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  1. Drive it back:)! Members here have done crazier things(NJ to Juneau Alaska comes to mind:)). Just kidding, the car that went to Alaska was well sorted. You should fit perfectly. The Morgan is a pretty good approximation of the se7en experience.
  2. I will let more knowledgeable folks than me chime in. Personally, I am an admirer of the pre-lit Westfields. A typical first question, even before: has your wife blessed this, is will you fit? I think the pre-lit Westfields are similar to the original Lotus 7, which means that it’s not a given that you will fit if you are much over 5’10”. Caterham offered the “long cockpit” version starting in the mid 90’s(i think), and it offers 2” more leg room. Shoe size is critical too. I wear a 8&1/2 and cant drive in running shoes, i need a driver’s shoe. But where there is a will.... Your mechanical skills will help. For many, thats a big part of the enjoyment of a se7en.
  3. There are lots of options, including the pre-lit Westfield. All of the X-flow powered Caterhams and Birkins fit the bill of simple, momentum type se7ens. The newer ones can be incredibly powerful. Ideally, you are either mechanically inclined, or have an old school mechanic nearby. While simple (crude?), these cars seem to need a lot of extra TLC, so that should be factored into your purchase decision. Happy hunting!
  4. Congratulations on overcoming adversity! Minus zero temperatures, 20” snow, medical problems, construction issues by Westfield, etc. I am waiting for better times in the Spring. BTW: I think an empty gas can is still dangerous if there are fumes in it (maybe even more explosive?), though I am no expert.
  5. w650, all good points! I think you will have to do a lot more than express a reasonable point of view to get kicked out here.
  6. I ordered one 2 years ago as mine was bent when I lost a wheel bearing, and then the wheel, while on track. I mentioned viewing the A-frame as a wear item to Bruce Beachman when ordering a replacement and he said he wasn’t aware of them giving problems. And that applied to their Caterham race cars which get much harder use. In any event, having had both rear bearing hubs fail at different times, with attendant dramatic and $$$$ consequences, followed by endless waits for replacements, I would add them to the list of items to replace on a semi-regular basis. Whoops, just noticed I have made this point earlier in this thread. Oh well, maybe it bears repeating:).
  7. Add me to the list of sceptics. The price is unrealistically low, as has been noted. The wording of the ad is occasionally off, as if english is not their first language, and they seem to be making your right to inspect contingent on first sending them (or their agent) the asking price. So at a minimum, I’d ask for a chance for you, or someone on your behalf, to inspect the car, before $ is transferred. It would be useful to know the history of the car and details of the seller’s ownership. Perhaps ask questions that might demonstrate that this seller does not understand the vehicle (e.g.: how much power does its Duratec engine make- since these all came with Zetec engines, etc.). Happy hunting!
  8. It seems to be a Caterham, based on the hood emblem and other details. The small tree growing through the front bonnet opening suggests it’s been sitting a while! As does the faded paint. The driver’s side exhaust means its a X-Flow engine or maybe a Zetec. The wheels were standard on Caterhams for a period of time. This should be an interesting project!
  9. All so cool, keep the photos coming!
  10. Still looking good! Smart to add insulation to the foot wells. They get very hot in warmer weather.
  11. Rodnok, I am glad Chris T at Sevens and Elans was able to help and I look forward to seeing the finished product!
  12. Welcome jordway, what a beautiful Caterham! Not many supercharged Zetecs out there. bball7754 is a long time Caterham owner, USA7s member and Caterham enthusiast, located in St Louis, he could be a rich local source of Caterham info. And, pretty cool Rodnok!
  13. Sorry I murdered your last name, Chris! For a retired Sevens and Elans guy, you still seem pretty busy with them:).
  14. OK, will you agree Sevens and Elans have at least sold a lot of Caterhams over the years:)? Who does Caterham UK say is, cumulatively, the largest purveyor of Caterhams in the U.S.? In its recent Caterham build article, Road & Track described the owner of Sevens and Elans, Chris Tzchorzeneki, as a “legend” in Caterham circles. So the place is at least knowledgeable as to Caterhams. When I visit their site, they typically have a pristine used Cat for sale. That’s why I listed them on this thread as a supplement to your much more comprehensive list. They just sold a beautiful blue SV with Zetec power that looked new. My impression is their prices are a bit on the high side but comparable, or less, than the BAT prices for Caterhams.
  15. Try Sevens and Elans in St Augustine, FL. They often have a Caterham or two that Croc has missed. They have sold more Caterhams than any one else. Though the owner has semi-retired, he seems to be pretty busy still. Ditto Loony, Lotus Owners Of New York. And, either may know of someone thinking of selling who hasn’t gotten around to listing their car yet.
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