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  1. Can you post photos? Hanks old links don't seem to be active. Thanks.
  2. Looks like this old cat sold today according to Ed ...... Don
  3. So it seems that after the test ride and input that there are no takers on the scca cat racer? Still for sale?
  4. Hi kitcat.....my old birkin has what consider relatively small rotors w wilwood calipers and Ate rear drums. Maybe mt bike racing experience with twin 320mm brembo discs has me jaded but late braking in the 7 just doesn't seem to have the feel I want. I think I'll look into the conversion kit. Thanks to you and croc for your highly valued input Cheers Don
  5. Thanks kitcat...I kinda figured that would be the case...thanks for you input....do you have any experience w brake upgrades for an early birkin....I'd like four wheel discs...thanks Don
  6. Thank you...yes there is no data or vin plate. The seller knows zero about the car. I'm surprised that the build is that old. In my opinion, the build looks a little rough with that wood dash etc. but I was thinking if price is right it might make a fun track day car with some work
  7. Croc I didn't see your comment about the brakes..sorry....so my take is that you feel it's a decent track day car or scca racer but it will need gearbox soon. So seemingly low price of admission may end up not being so low after all. Thanks again for your detailed review of this car. Don
  8. Well just wondered what set up they were running? We're they adequate? I am assuming fourvwheel discs? Berm no, AP or wildwood? Thanks for your highly detailed commentary about the car. It's appreciated.....thanks, don
  9. Wow! What is that gorgeous bare 7 in polished aluminum on that lift? That's a beautiful thing!
  10. Thanks Tom I'm learning the he's the guy! Thanks Don
  11. Thanks for that info....to the casual observer it seems that trans, clutch and even engine would need to be redone. What brakes were on the car?
  12. I folks...I need some of my experts to help me out. I'm interested to know if some body parts from caterham (non sv) would fit the original birkin? I'm interested in some carbon side doors, half tonneau, and rear cover. These are made to fit the cat....aren't the birkin and the cat models essentially series 3 copies. If so these should fit? Thanks, don
  13. Thank you....can they handle track day and racing rigors? I know they made many race cars in the past such as for,USA ford etc
  14. doeitem337fdfc104s anyone know what chassis this car is?...its not mine but id like to know what kind of 7 this is? thanks http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/LOTUS-SUPER-SEVEN-REPRODUCTION-1576-miles-BRAND-NEW-/221188702468?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=
  15. Ha ha. You guys are having fun with my grill out there....thanks for your sage advice...I'm trying to "semi retire" but medicine doesn't seem to do well with that...lol. Yes I'll probably keep her...I didn't need much encouragement ....
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