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  1. Thank you Kay, that title is a little "oof" but looks like I have some reading to do.
  2. I am currently in the process of building my Seven and was wondering if anybody has an idea of the time frame it takes to register a vehicle with the DMV. Specifically I am just trying to get a feel for the whole process. There are lots of guides that explain what documents you will need and who you will need to speak with but I was looking more for timelines, as well as specific cost associated with the whole process here in CA. Should I wait till the car is completely finished, about how long does it take once you have your first appointment ect ect?
  3. Hey Papak, Id be interested in what you purchased I think we both have the same chassis type so id like to copy you straight up. are you planning to install it yourself? If there is one thing I feel was worth every penny it is the 3m clear bra I had on the last car.
  4. I am in Fresno so about 4 hours from LA. my plan is once the car makes it out here to take some very extended and earned vacation! When you have a moment if it is not to much to ask id love a picture of how you mounted your usb ports?
  5. I was hopeful ill have room to place something like this under the dash.
  6. Yes without a doubt the best money I ever spent on last car was 3m front bra. Any recommendations for the chmsl you used?
  7. Looks like the one Tom picked out for me is a VDO?
  8. I am definitely going to pick up some kind of rivet gun thing preferably an electric one as Vovchandr mentioned I have heard if you need to do more then 4 rivet's get an electric one!
  9. This is exactly the info I’m looking for there is quit a bit of stuff (tools) here that I don’t have so I’ll be off to Harbor freight this weekend. There’s a lot of stuff that I’m gonna be surprised by like hole drilling and god help me anything that requires some kind of cutting. I was trying to source some kind of rolling stands and everything I found was going to be to expensive or months away. Tom suggest just a sawhorses type work bench so I picked these up today does anyone think these won’t work? They are rated for double the weight of the full built car but I’m more concerned about if
  10. Hello Papak I did ask Tom for a Master cutoff and he told me to not bother? Plan is to do Auto X for the first year to get comfortable with the car and then get back out on track. I don't know what a stone guard is so is that something I should try and option from Tom now? I didn't pick a Diff or a LSD I again deferred to Tom, I basically told him my plans for the car and let him set me up. It looks like I am getting a R180 LSD?
  11. Hello everyone. I will be receiving my Birkin sometime in the next 2-3 weeks and was curious if anyone had any tips or links to any resources that they thought would be useful? Tom has been great about answering questions and mostly set me up for success, I am going into this fairly green about what to expect so if anyone has advice like " make sure you buy one of these" or "only use this kind of (X)" I would be super thankful. If anyone is curious these are the only things I asked for 2.5L Duratec Please run lines for additional usb plugs Day
  12. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aaf-all10625 I was looking at ordering these to build the car but nobody seems to have them in stock or it's a case that they wont ship for week's/months. I was wondering if anybody has any recommended alternatives? I am looking for something that will allow me to move the car around in the garage if need be. Thanks in advance.
  13. That very first Gray 7 looks like Toms Birkin Direct car?
  14. So I don't want to hijack the conversation but I have a Birkin that will be turning up here in 3-4 weeks is this "fully closed PCV system" something I will need to be concerned about? Is this something I should ask to have addressed before the car ships? I was shooting for the same performance as a 420R but if that's not gonna pass an SB100 registration should I assume I wont.
  15. E85 is pretty available in my area, what it sounds like is I will need an actual Tune and if possible a flex Tune. I was more concerned that I would need different injectors or maybe even a different fuel pump? Sounds like I need to reach out to Tom to find out if I can run some kind of Flex tune.
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