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  1. Now listed on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/293748516376
  2. Details: Lotus Super 7 Replica.Previously featured in Reincarnation (https://www.rcnmag.com/garage/supersize-super-7)A unique one of a kind Super7 with a Honda S2000 drive train. 2 liter 240 HP VTEC engine coupled to an S2000 transmission and rear end. Even has the S2000 instrument cluster. Willwood Clutch and Brake assembly, 10-gallon fuel cell, electric fuel pump, 1993 Volvo radiator and Mustang II steering rack. Has both a fuel cutoff switch and an Anti-theft switch to prevent engine starting if in off position. Exhaust system includes muffler and catalytic converter with both O2 sensors.
  3. Selling this project to start another one. Details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f0XPXZEIhE
  4. https://www.rcnmag.com/garage/supersize-super-7 Full video of the build is
  5. Finally finished the project. Video of complete build can be found here.
  6. I believe a Tahoe if I remember correctly.
  7. Discovered part of the issue was the car and part of harness was from Canada, which requires Daylight Running lights. Hi beams were putting out 6 volts to hi beams to turn them on when driving. Finally just added a new relay and activated from the high beam switch on column.
  8. I am using S2K engine and wiring harness but am not using the S2K headlights. trying to connect standard Hi/Lo connection to wiring harness. Looking at schematics, the S2K harness relies on their headlight DRL module to activate hi beams. Has anyone made this work on their car? The current plug in will activate low beams only. This is car http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=13303&stc=1
  9. Created my own body panels except for nose which I integrated into hood. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=13113&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=13114&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=13115&stc=1
  10. I will not be able to use the scuttle I got from Kinetic Vehicles. Paid $199, will sell for $150 plus shipping. Shipping could run around $50 but would get quote based on buyers address.
  11. Engine now in. All lines run. Need to work on wiring to get it running but progress is being made. https://lambobuilder.wordpress.com/2015/11/21/engine-in/
  12. Ok. Been able to do some work on the car. Managed to get the frame painted and floors installed. Biggest thing is I made removable side panels started out with Fleece material. Will finish with body filler later but it was a cool process and has all kinds of possibilities for one off's. https://lambobuilder.wordpress.com/category/super-7/
  13. Widened cowl and installed radiator Details on my blog https://lambobuilder.wordpress.com/2015 ... ront-cowl/
  14. Progress. Found fenders at Tractor Supply. $40 each. Needed some work but should do nicely. Of course I will need to make them wider. Never do anything easy. Added two roll loops and fabricated the back of the car as it will not be typical. Pictures on my blog. https://lambobuilder.wordpress.com/2015 ... -progress/
  15. Have received feedback that it would have been better to cut the ends and retap them. Good advice.
  16. I shortened a steering rack for my project. Here are step by step instructions on how I did it on my blog http://lambobuilder.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/super-7-steering-rack/ http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/finalRack.jpg
  17. Added some more pictures and parts info on my blog http://lambobuilder.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/super-7-front-suspension-2/
  18. Got the front mocked up as well http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/front3.jpg http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/frontFin1.jpg http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/front1.jpg http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/frontFin3.jpg
  19. Had an accident in Feb. Plate and 11 screws make it functional again. http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/wrist.jpg Redid rear suspension ass suggested http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/rearShockswiv1.jpg http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/rearCoils1.jpg http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/rearCoils2.jpg
  20. Thanks Jack. Out of town this week but will work on it when I get back. Dale
  21. Thanks for the reference book. I'll check it out
  22. If someone could point me to some books or reference materials on "rising", "falling" and "neutral" I would appreciate any help. I'm just going by seat of my pants on this one.
  23. Thanks for feedback. More pictures including straight on are http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/susPart3/index.htm The sway bar is stock S2000 in the OEM location, simply adopted to my custom chassis. I could move shock attach point to bottom of cross members if mounted on bottom. Can't' simply drop as I could not get bolts through shock eyes.
  24. Thanks for the insight. I had based mine on this http://lambobuilder.com/LS7/chassis/suspension/suspension8.jpg I will certainly consider all advise.
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