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  1. That looks interesting. A genuine S4 with wire knockoffs - never seen that before. Looks great in yellow. Thanks for sharing. Our resident Elan tragic @JohnChwill sniff this thread out shortly.
  2. Thanks for coming Carl. I love what you are doing to show the love to MichaelD's former car. Its been a big project for you but it is showing!
  3. @Fake IrishThank you for the tip off. Ad still shows as live but good to know it is now sold.
  4. The Award Winners from this year's events "Uh Oh" Award Shaped as an old grenade from Grenadier fighting days - round with a rope wick. Intended to award the person and their car most likely to blow up or otherwise maim a driver. Vlad's @Vovchandrepic monumental saga of woe, coolant bubbles, Exxon Valdez sized oil leaks, corrosion in coolant pipes, etc., fully documented in his own thread towards 'how not to improve resale value of a Caterham', proved the only winner. I mean, how the hell does anyone blow the threads off a accusump cap in a pressure vessel designed to retai
  5. At some point I will get the pro photos from Mike and will post here plus email a group photo around. Patience as he is a busy guy.
  6. Now I have had sleep and slightly recovered, I can write this. I covered over 20,000 steps on each of the two days. It was a great event. Perfect weather. Sensational track conditions on the Thunderbolt circuit. With only 15 of us on track at any one time, there was plenty of room to play, experiment and learn our cars in the environment for which they were originally designed. It was a a good group of fun people having a great social time over 2 days - the dinners are always a highlight to chat, tell stories and laugh, a lot. Some of us are going home with thing
  7. @FasterThanVov Paige (Vlad's better half), I love your humor in choice of profile name for this forum. (why isn't there a crying with tears emoticon?) I need to explain this backstory so everyone gets the joke. Sorry Vlad.......sort of.....anyway.... in Vlad's first year at the event on track he did well and completed safely. Back then, before NJ State Police banned instructors taking out passengers, I took Paige out for a session in my car. Needless to say "we" found an opportunity to overtake Vlad. At the end of the session I said she consistently lapped the circuit faste
  8. Congratulations on your new car and welcome to USA7s! Here is to a long driving season before winter kicks in! I read your other post on cleaning up title issues - I cannot help you there but feel the pain from my own experiences in other states. Good luck!
  9. In new and exciting territory for Vlad mechanical maladies, he has blown out the threads on his accusump canister. Bypass underway.
  10. @CarlB Carl Zetec. Originally MichaelD's car but now comprehensively overhauled and updated and in the later stages of sorting and setting up. @wemtd Paul. Zetec John @John B Duratec. Kevin. Locost
  11. Blake @BlakeJ Duratec Simon @simon450 Duratec @DatsunRBZ Justin. Zetec SVT @Vovchandr Vlad. Zetec.
  12. Jay @Black Hole Duratec @yellowss7 next two cars. Yellow Rover K Series followed by his orange Cosworth Duratec @CrocCSR Cosworth Duratec
  13. @bball7754 Steve. Crossflow @Kitcat Mike. Zetec Jim. Zetec. @FE07 @BlueBDA Jeff. BDA Ford.
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