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  1. The Lotus 7 S2 in the Hemmings ad is essentially replicating a very special run of (thought to be) 13 Lotus 7 S3s in 1970 with a 1600cc Ford Crossflow engine with a special Holbay head and internals. It has been referred to as a 'Holbay S' engine. 120hp which was excellent for the period. The Kesgrave 3000 reference is just part of the standard engine build plate labelling of post-65 Holbay engines. You will see that cam cover engine build plate appearance on a lot of Holbay engines that went into Lotus cars. Correct original finish of the rocker cover would have been black crackle w
  2. Week Beginning May 9, 2021 NEW Caterham - auction ends in 6 hours No Reserve: Caterham Super Seven for sale on BaT Auctions - ending May 9 (Lot #47,627) | Bring a Trailer Caterham No Reserve: Caterham Superlight 5-Speed w/Trailer for sale on BaT Auctions - ending May 15 (Lot #47,986) | Bring a Trailer Westfield 1983 Lotus Westfield for sale #2485207 - Hemmings Motor News Lotus 7 S2 1961 Lotus Super Seven for sale #2485054 - Hemmings Motor News Caterham Caterham 28
  3. Be careful for using Pegasus for this part. The photo shows a 5 inch tall Spa post. It actually arrives 2 inches high which is ok if thats what you want. I had to return it as it was the same low height I already had. Pegasus did not have the taller post available. Spa would not sell the part separately. Their website makes you buy the whole mirror kit. I ended up at aerostraight.com like @papak
  4. @wxywb021254 you are correct. The Simpson Hybrid works correctly without needing modification. I have one.
  5. Look for a quality alignment or race workshop and ask them to also corner weight the car at the same time. Someone who works on setting up open wheeler race cars (e.g. Formula Ford) will know their stuff.
  6. I have a car at Ace Performance currently for a new ECU and tune as they are one of the few in the country familiar with YB Cosworths. They also know their Caterhams having retuned a few MBE ECUs before. Dont know anyone else in the area sorry.
  7. Yes it is a well known problem with Caterham and Hans. I have seen people live with it but not sure I like that idea. Two options to address: 1) Move belt mounting locations to fit Hans. 2) Using a Tillet seat where the shoulder belts pass through the holes tightens up how the belts can move across the shoulder such that you do not need to change the belt mounting holes.
  8. I bought one of those for the new Cat - they look a great piece of kit based on the video demonstrations. I have always preferred to mount my fire extinguisher on the passenger side footwell, gearbox tunnel side. That way I can unbuckle, single handedly grab it then exit car ready to act. Also, it is hidden when parked as the tonneau would be over it. I would suggest you try a few places where you practice grabbing it in a hurry.
  9. Croc


    With a car cover like that, at speed it will flap about and may mark the paint. You might be better just using that cover to protect the cockpit area/keep it dry and leave the rest of the body to fend for itself - I expect it would be fine with out a cover. Love the name Eggsy!
  10. Yes that is Anglesey on what looks like a rare good day as the sun is out. Its always pretty wild for wind and rain there. Angelsey is located on the top north eastern corner of Wales on the Irish Sea. A write up on the circuit plus more photos here Caterham Track Day - Angelsey, Wales - 2019 - Track Day Reports - USA7s
  11. Thats a good suggestion John - thats how I found my various specialists to handle my webers that are multiplying.
  12. You were right to flag this as a concern. A low profile sump on an engine which was designed for a transverse installation not fore/aft installation like you have. I am inferring from your post but a low profile sump does not sound like the standard one - a later add on? Oil pressure sensor is probably mounted at the back of the engine closest to driver? I would be looking at a Raceline baffled sump or dry sump. Maybe compare what sump you have on the car now to the Raceline website and see if you can make a positive ID - it was a fairly common mod in these cars.
  13. SBD normally sell locked ECUs, unless you specifically buy the unlocked version. @yellowss7did a remote mapping session with SBD. Found a local dyno with broadband connection at a suitably early hour of day to accommodate the UK. Then while the car was on the dyno doing runs, Steve at SBD played with the map to tune it remotely. Did not need a local engine tuning specialist at all. Quite an efficient process with great results. Good luck on finding weber tuning specialists - they are a hard find. I have too many of the damn things running around. Just be than
  14. Following on from @coffee break after his items, I would definitely check you have a fuel pump that is priming. Like all electrical connections, the vibrations in our cars tend to eventually impact the fuel pump as well. ECU should be fairly safe - its rare they go but the wiring connections within the MFRU wiring plugs are known to deteriorate over the years. Also if your car has the FIA battery cut off switch and/or the Caterham black rubber roll over safety cut off button switch then these should also be checked for wiring connections coming loose and electrical
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