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  1. Hi All, the barrel end of my throttle cable broke off while driving, does anyone know where I can find a new one? It was an 8 mm diameter barrel end. It's not clear if the actual cable broke or if the barrel end loosened and came off.
  2. I used these on my car for brake light and turn signal. There are some other good options in both LED and regular. https://www.s-v-c.co.uk/product/led-land-rover-red-stop-and-tail-pair/
  3. Washed it, attempted polishing the aluminum, drove it, then a couple pictures before it got dirty again.
  4. I endorse Simon and Meteor Motorsport as well. I purchased a set of shocks for my car from him last year. He was helpful in explaining the differences and what might best suit my needs.
  5. Looking for garage space to rent near Lexington, MA to work on my car. Please send me a PM if you have or know of anything available.
  6. I am 6'2" with long legs. Car is a standard older Caterham S3 chassis. It's not so much will you fit, it's more do you want to fit. It's very tight for me. Not difficult for me to get in or out of, but operation of the pedals is less than natural feeling. I recently put on an aero windscreen deflector in place of the windshield to improve visibility. Taller roll bar is next.
  7. I'm not a mechanic by trade but am handy with wrenches, have a reasonably stocked garage, live in Massachusetts, and would be willing to help if needed. Currently working through a whole bunch of maintenance and other things on my older Caterham.
  8. I second these. Got them at a nearby Puma Outlet store for less than $50 last spring.
  9. Harnesses are Schroth Profi II-FE ASM, good until 2023. Doesn't leak. Battery secure and terminal covered. Tires, brakes, and bearings good. Need a helmet but that's easy. Of more concern, need a taller roll bar which is slightly complicated because the previous owner mounted a radiator and tank in the rear for the intercooler. Probably can overcome this provided the roll bar doesn't need to be certified but it would be built to some standard. Also would need arm restraints, how does that work? I have years of experience on track, riding a motorcycle! Happy to drive in the novice gr
  10. Working on it. Just refreshed the suspension. What are the car and driver requirements for this event? http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15160&stc=1
  11. The wishbone will move freely forward and back, limited though since it's still held captive at the front. Was thinking about getting a sawzall blade in-between the frame and wishbone and cutting the bolt since the bolt is only frozen to the bushing.
  12. Hi All, Need some help removing a stuck lower wishbone bolt, it's the one in the rear. Passenger side came off easy. Driver's side looks to be rusted in the bushing. What can I do? Tried soaking it in PB Blaster, no luck.
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