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  1. See my original post for the answers to some of your questions. Car hasn't yet been weighed, on my list of things to do. I expect it's on the heavier side for a seven, comparable to the Brunton Stalkers, considering the drivetrain. My guess is ~1,600lbs. As far as fit... I too am a flabby American, but moderately so. I am 5'10" 200lbs and 34" waist. I would say I am near the upper limit of width, but I have had a much taller 6'2" friend drive the car comfortably. The drivers seat is on a slider, and I drive it ~2-3" forward from it's furthest point.
  2. Adding some additional pictures of the engine compartment, rear fuel cell without the vinyl cover and dash for those who have asked. Also, if someone is interested in a complete setup for the track... I've also got a 2022 Look 7x14 Twin Axle Enclosed trailer that I bought just for this car and added an awning, tie downs, tool boxes, etc for a complete track setup. It's been to one event down in Tuscon. Paid $10k for this trailer in January of this year.
  3. Wow, second "Small World" moment in a day here... this Seven community is awesome. Thanks for the compliment! It was a proud moment to run that event for me. I used to autocross an NC Miata and 5 years ago I sold it and started this project thinking it would take me "just a year or two" HAHAH what a fool I was!
  4. Hah! What a small world. The folks over on OzClubbies have been super helpful... but I am coming to the realization that importing the car might not be worth the hassle. I would absolutely want the car to be street legal, so anything short of that isn't worth it IMO. That means that, along with the car, I would have to rebuild all of my metal fabrication capabilities that I am leaving behind here too. I can keep the car with family and enjoy it when I am visiting (it doesn't take up much space), but if I can find a good home for it... I think I could let it go. It hurts a little to say that haha.
  5. Hello All, Yes, this is my first post here. Signed up for a paid membership for access to all of your eyeballs. Used to lurk and brainstorm on Locostusa.com, but that appears to have disappeared?! Exploring the idea of selling my car, which I just completed at the end of last year. It's a sad thought, but my Wife and I are moving to Australia. I have the option to store it with family and even the option to import it to Australia... but the right offer might just let me move on and maybe start a new car down under. I dont yet have a price in mind. These cars can be hard to value. Although it is not an original Lotus or Caterham, it is not an un-finished project, nor does it have cheap miata/s10 underpinnings as most locosts do. If you're intrested, please reach out and we can go from there! Anyhow, here's some details about the car and some pictures to follow. Legal - Car is fully registered and insured in the State of Arizona - Car was assigned a VIN by the State of Arizona - Registered as a 1965 Lotus 'Special Construction' Chassis/Suspension/Brakes - Scratch built chassis, closely resembling 442 architecture - Bodywork is Brunton Stalker Classic (Hood, Scuttle and rear fenders) - Car has a 3M 3080 Vinyl Wrap, Sunflower Yellow with Satin Black Stripes - Independent Front and Rear Suspension - Front is Mustang II Spindles - Wilwood Billet Dynapro Calipers - Wilwood dual master with remote reservoirs and rear bias adjuster - Coleman Racing adjustable ratio steering rack - 1/2" Heim Joints for all suspension points - GAZ Single Adjustable coilovers front and rear - Rear Brakes are Nissan 350Z - Separate Wilwood Mechanical Parking Brakes with Lokar Lever Drivetrain/Cooling - Built Buick 215, All-Aluminum V8. Motor has been stroked to 300cuin, billet pistons, forged rods, stroker crank, upgraded valve springs, full ARP hardware, one piece rear main. - Spare stock Buick 215 Engine included. Have videos of the car running on this engine during mockup/shakedown before final rebuild. - Custom 4into1 Headers, wrapped and straight into Magnaflow mufflers - Full Holley Sniper EFI System (Full timing control) - 500-510K Holley Sniper Throttle Body - Hyperspark Distributor - Hyperspark Coil - Hyperspark CDI Box - Holley 6.8 Pro Dash digital dash (GPS Speedo) - Remote Oil Filter system, full stainless AN Lines - Full Stainless AN Cooling system - Griffin Radiator and SPAL Fan - FlowKooler high-flow water pump w/ billet impellar. Modified for AN Fittings. - Canton Racing Coolant Reservoir/Expansion Tank - D&D Fabrications Billet Aluminum Flywheel - RAM Hydralic Throwout Conversion - HAYS Street 450 Clutch - Borg Warner T-50 5-speed trans (Spare transmission included, no bellhousing) - Nissan 350Z Rear Differential - Summit Racing 10Gal Fuel Cell w/ Analog Fuel Sender (displayed on digital dash) and rollover vent valves - Full Stainless AN Fuel Lines and Billet Rebuildable fuel filters Safety/Other - 1/4" Lexan Windshield - Kirkey racing seats (Driver adjustable, passenger fixed) w/ custom tweed seat covers - Willans 4-Point Harnesses - NRG Quick Disconnect Steering Wheel & Hub - H3R ABC 2.5lb Fire Extinguiser, Quick Release Mount - APR Real Carbon Side Mirros - Joe's Racing Emergency Battery Disconnect - Wheels are 17x7 Enkei Racing (I believe older PF09s) - Tires are 225-45/r17 Nitto NT-01s (Not a ton of life left, TBH) - Braille B3121 'No-Weight' motorsports battery, purchased new 2022 (Spare B3121, from 2019) Any questions or anything I might have missed, feel free to ask. Now for some pictures I am currently travelling out of state, will post pictures with the body panels off once I return! Video with the hood off and running https://i.imgur.com/Mp21Q5x.mp4 And here's a video that friend of min made for me of my first track day in the Car
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