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  1. Well the event has wrapped up and most have packed up and headed back home. The hardcore award goes to Justin @DatsunRBZAnd Paul @wemtd who hung in there and were the last two on track as the day ended. thanks to all who made the effort to drive significant distances to be part of this fun event and persevere to overcome some mechanical issues just before the event. Hopefully some video and more pictures will be posted once everyone gets some rest. And a special thanks to the spouses who came and cheered us on. And to the ones that didn’t but still allowed us to come out an
  2. Jim with the red Zetec #81 is @FE07on this site.
  3. The party has started. Some early afternoon arrivals to Croc’ garage. We headed to dinner and a few more drivers and significant others rolled in. Weather is just about perfect. We had a nice dinner outside at the clubhouse. Breakfast is at 7am. And we still have a few more drivers who will show up then. Fingers crossed that all cars are ready to go when the track goes live at 9am.
  4. John, I can’t believe that Croc hasn’t stepped up to send the corporate jet out to pick you up. Did you piss him off somehow?
  5. Safe travels. Mike. Make sure to put the lock on your hitch coupler.
  6. Vlad, I’m glad you got it running. Obviously air is being sucked in from somewhere to push the fluid out. Have you run it with the cap on? Does the pressure still build up and puke? You mentioned a heater. Have you checked that?
  7. Vlad, there is a $25 late fee if you register within 48 hours of the event. But that is better than losing your full fee as there are no cancellation refunds within that period as well. They did impose a low cap on us, but I don’t think we hit it as Croc and I have not heard any pushback. Tech is usually right after breakfast so technically you need to be checked in/ registered to get a tech sticker.
  8. That’s Good news Carl. We are going to try and get into the large garage and yes we can leave our cars in the garage over night.
  9. Paul, right now it is mask optional. Breakfast is in the clubhouse or can be taken out. Same with lunch. I’m trying to get us outside for dinner on Saturday. Tom
  10. Nah Mike, but the NSA sure as heck is. I’m guessing we we Will head over to the Finish Line Pub around 6-6:30 for drinks and dinner. Give me a call to let me know where you are when you are in range. Tom
  11. Vlad, you can show up on Sunday morning and register. Croc and I were talking today and thought that if you were still struggling, and wanted to come down anyway as you have a room, that TJ and Ian who are mechanics at the track, might be able to help sort you out as they have experience with Caterhams, Having worked on mine, Crocs and Jeff’s. Or you can register on Monday morning if your car wasn’t running on Saturday. if you came down on Saturday you might get lucky and have them look at it then if they have time.
  12. Well, it’s almost here. I’m assuming that bball and kitcat are packing up and getting ready to get on the road soon, to arrive on Saturday afternoon. Others will opt to get there early Sunday morning. For those of you coming in on Saturday, when you get to the gate tell them you are meeting Mike Johnson at exotic car garage #367. Or that you are heading to the Finish Line Pub. There is a Riders Club ( motorcycle) event on Thunderbolt on Saturday and we can’t drop trailers or cars until they finish around 6:30-7:00pm. Croc and I will be at his garage late morning. So
  13. WooHoo!!! Great news! Can't wait to see this new king of the Caterhams on track. Tom
  14. We are pulling for you Vlad. You deserve a bit of good luck. Fingers crossed. I’m buying your first round on Saturday night too. Looking forward to seeing you on track. Tom
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