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  1. If you don’t like the ring on the 620r cone, then I would go through the pain of removing your current graphics and replacing with the 3 stripe design. I think it looks really sharp. But that’s one opinion! I would keep your red center wheels.
  2. I see the dilemma. Not an easy choice. The first option with the ring painted nose cone and the one band does not shock me. I think you don’t really see the red separation between the radiator and and the oil cooler bay. if this bothers you thought, I think I would opt for the three band approach. You won’t necessarily have the exact Caterham proportions of the bands but it will still look really good. I opted to keep my white bands and made them continue under the nose cone. I really like how it came out. It fills the front of the car a bit more and distributes the volu
  3. Haha! That's awesome John. where are the horses? need 265 of them. (but please note... I'm Simon's nemesis.. same car, but younger!). Will share the build story on another post for the group. collected some part weights as i was building the car this winter that could be interesting for some.
  4. Vovchander - I like your 620R cone! BTW - don't change your color scheme. One of the prettiest out there in my opinion. !
  5. Thanks Vovchander. Yes, that nose cone took almost 6 months to complete and consumed 6 yrs of my life in the process. It’s actually a R420 race nose cone, a mix of r500 and CSR top vent design with a 620r style oil cooler grille opening at the bottom. I changed the radiator to a r420 race model which is similar to that sold with newer caterhams, with an integrated oil cooler. Lots of fiddling, had to assemble new oil and coolant hoses etc. Better work because the whole assembly is 7.8 lbs heavier than my original setup. But I agree... I think it looks good And have been excited about it.
  6. i think I’m done upgrading .. at least for this summer. It’s been a hell of a project! Just started my new r500+ spec engine on Saturday and sounded great. Head, cams, supertech pistons, rods, forged crank, new everything, arp everywhere, beefy clutch, .. all balanced and blue printed etc. Probably the max fast road spec possible, after which we fall in the territory of craziness and hard to drive on the road reliably. Simon and I have the exact same engine spec and setup including tires, suspension setting, Tri-y custom exhaust, etc so will make it really fun. Let’s see how this bab
  7. There is someone who lives very close to Scarsdale who has an SV. I ll let the person reply directly.
  8. Friends, Mike, Tom What a great weekend and what a way to end our 2020 season! A massive thanks to Mike and Tom for organizing as usual, you guys are champs and outstanding hosts. It was terrific to see you all again, it had been way too long. Paige & Vlad, we can't wait to see your pictures .. but I'm sure that it will take a little while to go through your 2000+ pictures. We are waiting with anticipation! Mike, thank you so much for lending me your CSR for a trail. I was impress by both, overall engine and suspension / handling. It felt like a beast and had to work hard to m
  9. Comparing Croc to a Mr. Phileas Fogg is a big big stretch. As for the car, it is, I agree ~1870 technology with some Jules Verne fictional upgrades. Can't wait to see it fly!
  10. Croc - that's sick and what a project!! This is F3 performance level category and then some... and with no aero . I agree with blue BDA.. why no full roll cage.. or is this coming soon? Cleary lots to talk about this coming weekend at the track. Look forward to seeing the gang.
  11. Gang I wanted to upgraded my lap timing scientific capabilities from using my cell phone (yes it works) to something more official and bought an AIM Solo2 DL. Since my car is a relatively modern Caterham (2013) it has an ODii port and chose to buy the Solo2 DL with ECU reading and connection capability. I’ve flashed the device using the software provided and chose the “Caterham 420r” écu option but to no available. My Aim Solo2 does not seem to pick up engine readings and not even RPMs any advice on how to best co figure this device for ÉCU ODii reading? I have the stock Caterham
  12. Hello TimeMachines, I live in South West Connecticut and would reach out to https://www.automotiverestorations.com/ Top notch vintage car restoration shop and garage in southern Connecticut. Super nice and my sense is that they could help. Hope this helps and please feel free to put your client in touch with the Connecticut Caterham crowd (there are a few of us) .. we would be happy to help.
  13. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and counsel. Honestly, I don’t know yet exactly “how much” it would cost to import the roll cage. Caterham has been reluctant to even quote me the transport cost .. but I’ve asked again, and hope to have a sense soon. One thing is for sure, it can’t be cheap. as for finding alternatives in the US, I think it is a great idea. Do you know if “swracecars” has already fitted a caterham? I can call and do a bit of research but would be great to find someone who may have already fitted a cat. I also want to optimize on weight as much as possible so en
  14. Greetings everyone, I'm considering buying and importing a SLR roll cage from Caterham in Q1 2020 (yes, adding a few lbs to the car for safety sake. Can't be prudent enough driving with the bunch at NJMP). Shipment to the US for the cage is quite expensive given its size ..so i was wondering if it would make sense to consolidate a few orders among a few of us and organize a consolidated shipment from Caterham to the US (East Coast preferably). Let me know if some of you are interested in the idea and would like to participate. Unsure if the math will really work and if this could be way t
  15. I wish i could join.. but traveling around the world right now. Best time for me at thunderbolt is 1:29:20.. and that's taking #1, #4 and approach to #7 too slow. Without a windscreen, you should easily be in the 1:28's .. Let us know how it goes! and yes.. lose the wiper blades please.
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