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  1. I test drove a Evora GT 3 months ago at Gator Motorsport, 100 miles from me. Loved it, but it's a lotta $ for track work. (And no faster than my Caterham, per Gator, at Putnam Park racetrack, not far from Indy, where we both do trackdays).
  2. Cem: What a great Caterham track:all turns almost no straight. It reminds me of the Waterford Hills track in MI. I'd love to see how a well driven XFlow did in comparison, given all the slow turns and 100 mph straight stretch. Croc: I am looking forward to the video of you and Cong playing with this 620R (which I suddenly feel I need-or at least its transmission:)).
  3. The hidden message here is that your BAT sale is now finalized, so congratulations! Hope you and your desired Evora 400 soon meet. And that you post here and tell us if its really all that great. Back on message: great price for such a lightweight, usable se7ens trailer.
  4. This topic pops up here periodically. It never ends well.
  5. I think the Duratec also is 30 lbs lighter than the Zetec.
  6. I will email it, if you give me your email address. I’m at mjmooney@fuse.net. Cost doesn’t include shipping.
  7. As far as I know, it’s in great shape. I’d replace the oil pump as that’s a weak link as well as a wear item($250 for an upgraded one), but that’s it.
  8. I didn’t realize you had access to the camera on my computer Vlad! Back on topic (hopefully), a full rebuild of the Zetec to achieve 200-220 hp can approach $10K. When I approached Quicksilver about doing CarlB’s build for my Zetec SVT engine 2-3 years ago, they said they were no longer doing them. They would rebuild to stock spec only. Maybe that is no longer true? I owned a mildly tuned Duratec Birkin for a couple of years. It didn’t feel any faster than my current SVT Caterham, tho the dyno figures said it made about 10 more hp. The Zetec is very tractable, it has a ni
  9. Thx, Vlad. My comments were actually meant as a response to the original post....I didn’t realize this new forum was a bit more complex than the old and that I had misdirected my post.
  10. If you want a Duratec, it likely would be easier to sell your Cat and buy one with that engine. You need a new every thing: ECU, wiring harness, engine mounts, exhaust,etc. You can make all the power you need to hang on the track with your Zetec. Quicksilver is great. I’d say spend your $ on safety stuff: harness, halo seat, Fuelsafe tank, FIA bar or full cage. if you are going to run super sticky tires, maybe add an Accusump or dry sump.
  11. The Tesla is super fast, short distance, like at an auto-x. Ask Brightonuk about it’s brakes during a track day though.
  12. Congratulations Birkson, what a beautiful se7en! You are a patient man:). What are your car's specs(XS, Hp, street focused/track focused)?
  13. What about posting your dilemma on the FocusFanatics Forum? They have tons of experience with Zetec SVT's. And a word search for Pectel showed a number of threads.
  14. Looks good! I would have bet $ that the windblocker would be useless:). Bigger side deflectors have been tried and also seem to work. Keep us posted on your progress. Nice looking Caterham and very stout cage.
  15. Good point Taber10, tho I read Croc's comment as totally tongue-in-cheek rather than as a statement of actual fact. To me, what is amazing about Tom Carlin's current position as Birkin entrepreneur, par excellence, is that it all started with the desire to assemble a single kit, which he did, AFAIK, and was thence bitten and has not yet recovered.
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