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  1. That makes sense: Einstein's theory of relativity dictates that if we drive fast enough, we never get old!
  2. And for those rare lefts, I could just make three quick rights each time!!! :rofl:
  3. Actually, top speed was really interesting. At one point I hit 128, but then realized that it was because I was getting a tow from a corvette. Without tow, I think 124 or maybe 125 was my top speed. Climbing esses: I think the camera (Garmin VIRB XE) showed me entering about 115 and keeping it in triple digits the whole way through. I think that the speed it shows is accurate, but it's only updated at about 1 Hz and there is a lot of averaging going on. (It's funny to use that speed on autocross videos, because it shows the speed moving up to about 10 MPH *before* you even start to
  4. Hi all, I thought I would revive this thread with some good news / bad news. The good news is that I managed to take the Birkin to the track last month at VIR and it was an absolute blast! There was no fuel starvation, and I ran a 2:14 as my best lap. I definitely think that with some fresh 25 compound tires and more seat time, I could easily put down a sub 2:10 time. But that brings me to the bad news. My hip just wasn't up to it. I ran about 25 laps on Saturday, and that was all I could manage. I did about 5 laps in my friend's softer Cayman on the second day before I said enough
  5. For Sale – Track Ready Hayabusa-Powered Birkin S3 Charlottesville, VA http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=13063&stc=1 With great regret, I am selling the Hayabusa-powered Birkin S3 I purchased in May of 2016. Not to go into too much detail, but I had a total hip replacement on my right hip in November and am not having the outcome I had expected. I am finding that braking with my right foot in autocross is causing me enough problems that I know I would be unable to attend a track day with the Birkin for the foreseeable future. I’m not trying to make this a
  6. I just had a total hip replacement on my right hip in November. I've had no issues getting in and out of my 7, and climbed in after about 3 weeks. I've been doing lots of autocrossing (although in my S2000 to get ready to take it to nationals). However, I just want to caution you that I am not ready to do track days and am not sure at this point (8 months) when I will be. I am beginning to think that I'm the cautionary tale of the fact that not all total hip replacements are successful. From a flexibility standpoint, I have no issues and am in better shape in that regard than before
  7. All, I am starting to formulate plans to make my Birkin street legal over the winter, and am trying to figure out what to do about tires. Currently, I am running Hoosier 20.0 x 7.5-13 A2500 front and 22.5 x 10.0-13 A2500 rear in a 35 compound as my track tires. I think at some point I will switch to 25 compound, and that will be my dry track configuration. I'd like to find a setup that is street legal and doubles as a wet track setup. I'd like to not have to make any other modifications to the car if it suddenly starts to rain while I'm at the track-- I'd like to just throw on the
  8. I'm considering making my Birkin street legal in Virginia this winter. You think this will work? http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=11929&stc=1
  9. This was my sixth run (and my daughter had warmed the 35-compound Hoosiers on two previous runs), and the tires were getting stickier on each run... Nevertheless, it was guaranteed wheelspin at full throttle in either first or second gear. I am amazed at how straight it tracks while the rear wheels are spinning. You can hear it hitting the rev limiter right before the right hand 180 at the top of the course-- not because of vehicle speed but because of wheelspin. I guess the LSD is helping to keep it straight... Enjoy!
  10. RE71R's are very good tires on my S2000 for autocross, but they hydroplane easily so I would say not acceptable for wet weather tracking.
  11. http://www.brr-scca.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=16574
  12. Hi all, So, I wanted to give an update. I spent the 4th of July weekend underneath the car replacing and rerouting all the fuel lines (see the diagrams for the original routing and the new simplified routing). I guess I'll make the big event next year-- sorry I missed it. Anyway, I must have done something right. I took it out yesterday to an autocross and got FTD! Fuel system was great-- not a hiccup! Dick did put me in touch with the original owner and he was very helpful in getting me up to speed on the system. Thanks to you both!
  13. So, I had an idea of simplifying my fuel delivery system by feeding the surge tank passively through a check valve. In my current system, the surge tank is sitting just to the left of the main tank in the back of the vehicle. Currently, it is fed by a low pressure pump and I'm not sure why I'm getting starvation. The simplified idea uses just a check valve and a T in the hose routing. I'd like to get some reactions to see whether this would work well: While on a level surface without cornering, the surge tank fuel level is the same as the main tank: http://www.usa7s.net/vb/atta
  14. Yes, I'm intrigued. I'm not sure exactly how I would run the plumbing, though. I need to do some more research and plan on calling a talking with someone at Holley just so I can ask a bunch of dumb questions. Yes, that thread was very helpful. I should have pointed out that I do have a surge tank after the pump, although I *think* my problem happens before the surge tank. You are thinking of the right car. I bought the car from TMW, and either Dick has not put me in touch with the original owner, or the original owner has not contacted me, after several requests.
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