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  1. Holy cow... 'drifted' off topic is an understatement! Back to the topic of the 2003 caterham, it's true that through Tony in NY I had a buyer in about 30mins flat, with an offer that sealed the deal on the car. Sorry to Rikker that he missed out, as we were chatting back and forth for at least 10-days but there was no underhand selling going on here... I was honest and upfront with what I wanted to get out of the car but no offer ever came in at that magic number. In fact, I was told a couple of times that it was overpriced and that he would not pay that at all! Interestingly, it seems
  2. Sold! Thanks for playing guys. My Caterham is off to a new home in the Auburn NY and I wish the new owner all the best and a lot of fun! Wow, now I am starting to feel a little sentimental! Couple if years and I will be on the hunt for a CSR 260!
  3. Not sure if I understand the question Terry? Can you re-post? My Caterham has a 2002 chassis # but was delivered, built and registered in 2003. Is that what you were looking for?
  4. Hi Michael, No it doesn't run particularly rich. With the Pectel software you can change the mapping on the fly if you want to but I have not played with it that much. re. chassis year, yes, mine was ordered in 2002 I guess but not delivered, built or registered until 2003. I am not sure that Carteham made any significant updates between those two model years!
  5. http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/IMG_0253.jpg
  6. Just back in the country and spent the day detailing the car yesterday. Took so more "detailed" pictures of the detail below... http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/IMG_0237.jpg http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/IMG_0239.jpg http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/IMG_0240.jpg http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/IMG_0241.jpg
  7. http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/Spares-and-Parts.jpg http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/Drivers-Belts.jpg
  8. Some folks have been asking for some more pics so... here they are! http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/Air-Trumpets.jpg http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/TWM-Injection.jpg http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/Back-Right.jpg http://extras.actionquest.com/caterham_listing_pics/Front-Right-Wheel.jpg
  9. In discussion with a club member, it was pointed out to me that the chassis is actually a 2002 rather than a 2003 as stated in my initial post. I had always held it as a 2003 as the original invoice, as well as the Manufacturers Statement of Origin, has a 2003 date on it! Didn't want anyone to think that I am trying to pull the wool over their eyes! Experienced Cat owners, I would be appreciative of a few observations/comments about the car relative to the initial asking price, either here on the forum or to my email mike at actionquest dot com. I figured that $33,000 was a reasonable
  10. I purchased my Caterham in 2005 from the original builder and she now has 6,110 miles on her. The color is BMW grey with a silver nose ring and bonnet strip. There are a couple of paint chips here and there yet, for the most part, the car is in excellent condition and is currently located in Sarasota, Florida. Originally built in 2003, this Caterham was pretty well loaded with many of the options available at the time. Over the years I have added a few things too but have all of the original gear that could be put back on the car if desired. Motor: 202 bhp Seven America Ze
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