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  1. The turbo'd Zetec on BAT makes 261 hp and 223 torque. So not close to these very impressive numbers (esp on 93 octane!). What transmission are you using and is it stout enough for all of this power? How often does this engine need to be refreshed by the builder?
  2. Be careful Shane: those of us with Caterhams are very sensitive about references to "the dark side" (thx to a certain notorious prince). And, has this move been blessed by Suave? You my have to rethink it. The Exocet build is inspired. And your daughter will be amazing the all-knowing boys her age with her superior mechanical vocabulary and knowledge. I'd like to be a fly on the wall for some of those conversations:).
  3. Hey Shane: what is all the activity with the Miata about? Huge repairs? Measuring it for the LS3 fitting:)?
  4. Someone is very lucky to have that amazing se7en!
  5. Per a Facebook post, Caterham was sold on 3/31/21 to a Japanese firm, VT Holdings, the Caterham importer in Japan. No idea if this in an April 1 moment (like the “Voltswagon” name change for VW), or is real.
  6. My Zetec SVT went very lean in high RPM's and eventually burned a valve or 2. Solution ended up being bigger fuel pumps and a conversion from a returnless fuel system to a return system. Counting the engine rebuild, the new pumps, separate off/on switch for the main fuel pump,adding an AFR gauge to the dash, multiple visits to the dyno, not to mention my trusty mechanic, it was a 5 figure fix.
  7. Just to reiterate: They are not kidding about current belts and helmets and arm restraints. And as Croc noted, removing the seatbelt tags disqualifies you. Of the 5 or 6 of of these wonderful events that I have done, inevitably someone always misses one or more of these finer points and is scrambling to remedy the problem (while others are out on the track). And putting in new belts is a 2 hour process, at least.
  8. TexasDreamer: Beautiful Caterham. I switched to CF Tillet seats and it opened up a lot of room. The fiberglass seats accomplish the same thing for less $. The problem is they spoil the aesthetics of the high end interior of your unique Caterham. I never had any luck dropping the battery out thru the bottom in my '97Super Sprint. Worth a try tho.
  9. My LHD 97 Super Sprint's battery was also under the carbs. But it was small enough that it could be wiggled out(barely), without removing the carbs or surrounding hoses, etc. Maybe look into replacing the current battery with something smaller and doesn't take as much effort to replace? My Cat used a smaller, tractor style battery, maybe 1/3 the size of a normal auto battery. I know this doesn't solve your current dilemma tho.
  10. Pretty dazzling! She is so smart. She never puts her car in a position to get taken out by a dumb move by the car she is passing. She is very patient and chooses her passing spots judiciously. Listen to her engine, you dont hear the typical tell tale on/off of the engine revs as she moderates her speed perfectly thru turns. More go, less slow. The two leaders, who had left the field for dead, must have been shocked when she came flying out of nowhere to track them down. And purists can moan and groan all they want, the advantages of paddle shifters vs, the
  11. Great story Croc, great story/T-shirt Ron! I had not seen the transit van video. It was pretty terrifying:"Turn transit van, turn!" Cancer is death's wild card, no age is safe. I was at a party pre-covid and of the 20 folks (my age), half were cancer survivors. No deaths so far, fingers crossed.
  12. All very nice! Some years ago there was a best-shots thread here. No idea what happened to it. I see forum member Mo-Fo's artistry in some of the above shots.
  13. Mine just had the 3 point belt. I did track days that way for years....
  14. John: I have found this new format easy to use and intuitive. Certainly more comprehensive and user-friendly than before. And I am the proverbial Neanderthal when it comes to 21st century technology (or even late 20th century). So high fives to you for lugging us all into this more modern world. Mike
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