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Pectel T2 Programming Cable Needed

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Does anyone in the LA area have a pectel t2 programming cable I could use? Happy to drive to you. I have a 1999 caterham with a 2.0L zetec engine with a pestle t2 ECU and need to calibrate the car for a new TPS sensor. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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After a few attempts I was able to fabricate my own cable. Figured I should share the wiring schematic here because it was difficult to find online. I used a bestbuy insignia usb 2.0 to RS-232 serial adapter (with prolific chipset) because my laptop did not have a dedicated serial port and got some 1/4 stereo headphone plugs from guitar center.


serial port

pin 2 - receive data (RXD)

pin 3 - transmit data (TXD)

pin 5 - ground (GND)


1/4 headphone plug

tip (far end) - receive data (RXD)

collar (middle) - transmit data (TXD)

base (close end) - ground (GND)


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