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Introduction to 7Spot Nation

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Hi all! 

Some here may know me, ... It's me, 7Spot Jim from Vancouver, Canada.

aka BusaLoco here.

I created this "identity" so that I can post (with permission) some of the Livestreams, Videos, Articles and Shop Tours we do at 7Spot.

I admin for an Facebook 7s group, 7Spot (... there’s a link below, if you like groups).

7Spot is a private group of worldwide Lotus/Caterham 7s and Replica Owners / Builders / Racers with over 8,200 active members.

Aside from the usual fb group stuff, we do worldwide livestreams where we do “walk around interviews” of 7 (and 7 type) car owners.

We have done Livestreams from pretty much everywhere (Lithuania, South Africa, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Equador, the USA, Scotland, England, Finland, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hungary, Italy, Barbados, Singapore, Chile, el Salvador and Poland so far).

We do interviews and shop tours with Manufacturers too!

(MK Sports Cars (England), GBS  Sports cars (England), Raptor Sports cars (Scotland), Harper Sports Cars (South Africa), CXS Designs (England), Palatov Motorsport, Hangar Motorsport (Argentina) and Cordova Motors (Brazil). ... Coming up Next week we are doing a Livestream with Julian Turner of Westfield Sportscars (livestream schedule link below).

Our sole purpose is to bring the world of 7s (and 7 type cars) together … and that’s about it!

We’ve got something new too, ... just 7 days old!  ... 7Spot Nation.

FB went down last year so we created an alternate site.

Here is the link ... https://7spot.nationbuilder.com/

As with FB, it is interactive.

FB is great but it is also quite time sensitive and if an article doesn’t generate immediate interest, it gets down listed until it disappears.

We decided to create this site so that we could curate our best 7 news stories, articles, livestreams, and documentaries on the new site.

As I always say,

Have a Look ... and … if you don’t like what you see,

... just Fire us!

Here's our Livestream Schedule



7Spot Media

FB Group 7Spot ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/SevenSpot/

7Spot Nation: https://7spot.nationbuilder.com/




Edited by 7Spot Jim
bad grammer ... double "worldwide" ... -2 gr
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