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  1. well I guess its time I bring the SR27 back form the dead. looks like I need to find out where to register for the class here in the Chicago land area.
  2. We are a new company here, we dont have millions to spend. We thought by taking a loss on the first couple of cars just to get the cars out on the road and get the name out. We did not want this to happen, but what would you do if youi realized that you were losing over 30K on a deal, we did and im sure half of you would do the same. Yes, it is not the right way to do business for a new company and we see that, but sometimes things happen and you have to make a wise choice.
  3. We do not intend in selling the car 60k, i still believe that somewhere around the 40-45K area is reasonable. And yes that is true JohnCH, we returned the funds that we were sent. We never even touched the funds untill the deal would of complete. In returning the funds, the conversion rate against the american dollar was what caused the negative amount to be returned. As i said in the previous post, Jean will be getting his full amount back.
  4. We did not keep the money, Shiva will get back the dollar amount that was lost in the conversion. We did send extra to cover the truck rental, the reason for stopping the deal was that looking at all the paper work that we were putting together for Shiva to have, we came across every receipt that we have on the SR27. I agree that we should of came accross this sooner but we did not. After realizing that at 30K Shiva was buying this car at a 58% discount, we stoped to think that this is to big of a hit to take. We appoloize for what we put Shiva through, but i would like to clear up that we
  5. Trade it for the SR27?
  6. The boys at BAM will be able to help you with all the questions that you have
  7. Yes that is true, our SR27 can fit up to 6.2' comfortably
  8. ill be waiting for your call Shiva
  9. We were looking to get around 3K for the trailer alone, since it cost us $4600.00. It only has 2200 miles. Here are some specs on the trailer. It is a 7 X 16 Empty wiehgt is around 2k lbs Rear door height is 66" rear door width 77" 36" side door Inside height 72" Inside wide 80" Outside height 97" Electric brakes both axles gvwr 7k Feel free to call Paul @ (312)-804-3839 or Me (Dino) @ (224)-612-1320
  10. We are also selling the trailer with the SR27 for $32,000.00 http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g285/Grkmf3/96_1.jpg http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g285/Grkmf3/a9_1.jpg http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g285/Grkmf3/20_1.jpg http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g285/Grkmf3/2b_0.jpg
  11. Well than, I think a price tag of $30,000.00 should make somebody happy.
  12. It is registered as a 1959 Lotus 7. This way we do not have to take it to emissions, and we get to drive it on the road without a windshield if we wanted to. Do you know anybody that is interested?
  13. Yes the folks here probably can afford to buy it even if it was going for $50K, but the roads here are not that great. Plus, to a person that does not know what a 7 is, its just not appreciated. First we post it on here to see if a fellow 7-eer would like to own it, than we move on to the public
  14. Well than, anybody who is in the market for a 7, the SR27 is for sale. $35,000.00
  15. what if i put a put a price tag of $35,000.00 on it, would somebody be interested in the purchase.
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