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  1. Ask Tom. I got my third brake light from him along with an angle bracket that has a bit of a curve to fit the roll bar. It gets riveted/screwed to the roll bar. Along with the brake light wire, you'll be running the fuel tank vent line up/across/down the roll bar too. I thought it was kinda interesting when he told me; meant to avoid fuel running out of the vent tube case of a rollover.
  2. ... and cleco fasteners wherever you need at least two rivets to have perfect alignment. So far, I've put in 6 for the heater, and 2 for the center switch console. I will put in 6 for the rear diffuser trim where the rear fenders meet the chassis, and 2 for the third brake light bracket. Probably 6 or 8 snap rivets for carpet, and also a bunch of snap rivets for the bikini top, tonneau cover, and boot cover. More than I thought after listing them out. I've used a hand tool so far. Might have to check out the electric.
  3. Hello @NeoBear, I'm about a month ahead of you with my SS3XS build. I also opted for the Subaru R180 LSD, but with a 2.0 w/ stage 2 cams. I think @papak is referring to the aluminum 'skid' plate that goes under the oil pan and it does come standard with the kit. My build is going quicker than I expected. I've already got all suspension installed, brakes working, rear differential and half shafts, fuel tank, etc... My engine is arriving tomorrow! Tom @Tbox56 is fantastic about answering any questions during the build (which is why I haven't posted here since Tom's been a
  4. I chose 6,200 rpm as just an arbitrary value and not redline. I did verify with Tom, and you are correct in that he sets the redline for 7,000 rpm. Here is the same analysis with redline 7,000 rpm, instead of the arbitrary 6,200 rpm. Of course the shift speeds go up, but still the same relative differences. Because I wasn't looking for the fastest 2.0L setup, the race cams were the low hanging fruit for an easy/quick way of boosting HP above stock. However, I didn't want to start chasing higher and higher costs of beefing up the internals which would allow
  5. Great points about gearing! Thanks for the sample values you guys are using... TLDR: My standard short 1st gear isn't quite as bad as it could be because I have larger wheels and a longer diff gear than both JohnCh or Vovchandr. But yes, I could get even longer (actually the longest of all) by choosing the long 1st gear option (long 2.98 rather than 3.65). I had decided that the money for a long 1st wasn't worth it for me, but maybe I'll regret the decision later ? My taller tires and longer diff gear also make highway cruising rpm a bit lower which I had read some people whi
  6. That's great to hear about the cams. I do love a good build project. Waiting for the kit to come really brings back that excited and impatient kid in me! I'm 6'-2" and just assumed I'd have to remove the seat adjuster and mount directly to the floor. So it will be interesting to see how the new mount achieves both a lowered seat and still keep the seat slider. One of my fears is having to fabricate lowered floors if needed. That's one option missing that I wish Birkin would offer.
  7. Thanks Kitcat, Croc, wemtd: I went street oriented, maybe somewhere around 200hp?: Wide body - SSX3 Engine / Drivetrain Duratec 2.0L Crower 3/4 race cams T9 transmission Subaru R180 LSD (3.54:1) Stainless steel flexible brake lines Some of the upgrades Black Kit - Wheels, windscreen frame, headlights, exhaust... Quick release steering wheel Tall rollover bar (adds about 3" to roll bar height) Curiosity got me looking into the gearing so I plotted up
  8. Croc, Thanks for the article! I've been a very long lurker on this forum, in fact I was surprised to see I signed up way back in 2013. It took eight years, but I now have a new Birkin kit being prepped for shipping! You may have seen it in the shop, it's British racing green and this image from Tom was taken just last week. Overall, I can't express enough how much you and others on this forum have helped in making my decision to get a seven. Without the resources found here, I would not have had enough confidence to order a kit. I'm sure there are many others out there
  9. Hello all, After following this group for almost a year, My Model T is feeling a little slow in comparison (a lot slower! I max out around 40 mph, a true Captain Slow). Is there anybody in the Phoenix, Arizona area that might be willing to let me sit in their 7? I'm 6'2", 185 lbs and want to get a feel for how I might fit. I'm researching mostly Birkins or Stalkers. I like the Birkin because it seems like a good replica in looks and fit/finish. I like the Stalker because of the "Buy American" aspect, not to mention the V8. I'm probably avoiding the Caterham because of the extra cost
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