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For Sale: 2002 Caterham 7 SV with CSR 260 engine

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It is with a heavy heart I put my Caterham up for sale. We need to buy a house, which (barely) takes priority over owning a Seven.


2002 Caterham SV

Price: $38,000, including trailer.

Location: Portland, Oregon



Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/kXn2E






Registration: California with SB100 smog excemption. Clean title.

Engine: 2008 Cosworth CSR 260 with Jenvey throttle bodies. ~250HP at the crank on 91 octane.

Gearbox: Caterham 6 speed.

Diff: 3.38 Limited slip (clutch pack version)

Mileage total: 22,000 (see below)

Mileage engine: ~11,000

Mileage gearbox/diff: ~13,000

ECU: Pectel T6 ECU. Laptop w/ software and cable included.



Additional information

Latests (hub) dyno chart: http:/n/imgur.com/DIWpYBi

Compare with Sean's stock CSR 260 engine: http://californiacaterhamclub.com/chat/showthread.php?1885-Dyno-Day-2012&p=15473#post15473

Corner weights: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18VtEyCnMh6b3y6SBn3vPq1w0JIHqN1s08pFWVAGeH7U/edit?usp=sharing

Engine build diary: http://californiacaterhamclub.com/chat/showthread.php?791-Duratec-build-initiated

For engine / gearbox /performance spec, see the 260 model numbers at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caterham_7_CSR#Engine_specifications



FIA rated six-point Schroth race harness on driver side.

Caterham/Luke six-point harness on passenger side

Custom, NASA-specced removable roll cage.

Raceco titanium exhaust

Magden M1 digital display with logging. (Spare included)

Freestyle suspension kit with adjustable ride-height.

Freestyle adjustable front ARB

Spax adjustable dampeners

Extra set of Caterham 10 spoke 13" wheels with one-weekend on the

Outlaw M16 front brake upgrade.

Recaro Profi FIA-specced seat

Tillet passenger seat.

Extra tillet seat provided.

Full weather kit with doors (does not fit over roll cage)

Extra roll bar (for weather kit)

Half doors (fitted)

External, high-performance fuel pump.

Lowered driver-side floor.

Standard windshield (fitted)

Carbon bits aeroscreen (swap takes 15 minutes).

Weight with roll cage: 1295 lbs (empty tank)



The torque is absolutely brutal and the close-ration gearbox is almost overkill for the engnie's wide torque band. I got a lap time of 2.03 on Buttonwillow configuration #13 clockwise. A more competent driver than me should have no problems breaking under the two-minute mark.



For reference, see Buttonwillow CR#13 CW top 40 times: http://www.trackhq.com/forums/f90/top-40-buttonwillow-lap-times-3922/



The single axle, electrically braked trailer was custom built for the car and was powder coated around 2013






I bought and built the car in Southern California with a Zetec engine. After adding a supercharger, I sold the engine and bought a Ford Ranger "red" crate unit and a full Cosworth CSR 260 kit, minus the roller barrels, and built the engine as shown in the build diarly linked above.



Various bits and pieces have been added over the years. The only thing missing for a full race spec is a fuel cell.



The car was a well-known participant in drives and events around SoCal before I moved to Portland in 2015. The car was used about 50% on road (mostly mountain blats) and track (club events and time trials). No crashes, no contact on road or track.



If you search for my (magnusfeuer) posts at http://californiacaterhamclub.com/chat/ you will see all the major events that we've been through.




The paint job is, having done it myself, bad. There is a also dent at the left rear (pictured in album).



The car slipped off the quick lift jack at Buttonwillow in 2013 (if I recall) and bent one of the front lower cross members about one inch. This was fixed (pictured) by John West of Dan Fink Metalworks and the car is absolutely straight.



The car does not have a odometer since the switch to Magden M1 computer. Miles have been manually logged since 2012. The wiring is still in place for the original speedo/odo, should you want to buy a new one from Caterham.

Please note that California title transfer can be done without mileage repoprting when the vehicle is older than 10 years. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/brochures/reg/odometer





The FIA approval for the Schroth harness expires at the end of 2016. The harness is virtually unused and should be good for several years' worth of track days.



For details, please email me at magnusfeuer at hotmail dot com or call me at 949 294 7871.





I will also reply to any questions posted in this thread.





/Magnus F.

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