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  1. Went to Gingerman, MI, last Saturday to shake the winter cobwebs and get mentally ready for the 2022 season and eventually NJMP in September. Starting to enjoy the new 500 spec engine after SBD fuel mapping session earlier this winter and almost a year of trouble shooting. Don’t want to jinx it but I think slowing getting there. The car is a real pleasure to drive.. sooo strong! A noticeable difference from our 400 spec .. might now have to upgrade the brakes!!! Gingerman was a real challenge to drive. Took me two days to recuperate physically trying to hold on to the beast. Can’t wait to seeing the gang soon.
  2. Really - really - looking forward to it. Will be there guys! Thanks for organizing as usual. Can't wait to see the gang.
  3. Standard duratec uses grade 6 NGK plugs I believe . Caterham recommends grade 7 for the r500 spec. I now use grade 8 and did the tuning using 8, cooler plugs. as for advance, unsure if Steve played with it honestly but could be wrong. We discussed it. I do know he focused on fuel across the range. proof in the pudding will be this summer. Will be inspecting the plugs on a regular basis.
  4. Friends, Its has been a while since I've reported on progress on this topic. I took a day off on Friday, and my son and I spent a long morning at RM Motorsports (www.rmmotorsport.com) in Wixom, Michigan, for a Hub Dyno and fuel mapping session with Steve Boughton from SBD connected remotely. The goal was to identify potential lean conditions and adjust the fuel map to eliminate risk of auto ignition, burning the plugs and putting at risk the engine. It was a successful day. We had 3 computers going, one for the dyno, one for the fuel mapping connected to the ECU and Steve Boughton connected remotely controlling the Esimap 6 software, and one to connect with him via google meet in England. Overall Steve found the map to be a bit lean at mid range under load which might explain some of the challenges Simon and I had with some of the plugs. Steve did a great job smoothing the map and setting parameters to be slightly on the safe side. I've also installed a wide band O2 sensor that will adjust fuel plus or minus 4 percent in a closed loop system with the new MBE ECU. In terms of horsepower, the new R500 spec / blueprinted engine managed 235 hp at the wheels so 260 hp at the engine at 7950 rpm - 8000 rpm almost on the nose assuming a 10% transmission loss, 160 ish ft-lb torque at 6000 rpm, which is exactly what I thought we would get with the build specs (Kent Tec35 cams, Supertech pistons 12.5:1 compression ratio, fully ported head with 35% more flow than original head, custom oversized exhaust, 4-2-1 configuration, design from Dave Hershey engine). I've attached one of the HP graphs. Weighted the car at 1214 lbs, wet, with the Apollo wheels and Avon DOT tires ZZR A24 compound tires, or 1174 lbs with my Image Wheels and Avon full slick Kevlar tires. Happy to say that the car car bare the R500 name officially. I hope all of the above helped the car so that I can drive with confidence this summer, on roads and on the track, terrorizing pretty much anything road legal. Btw - the guys at RM were loading up their 53 foot long trailer with 8 cars to go to Sebring this week. Insane cars such as March 73S, Lola T70, Chevron B23S, formula 3 etc. Really impressive racing stuff. Clients are from all over the country. They have one of Ken Block's car at the shop too and a few Ligier Carbon Fiber F3 for sale. Awesome place. Highly recommended. Run1 Graph HP over RPM.pdf
  5. Something seems off. What gearbox do you have if I may ask? Typically, peak horsepower for the r420 cams is at 7,100 rpm, so surprised the peak on the graph seems to be before 7,000. i did not dyno my car before adding roller barrels unfortunately but with the roller barrels, 6 speed gearbox, and the Caterham ECU, my car dynoed at 198 hp or roughly 200 hp at the wheels. The roller barrels made a difference but not more than 10 or 15 hp (felt it at top end). i ll try to find an old post on this forum where I had included a few dyno charts.
  6. This is Star Trek stuff. How are you able to see all of this from the pictures Dave? From now on, you shall be known as Dr Plug. Yikes on the engine blow up Bball. Really nasty and very unfortunate mistake from the attendant. Sorry to see this. Makes our stomach turn. Carl - yes agree on the latest plug I’ve been using. They are the competition ones and these extend further into the chamber and have a longer ceramic nose. I plan to change back to B type NGK plugs that are shorter, with a protected ceramic nose, and perhaps go for an even colder plug, B9EFS. I’m also scheduling a road dyno tuning session and will have SBD connect remotely to fine tune the map, advance etc. Let’s see. I will keep the group posted. thanks all.
