kitcat, Have you already tried 10W40? That's what I use in my identical engine on track - no accusump and running a Raceline baffled wet sump. Rocky Mountain apparently recommended this to the previous owner of my car if the track oil pressure got too low on 5W30. James
  8. Yeah, sorry about the photo’s - they were ok when I uploaded them . Glad you like the plate... tickled me too!
  9. Wanted to share some pictures of my imperial frame Caterham with the new Caged cage on it - sorry they’re upside down for some reason! Have been doing more track days with NASA Great Lakes (can’t say enough good things about that group, by the way) recently and decided to upgrade my FIA bar to a full cage, just in case.... The whole process was a little bit of a leap of faith. Choosing the cage I wanted, figuring out who the manufacturer was, as Caterham in the UK was out of stock, then confirming through Arch that mine was imperial (I have the AM stamp on my car, and Arch doesn’t make M
  10. Funny that I'm looking for a battery to fit the exact same battery box!! Which model BMW motorcycle battery did you choose? Thanks!
  11. Thank you Mike - sounds like a trip to NAPA is in order!
  12. Hi everyone, Need to replace top radiator hose on my 2008 LHD Zetec/SVT Caterham. Caterham UK site doesn't seem to have the exact shape in either rubber or silicone. Wondered if anyone has suggestions for where to source this hose (or whole set if possible)? Pic attached to show the shape. Thanks, James
  13. Good info, thanks! I don't see an option on the Caterham website to buy either of those compounds. Do you know what brand they are, and any thoughts on where to source?
  14. I have an issue with my brakes where I seem to be experiencing a long pedal when braking after corners, but a decent pedal when braking after straights. I've replaced hubs and wheelbearings, believe my discs are true, and am planning to replace brake pads as the least expensive item to try, to see if this solves the problem. Question for the group, having removed the fronts to see what they are, there is just a long code on the back, which I'm not sure what pads they are. Talking to Caterham they say they're probably their Ferodo ones, but the code doesn't look right. I'm thinking perhaps
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