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  1. No. No Al N, I wish he had stopped by. Not like he lives really far way! :grouphug: We had over 40 cars at William Thomas Roadsters. Bill's Caterham is a nice one, yes? It was a monumental task, herding 40 cars through all the little hamlets, but when it was time to open up the throttle, we got going pretty well. Pictures after I "decompress"
  2. HeadCount: Always one of our most popular events, this year's Spirited Drive is no exception! We presently have 30 folks who have RSVPd. That's about 26 cars...Esprits, Elises, Europas, 4 Sevens!...the whole gamut. :party: Weather forecast is good: No rain, high temp in the 60s. See you there! :hurray:
  3. Here's what kept the rain away from NJ Motorsports Park (our Lotus/Audi Clubs' Track Day) this weekend: Every time I felt a drop, I held my "bumbershoot" up to the Sky and bellowed: I HAVE AN UMBRELLA! It worked! The entire east coast from DC up to Boston got 2" + of rain over the weekend...EXCEPT FOR Millville, NJ!!!! :devil: (An umbrella is smaller than a Seven top, isn't it? Just don't open it at speeds over 40 MPH...) :willy_nilly:
  4. Great, haven't seen you in a while. If the weather is poor, bring your daily driver. It'll still be fun. WTR promises us genuine fresh-baked crumpets at the start! :drool: No doubt that's why we have TEN folks intending to join us already! :seeya:
  5. The Lotus Enthusiast's Organization (aka LEO) has firmed up its plans for it's final event of the season, our Spirited Drive on Sunday, November 15. Once again, LEO supporter William Thomas Roadsters will host the beginning of the Drive. Meet at WTR, 269 Everittsville Rd (Route 513), Frenchtown, NJ, at 10:30 AM for coffee and crumpets. Bill Thomas will show us the latest Sector111 bits for Elises and show off his recently-aquired Caterham. Then at noon we embark on a twisty backroad journey through western NJ, with a stop at Columcille, the Stonehenge of Pennsylvania. You have to se
  6. Early is good...the car gathering @ Captree is from, like, 8 AM to noon. We plan to arrive at 9 Does the SCCA require fast lap times to get their annual awards?
  7. Shake off the winter chill with the LEO folks as we gather our Loti in Captree State Park on Long Island. Sunday, March 15 (rain date March 22) at 9:00 AM Please RSVP to Mark Vinelli so we can contact you in case of inclement weather. RSVP Info at: http://www.lotusenthusiasts.org/Events/Default.asp
  8. Hi Guys, The NYC area Lotus Club (LEO) always plans a caravan going to LOG. Anyone is welcomed to join. (Safety in numbers and all that.) In 2004 we overnighted near Roanoke VA on Interstate 81, both ways. That's a fairly even split of driving time. IIRC we arrived in B-Ham about 4 PM. If you wish to avoid some of the boring Interstate travel and have a good time on two-lanes, VA state route 42 parallels 81. We used that route in 1998 on the way to LOG 18. Send me a PM if you are considering joining us...no obligation. Details in a few months. Cheers, Atwel
  9. One one Seven came but it was still a nice event! http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/1117442086_PA180008.JPG The fall colors were wonderful...the roads were empty, even though there were a lot of leaf-watchers about. :hurray: (I know the best roads...) The weather was bright but chilly...we included a fast run up Montana Mountain as part of the Drive. The BBQ at the end was spectacular. Shame on anyone who didn't stay for the sunset.
  10. another BUMP. We only have ONE Seven confirmed. Com'on Folks!
  11. http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=3041
  12. The Lotus Enthusiast's Organization invites all Seven drivers to join us on a Spirited Drive and Barbecue on Saturday, October 18th. The event starts at William Thomas Roadsters at 269 County Route 513, Frenchtown NJ, at 10 AM. Coffee and breakfast goodies will be served. About 11 AM we will embark on the Spirited Drive, a 70-mile romp across the backroads of rural NJ. We plan a stopover at Millbrook Village near the Delaware Water Gap...but our ultimate destination is a Barbecue at the home of Charlie and Lisa Senkier outside Newton, NJ. If you can't attend the entire Drive,
  13. Just a reminder that the Hopewell Cruise Night is this Friday, May 2nd. Details here http://www.lotusenthusiasts.org/Events/Default.asp As an additional inducement to attend, Bryan Boyle has arraigned for Ed Kollin of Exxon-Mobil to give a talk at Lotus of Hopewell around nightfall. Ed is a long-time manager of the engine lab at Exxon...he has a lot to say about lubes for older, flat tappet cam cars, the problems with SM grade oils, and what to do about it. (Even Elises have flat-tappet cams on the "performance" lobes of the camshaft!) He's not selling anything...just straight t
  14. Anybody who is planning a visit to the NY Auto Show should be aware that the Lotus Enthusiast's Organization (NYC/NJ Area) (a.k.a. LEO) will have a Lotus Club display on the 11th Ave Concours all day Saturday, March 29. We will be located just south of the entrance overpass in front of the Javits Center. Come by and see a sampling of Lotus cars (all of them club-members') across the history of the Marque, and shake hands with some of the members of this Forum. See you there! PS, there is NO TRUTH to the rumor that Al Navarro will be there as the "star" of the LEO Dunking Boo
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