  7. Thanks Dave Steve B from SBD is surprised and does not think this is the result of auto ignition. He states that he runs 13:1 on 98 RON / 93 octane with no real issues. On the other end, NGK had a closer look at Simons plugs and suggests that it is auto ignition or hot spots in the chamber. We will probably try a combination of mods e.g. grade 9 NGK plugs B9EFS that have a more protected ceramic than the grade 8 competition ones we are running and perhaps a bit of octane boost and yes, fuel mapping tuning. Perhaps one change at the time and see. I do agree Dave that WOT condition seems a bit lean but again Steve suggests that the spark plug “lean looking” color is quite normal when ones drives these race engines flat out.
  8. Thanks Tom. I think I ll give the Sunoco GT 100 a try. Here are some of the pictures. Grade 8 spark plug cathode melted after track day (Simon’s). I had the same happened to me with grade 7 and street driving. And grade 8 spark plug after 15 minutes of use. The ceramic is sparkling white.
  9. Thanks all for the thoughts and comments. As you said, I think it is a simple octane increase solve. I might be right at the limit of auto ignition for NA pump fuels so a little octane help wi go a long way. im looking at the Sunoco 260 GT fuel. Anyone has experience with this fuel? Any other equivalent fuels or brands to recommend? thank you
  10. Thanks fastg. Good advice on oxygenated vs not. The car has soo much power already, no need for more honestly. (Yes.. I said it, Croc). Engine spec was designed with EU builder and we did discuss EU vs US gas pump risk, understanding that we might be at the limit. I guess we now know the answer to that question. Simon had the ECU tuned remotely with Steve from SDB (not dyno, but road tuning using car lambda, connected to Steve in the UK via WIFI .... pretty cool) which had a massive - massive - impact on power, torque and drivability from our stock Caterham R500 fuel map. Steve added a lot more fuel than what the stock Caterham R500 map recommended. We both have the same SBD fuel map now (not lean anymore), but still burning plugs after flat out track days. I guess we need to upgrade to 100 octane and redo / refine the map again. Nice winter project!
  11. Thanks Mike Simon also detonates and burns plugs (exact same engine) but his real issue is different. He keeps a picture of me on his dashboard and he is still trying to beat my TBolt time. His engine had to give up to give him an excuse. He is pulling his engine apart as we speak trying to figure out root cause. Oil / lubrication on #1 Conrod bearing is an hypothesis. Sorry Simon, I’m sure sure your ears are burning.
  12. Greetings everyone Long time no talk. Lots going on in MI since I moved here.. a few developers are building a new race track 30 mins away north of Ann Arbor, MI, in Howell, MI, with garages etc. Motorsport Gateway. Check it out! https://www.motorsportsgateway.com/ . Opening should be Spring of 2023. Might be an FIA grade 3 or 2 track with tons of runoffs etc. Really look forward to seeing this project come alive. On a very separate topic.. as some of you know, I have a new blue printed R500 spec engine that is a complete fury but I keep melting the tip of grade 7 and even grade 8 spark plugs indicating auto ignition it seems (not good). The engine compression ratio should be right around 12.5:1 .. but perhaps slightly north of this given a few other head and block mods (squish gap etc, but not more than 12.75:1).. hence very limit for 93 octane street / pump gas I assume. Just wondering, if we had to buy race fuel, what would you recommend? 98 or 100 octane? if so, unleaded standard or unleaded oxygenated? what's the difference? Would you recommend separate octane additives to regular 93 octane pump gas? if so, what brand or product would you recommend? Thank you all
  13. Cade - very good meeting you earlier today in Detroit / Farmington Hills . What a coincidence and surprise. Look forward to building a great community of "Sevens" in the area. Don't say it too loud but let's show those big V8's what small 4 (or for some 6's) can really do. See you around on a track... and soon I hope. Seb
  14. Yep - Got the westermann wingstay. saved 1.4 kg of weight from original wingstays.
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