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  1. Since I am the type to not care about farting in elevators, I will say the obvious here.... I would not reassemble that engine without a full tear down to bare block. Those rusty coolant galleys are unacceptable. You will not be cleaning those with pipecleaners and Windex. You will only do that type of cleaning with a bare block immersed in a chemical solution with electrical current. If you reassemble with them looking like that you will be compromising the engine result. Simply put, you will not have completely solved your cooling issues and you will continue to see evidence
  2. What a monumental cock up! I feel the pain in this one. Bit late to return now. Do you pitch in for an unlocked MBE ECU or another brand of ECU and put your own tune on it thereby fixing the fueling spec issue in a locked proprietary ECU?
  3. That white gunk looks suspiciously like oil/coolant emulsification from when it was running coolant - not sure but I don't like seeing it where it is. I am concerned about the rusted condition of the coolant galleys in both head and block. Not sure how best to treat that short of a full tear down. If the water pump is hard to spin then that might be a sign of a bad or going bad bearing. Investigate that now. I am going to ask the innocent question - how will you clean the block top surface so that debris does not fall in the cylinders or cooling galleys or oil ga
  4. Correct. The Caterham will have a J1962 plug which looks like OBD2 but it is not. The stock Caterham ECU produces CAN data format but does not produce OBD2 readable data and never will. So no OBD2 scanner will ever read it. So if the DMV wishes to test emissions it will need to do it via tailpipe sensor. Easimap will let you "read" the data from the ECU real time but will not let you modify it as it is locked with a password. Anyway, a replica or kit car approach to registration in VT should allow you to bypass this. Ask how a Cobra replica would go
  5. How many gallons is that new tank? Does the bag completely fill the metal housing when full?
  6. Fiberglass gives spider cracks from the stones hitting underneath or on top. Not much you can do about it as it just happens. Film or no film, spider cracks happen. What some people have done is coat the underneath of their fiberglass wings in truck bed liner. Stops the stone hit transmitting through to the top surface, unless it is a really big stone.
  7. Just for those who may not normally browse the classifieds - I thought this nose cone demonstrated a rather unique perspective one does not always see on a Se7en. I am used to seeing headlights out the front of my car but this is an interesting variation. From here if you want to see the full ad: LocostUSA.com • View topic - MCC 7 for sale
  8. Week Beginning July 25, 2021 NEW Caterham Caterham Super Seven for sale on BaT Auctions - ending July 29 (Lot #52,082) | Bring a Trailer Lotus 7 S2 Marketplace - 1964 Lotus seven series 2 | Facebook REPEATS Locost Marketplace - 1998 Lotus Locust | Facebook Replica Marketplace - 2018 Lotus Evora | Facebook Locost Marketplace - 1986 Lotus Elise | Facebook and here LocostUSA.com • View topic - FS: Locost located near Detroit, MI and
  9. A genuine 1981 chassis will be imperial. Changeover to metric occurred post 2000 sometime. If you want I can check your chassis number to be sure, as year of chassis should be coded in that - PM me with it. The recent leather seats are called "S Type" seats. Assuming this is what you mean? Photo shows it missing headrest. For the Caterhams with the two individual seats, they have bonded three-sided aluminum channels under the floor to provide floor rigidity for the seat mounting point - 4 of them running longitudinally. The seat frame t
  10. @PokeyI get those black marks but the solution is use WD40 and then give a soap and water wash afterwards so no WD40 remains.
  11. @kayentaskierNot at all - 5am - normal time for me to get stuff done. I had a busy day at the beach planned....
  12. @kayentaskier Thats exactly how I did it. I had the carbon fiber wings and just did the 3M film over the top. No stone guards. Its lasted 10 years although could do with a reapplication of the 3M film looking at it today. I think I still have the original Caterham carbon stone guards that came with the CSR in my garage - never installed them.
  13. @JBH And still a very quick car! @Vovchandr Yes we read your threads - look at view count.
  14. @Bruce K Come on Bruce - your wife is quicker than you!
  15. Burnishing is wear. If it appears on the camshaft surface then it will be worse on the tappet surfaces (for the Zetec) as they are usually softer metal. Interestingly the burnish marks are not even across the face so that tells me something was not evenly aligned or machined correctly. When you have disassembled completely you will be able to do a proper close inspection of the marks and see if any surface pitting exists on the camshaft (which would not be a good thing). I would expect the tappets will need replacing if that truly is burnishing on the camshaft.
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