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  1. Interesting. Most people use another D word to describe me. I would not assume that. I bring a major power-to-weight disadvantage to my car. Plus, your driving skills on video show you are much better than the average hacker so I think I have a challenge. Sensational track - loved the layout.
  2. Great video and glad you had a great experience first time out on track with the 620R. Love the circuit - a safer version of the Nurburging. @BruceBe (Beachman Racing) Can I do a shakedown at that track with my car when you finish it this year? Pleassssssse! I want a playdate with Cem's 620R.
  3. I am laughing because the Caterham lot at NJMP have all had this happen at least once to them. Me included. You get towed in. You look baffled. Then a buddy walks up, clicks the roll over button and by magic everything is restored. Glad that was a nice quick resolution of that part of the problem. Good luck with the vibration/loss of power...
  4. It was a Rover 200/400. This was the POS car that donated most of its parts to a Caterham after a ford. If in doubt default to a Rover 200 part search. Tank-radiator expansion - EAP8713 - Genuine MG Rover | Rimmer Bros You saw off the legs. In case you doubt me here is a post from Blatchat - refer post #4 from Roger ("ECR") Freelander Expansion Tank - Dimensions | Lotus Seven Club (lotus7.club) I would also look at post #10 as an option for a different shape expansion tank as you can then use the current round Freelander bottle. I would look for
  5. Vlad - Be careful with that thinking. I suspect you will pull the head and discover the bores are shot to pieces or the block is porous/cracked/warped. Its never ever just a head gasket. Last time I did one, I discovered 4 interestingly shaped pistons...the weird thing was the engine ran just fine.
  6. Vlad - I think your car was originally sourced from Chip Bond. He had a few of those red seats around. No idea why only he had them, never saw them anywhere else.
  7. Ok I assumed you were using a dry-type gauge and it became a wet-type gauge based on how you described it. The wet gauges do go cloudy when the liquid within is contaminated. The liquid is usually a silicone, clear light oil or glycerin - not sure what Marshall use? That happens when the little pressure seal goes "poof" and fuel invades the gauge liquid. I bet it reads low now? At least you are retaining some sense of humor!!!
  8. Croc

    Caterham OBD2

    Some context for the links is always welcomed. By way of background, I am a contributor on the Lotus 7 Club thread you linked. It is old and somewhat out of date as there were later threads with updated knowledge, reflecting off-line discussions which I was a part of, plus a copyrighted article on the L7C site that we are sadly not able to reproduce on here without causing a copyright issue. The majority of the L7C thread is on this forum as we have covered it in the past - I know because I was involved. The Purplemeanie site is a very good one. John is a true enthusiast plus
  9. Welcome @jzleach You are in a great location for the se7ening community - lots of people with se7ens around where you are.
  10. At the risk of being Captain Obvious, your gauge is full of fuel. See the level towards the top.... Next observation - why is that fuel so dark? Grease/dirt from the gauge/internals? Lack of in-line filter? Mixed with oil? Dude...what are you doing to that poor car of yours?
  11. Its different in the grille to my 1965 which is how I determined it was 1966 - not much else can pick them apart!
  12. Some Caterham ones found for sale here on FB Marketplace Marketplace - Race bucket with rails | Facebook Nothing to do with me, just reposting to assist others who may be wanting to buy.
  13. Week Beginning June 13, 2021 NEW Caterham 2012 Lotus Caterham at auction #2495078 - Hemmings Motor News and here Marketplace - 2012 Caterham 7 Roadsport SV 220 | Facebook and here 2012 Caterham 7 Roadsport SV 220 live at zero260.com - cars & trucks... (craigslist.org) Elfin 7 Marketplace - 2018 Lotus Super 7 - 240hp | Facebook Replica Awesome Lotus 7 Kit Car - CA Registered - cars & trucks - by owner -... (craigslist.org) Replica 2003 LOTUS Super 7 Replica - cars & tru
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