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  1. WOW! Kitcat is back! The earth’s wobble is now fixed! We are back in balance. It’s now officially a party. Tom.
  2. Vlad, what does the head gasket look like? Any obvious breaches?
  3. https://youtu.be/wzX-eQGBfjE This is an oldie but goodie.
  4. https://caterhamparts.co.uk/hubs-and-bearings/620-wheel-bearing-kit-front-pre-2003-cars.html https://caterhamparts.co.uk/hubs-and-bearings/116-hub-front-aluminium-41-4-pcd-ford-pre-2003.html that is assuming prior owner did not do the upgrade which included a thicker stub axel as well as stronger hub and different bearings.
  5. I should note that my plaque does not say Seven America, like Jeff’s does.
  6. Vlad, mine is a true Superlight. Not an SLR. However my engine is a VHPD spec Rover K series which was what was in the SLRs in the UK versions
  7. Today we are 10 weeks away from our annual Se7ens gathering at NJMP. So you have less than 70 days to get your cars in shape if you plan on joining us this year. We once again have our own dedicated session for Sevens only. It’s a DE event so not a race. But there is passing allowed on the straights with a point by. For those of you that have not been on track before but would like to, you can run in the green group, behind a pacecar to learn the lines, braking points and your car. Classroom instruction is provided between sessions on track. It’s really a good soci
  8. Only 79 days until this year’s gathering. Hopefully everyone is working to get their cars ready. Vlad’s going to have to stop piddling around and get to work if he’s going to make it this year. Croc is already working on the awards for this year, and you can be sure he’s going to have some unique ones. Hope to see a few of you that missed last year as well as a few new owners. Tom
  9. I run Hoosier bias ply slicks on my 2000 yellow car. The ten inch wide ones were THE auto cross tire in the R25B compound. When I switched to tracking the car I used the same tire and compound but did go with a slightly larger Circumference tire to give me a little higher top end. Look at my signature pic to get an idea. I can run the ten inch wide slicks as they fit easily under the clams. I run Michelin radial slicks on my Orange car, and there is a difference to me in feel as the bias ply slicks seem more progressive to me vs the radials. Then again the Michelin’s aren’
  10. Vlad, it was painful to watch you go through the process and as much as I wanted to comment as I went through a somewhat similar learning experience. I held off commenting for the reason Croc stated. I had a pressurization issue that would only happen on track. Car ran fine but would puke thru the cap eventually durning an on track session. My engine is a duratec so not apples to apples and mine would idle lol Day and not get hot. But I tested at least twenty times with that coolant gas test and NEVER got a change in color. I replaced everything, water pump, radiato
  11. Yep. Been there done that. Sat in the infield at NJMP for a whole 25 minute session as it happened on the first lap of the session. Croc was the guy with the shiteating grin, who came over an sorted it out. I had the switch moved from under the bonnet to under dash on the drivers side so I could get to it on track if it ever happened again.
  12. I made it through his whole presentation after several attempts. Seems to have the facts to back up his conclusions. Makes a good case to follow the science eh. But most knuckleheads will continue to support “consensus”. Thanks for posting it. Tom
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