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 Daddy, … What’s a 2-Fer?


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We Now Have Confirmation of Broadcast Date, Time and Guests for our Livestream
Be with us Sunday January 16, 2022 (at 10 am PST)
. We're Featuring Martin Coghill's Fab (self made) Locost as well
as his Electric Cyber 7
. also joining the show will be Greg Kelly (in Ireland) to have a chat
about his Electric Westfield conversion
Graeme Finlayson, (from Barbados ... now in Ireland somewhere) a long time Westfield racer and "build team member" of Dan Johnson's Electric Westfield will join the panel.
. and truly blessed to have Julian Turner of Westfield Sportscars who will tell us all about everything Electric at Westfield!
Don't be Late ... It's Gonna Be Great!
YouTube Livestream Link will be activated this Sunday


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