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  1. At the risk of sounding like an echo chamber, if you have not yet come to this festival you are missing out! As a first timer, the camaraderie, sevens expertise and facility were top notch... this group had great drivers, friendly personalities, steady pace and a few fast cars in the straights (mine included). I learned from Simon and Seb that my factory suspension setup is too stiff and needs to be revised on the 620R... had Simon not driven it I would never have known. If you have a seven you belong!! Mike and Tom organized the event flawlessly. Now.... I vote for Thunderbolt next year
  2. I went last year in the summer. They test both sides but my 620R with cat bypass was fine. I don't recall the db limit offhand but they sell some baffles there and if you call the track, they will likely tell you the details. They measured 10-20 yards from the track with a db meter. Unfortunately, you get one warning and if not corrected on the second fail they won't let you run anymore, even for both days during a two day event. Only one car did not pass initially. Then, after some baffles were installed on track, he was fine. NCM is a fun track with some good elevation and te
  3. Todd - Thanks for sharing that video and your 'fast in fast out' approach! You have explained the danger of this additional challenge! Part of the issue for me is feeling such speed in the car, it is a bit terrifying but I am approaching it slowly and the more I get out there and push the more I can become used to it. COTA and Sebring are coming up in April and as of now I am planning on taking the Caterham but I am kinda wary of getting it up near top speed as I have seen the video where the prototype 620R lifted up the front wheels at 155 mph. The COTA straights are long and while
  4. MikeG's video helped me prepare for Barber along with sim racing the track on iRacing and my SimXperience rig for it! Croc - Glad you enjoyed the write up. It helps me to do a track report and think about what I learned and where I can improve.... I went with Chin Motorsports (now Chin Track Days), they were very professional; great instructor and lead instructors. They have a neat format where they run a mixed session at the end of the day. No matter your experience if it is the first time at the track you are a novice. Then, you can qualify for solo driving if the instructor
  5. Barber Motorsports Park is located in Birmingham, Alabama has 15 turns and is 2.38 miles long. Easily one of my favorite tracks to visit. They have a museum that overlooks the track and houses primarily vintage motorcycles. I took a quick peek inside the museum but did not have time to go through it. Unlike my home track in Joliet, IL (Autobahn) which has little elevation, Barber has some very engaging turns up and down hill. The Caterham 620R was well suited to the task but the performance envelope of the car is well beyond my capabilities. I have done 14 events and more than half in
  6. Its an Avery product but I may have some other rocks and chips from Barber or COTA prior to NJMP. Trying to decide if I want to take the Caterham to COTA or one of my other cars. It is a long way to trailer so I will probably drive my Viper ACR down there. I think anyone with intimate knowledge of NJMP will be able to pass me at first but I will at least try to stay ahead of KitKat!!
  7. Hey - Thought I would post photos of a wrap I just did on my 620R stripes since I'm not a big fan of the F1 livery colors and also not a big fan of the Packers (no offense, still like them more than the Patriots)! What do you guys think? The new scheme is based on what I believe was the last Caterham F1 livery, just not team Lotus. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=12182&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=12183&stc=1
  8. I think my wife and I will tow the 620R to the event... and we are excited to join the group! After a few track days last year and finally sorting out 6th gear, a throttle body recall and my alternator dying at NCM hopefully it will stand up well. I'm taking it to Barber next month so we'll see how that goes. Who should we email with our driving resume?
  9. Hey Steve - Awesome tip! I will check out the pedal position. I was wondering if the ECU could be remapped, I think I may have source an unlocked unit. I am not sure on the sequential box. I think it is the Sadev. Also, I'm not sure if there is an issue getting it into 6th. I can only get it into 5th and no higher. Maybe I wasn't going fast enough? Doubt it! :driving: For right now, all 620Rs are RHD. I think there are some engineering issues to workout that make it not a simple flip to LHD. Personally, I like RHD. I am to understand they will not re-engineer it without stronger dema
  10. I would like to do both of these events. When exactly are they!?
  11. Hey guys - I had my CSR last year and loved it on the track, but was looking to upgrade to a sequential. I decided to go a bit further and take the plunge into the 620R. It was delivered this afternoon and I was able to put a few miles on it. I am not sure if my CSR was setup very aggressively as I had the Nitron 2-way adjustable suspension added to it with the 2.3L Cosworth 260. It was difficult to drive when not pushing the car and just driving it on the paddock or to refuel. I was not able to street drive it much because I had not yet known about registering the car in Montana under an
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