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  1. Really good to see that the gang had fun as usual. Missed you guys this year.... will try next year!
  2. Guys. Good luck this weekend with the event. Will miss you dearly. Will try next year. Have fun!!
  3. Thanks guys. Might be a bit far for me and still waiting for a trailer that I ordered in .. January. Looking to try Grattan or Gingerman or maybe mid Ohio this fall.
  4. Thanks for the wishes and the tips guys! Croc - clearly miss the East coast gang but will see each other again. I’m sure of it. Still have to show Simon who is the real slim shady. Dave, MoBoost, would be terrific to connect over the next few weeks as convenient. Let’s PM one another. Looks like South Lyon and Canton are not too far from one another. mid September? Wouk also love to hit one of the tracks this fall. Let me know if interested. talk soon! seb
  5. Well, as some of you know, I recently moved from CT to MI, Ann Arbor. I had all of my cars transported 3 weeks ago and finally went for a first short drive with my caterham yesterday zipping around some of the country roads around here. Clearly a lot of car enthusiasts around with many thumbs up etc… was great to feel the wind in the hair, finally declaring and officialising the move to MI with this short drive. i plan to hit a track or two perhap in September if time allows. I ll keep you posted. Reaching out to any other caterham enthusiast in the Ann Arbor region, i
  6. I have a brand new set, never installed, CSR style carbon front cycle wings and rear fenders for sale. Please PM me if interested. thank you.
  7. Honestly and if for track only, the Avon full slicks with Kevlar belt construction are …. unreal. I have them on my new image wheels and dropped another 1.5 secs at thunderbolt from my a24 and I’m far from the tire limits. Roger Kraus will know exactly what tires these are. They fit our 13” front and back caterham wheels perfectly. They are also 9 to 10 lbs each … only.
  8. For what it is worth, the A24 ZZR tires are absolutely outstanding, some of the best DOT approved / race compound tires on a Caterham. I think I took 1.5 secs off Lightning changing between the A64 and A24. They do wear quite a bit faster though.. especially when scrapping through the bowl !! A stock R400 on A64 at limerock will run in the low 59s. With A24s, managed 57.8s..
  9. The quasi new wheels have been sold and will go to a good home.
  10. Two potential issues from what we've gleaned from other members going through this experience as we speak... 1) there is apparently a special map for more modern caterhams that have an external fuel pump module somewhere in the rear. For those catehams, apparently you don't need the green injectors, the blue will suffice. 2) there might be a wiring harness difference between your more modern caterham and older ones. Number of active pins etc. Looks like you don't have the right map on your ECU.. either because of the fuel module feature (sending way too much gas that
  11. All identical. 6” or 6.5” I believe. Good question.
  12. As some of you already know, I’m moving to Michigan. I have a few caterham related parts for sale in my garage but 4, quasi new, not a scratch or dent, caterham black 15” wheels and 500 miles / one track day at most, CR500 tires are looking for a new home. best offer please. let me know.
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