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    I really hope you are just yanking our chains. You really do need to use tie down straps to secure it to the trailer. Basic physics apply even to lightweight Sevens. Tom
  2. I assembled my yellow car in 2000, and I have two sensors one for the gauge and one to the ECU. The fan is connected to a separate sender mounted in the radiator near the top. Don’t know how that compares to the more recent builds though. Tom
  3. I have the Caterham six speed in my yellow car. It’s a great match with my high revving RoverK series motor. The ratios are a great match and I love the long first gear which gets me to 60mph. The 1:1 sixth gear allows it to keep pulling down the straights. Nice short throws as well. Tom
  4. Croc is right on as usually. I woke up this morning thinking I had to amend my post to say that the Sadev sequential would not be good on the road. Especially so with the paddle shifter. Great on the track but it REALLY does not like to go slow. At lower paddock type speeds it feels like a bag of bolts shifting. Whereas at flat out full no lift throttle it’s as smooth as butter. Oh and the straight cut gear whine is constant. Then again you probably know all that from your formula Atlantics. Can’t wait to see you on track with it soon. I just got the word that my car is god to go
  5. Easy. Sadev and paddle shifter. Tom.
  6. The 420 spec is a great package. Plenty of power without the drama. Ours are just a little faster on the straights. No skill required to do that, only deep pockets.
  7. Sounds like a beast John. When Croc finishes CATkong that will make three of us in the 300+ club. Let’s go guys. It’s been lonely up here for so long. Tom.
  8. A Quick simple solution to your knee issue is to pull out the lower sear cushion and use a thin inch or so if very firm foam. That should help temporarily. Then you can make your own cushion to the height you need with some foam beads, some two part epoxy, and one of those vacuum space saver bags. Then cover it and you are set. Not factory like your nice looking seats but comfortable and you’ll be able to get your head and helmet under the roll bar if you ever put it on track. Congratulations and Enjoy Tom.
  9. Sheesh. Nobody. Expects the Spanish Inquisition. Passat?..
  10. Kit Kat. No worries here about global warming. I’ll drive my v8 F150 and burn my 109 octane race gas just going round and round in my two Caterham just to piss off all the Prius drivers. I’ll use up every carbon credit they have and then some. I’ve got 4 of my 5 fireplaces on and a fire pit burning and a brisket in the smoker. ⛄️
  11. Paul, on my yellow car I had the same issue as you with the standard Caterham headrest. I pulled it out and installed the roll bar mounted head brace to which I added a couple of pieces of roll bar padding split to get the right thickness for my head position. On my Orange car that I bought from Karl., he had replaced the standard Caterham Tillet on the driver side with a different Tillet branded model which has a slightly lower head back and as Croc stated it, it is tilted rearward a bit. Tom.
  12. Just bought my Third helmet. Splurged on the Bell Dominator in 2000, then economized slightly with the Bell GP2, and splurged again this time with the 2020 Bell GP3 Carbon. All had duckbills, all had air ports, all pretty light. The new helmet seems a little lighter, but maybe it's just my imagination. The way I figure, they have a ten year life for casual track use. So the Bell Carbon is $999.95 vs the non carbon, which is $599.95, so roughly $400 difference over ten years. $40 a year more. Might as well look good. You can't take it with you. :seeya: Tom PS, yes yo
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