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  1. I put 10K miles on my first Caterham using Proxes R1’s. Mostly street use but many track days as well. Good rain tire when new. Much improved grip as the tread wore down, though rain performance suffered. The Yoko Advan AO52’s are excellent for combination street/ track on the much heavier Miatas that they are often paired with. Ditto the Falkens you mention. I liked the R888R on my Caterham as well for street/track. Their decent tread makes them driveable in the rain and sticky rubber makes them good at the track(when warmed up, which doesn’t always happen with street use). Also will deposit much road debris in the cockpit….
  2. As they say: Youth is fleeting but immaturity can last forever:). A perspective that helps when you have mid ‘40’s birth year.
  3. Well, it was 16 years ago and the memory is still absolutely fresh:). I learned that adrenaline makes it possible to do almost anything. I launched myself back out of the footwell, upside down and while holding my breath, in under 10 seconds. It took much longer to clean out the spent fire retardant. Just one of many indelible Caterham memories!
  4. In my first month with my Caterham I was in exactly that position on the passenger side replacing a fuse. And I thought to myself, I have no idea how I am getting back out. And then I set off the fire extinguisher mounted in the footwell next to my ear…:)!
  5. Like Steve, I have seen this pretty little Lotus 7 several times. The pictures don’t do it justice. I also followed its build, as detailed over many posts here in the past. It is a gem. What does it weigh Al? A standard issue Caterham seems to be around 1225lbs. I would assume this is a bit lighter? i think that Lotus/Caterham expert mechanic, Nathan Down, helped with the rebuild? In any event it is one of the cooler Lotus Se7ens around, built and maintained by a perfectionist:).
  6. Just went through part 2. I am at a loss for words to describe the unforced carnage wrought by the Porsche drivers! Actual racing doesn’t typically cause this level of destruction. How to explain it? Maybe a total lack of track experience combined with indifference to the money consequences of wrecking as a result of having so much $? The cumulative damage to all cars on track during of my 30 years of track days doesn’t equal this several day event.
  7. Magazine quality writing and photos, enhanced by featuring high end cars, especially Caterhams, on a historic race track. Ya gotta love a track with corner names like Double Gouche, Pif-Paf, Paul Frere, and Bus stop. I will definitely reread this one!
  8. The ‘62 “Lotus” in Hemmings looks like a home built special. Everything about it is off; the body surrounding the rear wheel arches is totally weird, ditto the roll bar. The gauges on the dash are round, but they don’t look like those in a ‘62 and their placement is very different. Plus the name Lotus” is plastered everywhere, which is what non-lotus folks do. Finally, there is no manufacturer’s plate shown. And, even if there were, I still would have lots of questions.
  9. Hmmm, my Caterham got its fender gash when I bumped into our snowblower:). This car seems to have been given significant love: $11K in maintenance receipts from Kapana in ‘18 and a subsequent $9K BDR rebuild. It is far from perfect but seems to have been well loved. I agree the dyno results from the rebuild could add a lot to knowing how to value this. For instance, my “135 hp” 1700cc X-Flow made all of 98 hp on the dyno. I suspect this BDR was mid 120’s(similar to a stock Zetec). Maybe more depending on how comprehensive the rebuild was. As I recall, Stuart/Jeffs’s similar older blue Cat with a BDA/BDR sold for roughly $50K last year on BAT.
  10. I never had a problem running without a front plate in Ohio. In fact I always ran my untitled track-only Caterham on the street without any plate, front or back. I was only stopped once: “Sir, I like your car a lot but now you have to drive it home and park it”. No ticket. No guarantees, of course.
  11. Per the seller, your Birkin comes with the standard Birkin wind deflectors, as a starting point. Like the stock Caterham deflectors, they do help quite a bit (change it from intolerable to tolerable).
  12. With the presumably stock Zetec engine (making maybe 115-120hp at the rear wheels) the 168 rear wheel hp powered Birkin is the superior car(IMHO). I would love this Superlight with the Birkin’s Zetec! Given how well sorted the Birkin is, that makes it even more attractive. It doesn’t have the cachet of a “Caterham Superlight R”, but is the better se7en(Again IMHO).
  13. Attention lurkers: the above ‘02 Superlight Caterham just listed for $25K in Massachusetts seems seriously undervalued? Definitely worth looking into.
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