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  1. The car is on hold - Carphoria will hopefully be picking it up when he transitions to the East Coast. Thanks for all the interest and messages. I must say this is the place should you ever decide to sell a seven - a very knowledgeable audience with well posed questions: Ebay and Craigslist are a lot of work and wasted time.
  2. Zip code is 19809. Thanks Croc for posting the links.
  3. Not sure why my albums don't appear - they are 'public' and should be viewable under my profile. Maybe these links will work? http://www.usa7s.net/vb/album.php?albumid=82 http://www.usa7s.net/vb/album.php?albumid=80
  4. With two young children I have decided it’s probably time for a change. I really need something with more seats. A quick description of the car – more details can be provided. Lots of photo's can be seen in my Album. I’ve owned this car for 7 years and covered about 9000miles. 13,100 miles total. Color is Maya Green. Clear 3M paint protection film on the nose cone. Carbon Fiber on the front cycle wings and rear fenders. Factory assembled: Fit and finish is superb. Bodywork is fiberglass and aluminum, entire under tray of the car is clad in aluminum with a fiberglass rear diffuser and Kevlar sump guard. Removable doors have windows that slide up and down. Canvas top, can be used as a T-top or stored in a bag in the trunk. The interior has a carbon fiber dash with oil pressure, tach, oil temp, water temp, speedo, and clock. Adjustable steering wheel. The seats are great fitting with 5 point Willans harnesses. The seats do not move but the pedals are on a carriage and they move by turning a large aluminum knob under the dash. There is a lockable glove box, fresh air ventilation with two speed fan assist, heater, and a windshield with electronic defroster... Plus a 5 cubic feet trunk with a solid cover that locks. All very handy luxuries in the Seven world. Engine was a brand new Ford Zetec 2 liter 16 valve duel overhead cam ‘Crate Motor’ which received various performance enhancements. Crane Cam’s. Webcon Alpha Gold Fuel Injection system. Ceramic coated header, K&N full flow aluminum air box. Alpha engine management system - includes 3 chips offering various levels of performance. 5 Speed, fast shifting short throw transmission. Ford Type 9. 4 piston Wilwood Calipers all round. Dual master cylinders with front/rear brake bias adjustment. Uprated EBC brake pads - they provide great feel and bite. Tires are Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 (Extreme Performance Summer) The S1 will come with the full build manual as well as other supporting documentation. Has an Ohio 'Assembled Vehicle' Vin. Currently titled in Delaware. Also included: Extra set of wheels, additional engine management chips. Plus 3 boxes containing various components - wheel center caps, throttle body cables, rubber hoses for radiator, body weather trim, clutch release bearing, pulleys, suspension parts, various seals and gaskets. Asking $21,500 PM with questions or call Simon (302) 521-0426
  5. We did meet at Carlisle 5 or 6 years ago. The car has aged well - the beauty of fiberglass and aluminum.

  6. Hello All, I've just joined the forum but have been checking in every few months for many years. I own a Superformance S1 and have been enjoying it for 5+ years. The car is as well built and as reliable as my modern. However, I have experienced the fuel starvation issue combined with a hot and noisy fuel pump, I tracked the problem down to a faulty fuel pressure regulatior which I replaced with a new one purchased from Burton Power. Never had a problem since. As for the overheating, not an issue I have experienced - I know there is a service bulletin (0201st) detailing a lower temp themostat and thermo switch for the fan, my car had this done and in fact may be the one pictured in the manual. I have all this information electronically - Owners Manual (16.5MB) and Service Bulletin (11.5MB).
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