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  1. This car feels quick, but, in general... 7's are so raw and light, that I expect it'd feel quick even with much less power. Lightness, especially in cars, brings joy, IMO.
  2. I sent you a PM. My contact info should be in your inbox. Thanks, Don
  3. Hello, Yes, my 7 is available. And my cell phone number is in this thread. Please text first and mention that you are interested in the 7 or just call and leave a voice message and I'll get back to you. If you prefer, send me a PM (private message) via this forum by clicking on my user name at the top of this thread. Thanks, Don call or text: (five 1 two) 5seven6-82nine5
  4. Price lowered to $XXX for a winter sale.
  5. 2004 Superformance S1 - Not For Sale Apologies, for editing this post to essentially the point of deletion, but I need to go another route. Thanks for your interest.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I've used the acetate trick to clean fork seals on a trials motorcycle. I'll give the acetate/tool and lots of lubrication a try. I was talking with a friend over the weekend, he suggested that the seal install tools were primarily for a line mechanic on "book time", i.e. not the best way to install a new main seal. I will pull the pan, patiently install the main seal and then reinstall the pan with a new gasket. The previous installer (which I assume was the original engine builder...) must have been in a hurry when he slapped the main seal on...
  7. The intake scoop as shown by the OP harkens back decades. This scoop reminds me of the standard intake on a '77 March Formula Atlantic as shown here. If you are not familiar with Atlantics, at that time they were powered by a 1.6L TwinCam Ford Cosworth BDA, i.e. similar to what many of us have in our modern 7 interpretations. The scoop would be fairly easy to fabricate from fiberglass. March made theirs as two halves (sliced as top & bottom halves) and then simply seamed them together with a strip of "fiberglass tape"; you can see the seam in the pic linked above. The scoop attached t
  8. Hi All, I have a Superformance S1 (#53) with a 2.0 Zetec. The rear main seal was leaking, it was not properly installed... and it has a "corner" that was folded over. http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l328/dhubbard422/RearMainSeal_zpscf75f3eb.jpg I'd rather not repeat this with a new seal install and I was curious if anyone here has replaced this seal? If yes, would you mind sharing your technique? Online, one can find different manufacturers of a seal install tool to aid in replacement. Did you recommend the use of this tool? Is this tool primarily for an insta
  9. A friend of mine did "this" to his Talon... Yes, he is a bit nuts. :smash: http://gearboxmagazine.com/rays-twincharged-talon/ If you look at the pic, you'll notice that the turbo feeds the supercharger, i.e. in a crude sense, the supercharger simply multiplies what ever the turbocharger gives it. Which means giant boost at insanely low RPMs. This little motor is really powerful and it makes big power everywhere in the RPM range. However, it is a lot of plumbing... it might be hard to fit all of that plumbing in a traditional 7, but, Ray believes it just might work. :jester:
  10. When I think of the best way to combine 2 Hayabusas... http://www.radicalperformanceengines.com/Powertec-Macroblock-v8/ One of these in a 7 should be sweet (very light and very powerful). It has been done. Probably many times, here's a pic of one example: http://thekneeslider.com/hayabusa-v8-for-the-dp1/
  11. I keep looking at the 7712H (tilt) from Aluma. It's just a bit bigger and the tilt option might be the easy load option. Electric brakes are also possible on this model.
  12. Oh my... this topic can go on and on. I've been thinking about a small open aluminum tilt bed trailer for my 7, primarily because I could tow it with just about anything and the gas mileage would be about as good as it gets. I've also considered solutions that would let me convert the open trailer to a tiny enclosed trailer, one in which the top hugs the 7. Alternatively, it can be very nice to have a trailer in which one can work in. Full stand up height, a work bench, a rack for tires, cabinet(s) for tools... This is deluxe. Of course, one can gold plate it with a lounge, bathroom,
  13. BigDog, I've always assumed that the US trailer tow ratings on mid-size cars/wagons/crossovers is mostly a combination of marketing and lawyers... but, is only surprising that someone at a car company admitted it, even if "privately". FWIW, a VW salesman told me this weekend that VW has decided to bring the diesel Tiguan to the US, maybe as an early release 2015. But this may not help me as I may have to replace a car in the very near future... My new vehicle goals are similar to BigDogs (good economy and light towing) and we test drove a TDi Sportwagon this past weekend. Although t
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