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  1. Jeff’s picture above shows the red Caterham’s owners/drivers, Simon and son, plus Croc-supplied mechanics, TJ and Ian. Apparently working on a rare se7en mechanical problem:). This photo illustrates the effort Croc and Tom put into making these events so terrific. When have you been to a track event that supplied, free of charge, skilled mechanical staff to help troubleshoot any issues you may develop there?
  2. The pictures are perfect! Looks like a great car and a great find.
  3. Some of my random shots. The top 2 are the lovely rear ends of Vlad’s and CarlB’s cars. Carl’s pays homage to Folis Jones, the most prolific Birkin enthusiast of all, until the day of his death, a few years back. Next up Vlad receiving his award for? I forget. I am sure he was hoping Croc was going to hand him the mustard bottle next the the other awards. For the record, I also got an award, which I tossed almost immediately. I will only say that when I got home 24 hours later, I had glitter on my face. Below that, a detail of a beautifully prepared Lowcost.
  4. Croc: CarlB bought MichaelD’s Zetec Caterham (See above green body, all yellow fenders, er, wings and cycle fenders). Like Jim (FE07), I forgot to “batten down the latches”, fortunately, just on one side, so I was able limp off course and fix things!
  5. I can make the simplest task exciting: also ask me about the time I backed my Caterham out of my steeply parked trailer, with the engine running and me riding on top of the roll cage (into traffic). Hmm, where did I put the steering wheel? Some people are of the mistaken belief that all the Caterham excitement happens on the track.
  6. After 2 days of testing, tweaking loading and general screwing around, I am nearly loaded. I will travel from Cincy to Frederick, MD today, hang with family tonight and tomorrow a.m., and leave for NJMP in time for the 6:00 dinner there Sat eve. We shall see. I will definitely be there Sunday, if unexpected issues arise along the way.
  7. Congratulations, Bruce, on the stunning Caterham you have just purchased! Is mine fast? Depends pretty much on the driver:)! With an equal driver, I’d guess it’s 2” a lap slower than your car, tho I hate to think of your little beauty being subjected to track abuse! Enjoy. And feel free to give us a comparison test with your hot-Rod Alfa!
  8. Tom: are you spying on me:)? Yes the trailer is being (slowly) loaded. So many little nit-picky things to get in order! Not sure when I will get there Saturday, hopefully before dinner at the Pub-place! What time do you predict for that? If I don’t make it, I am staying at the charitably named “VIP Suites” on the track, as usual. If nothing else, they are convenient! So I will join the fray Sunday a.m., at the latest.
  9. Thx Vlad, got it, I was thinking you had a SVT engine. It was the Caterham engine of choice for a while and I thought all Superlights came with it. Obviously not! Good luck with your trouble shooting, it feels like you are nearly there.
  10. I believe the Zetec SVT (like yours) is an interference engine. Maybe one of the many differences from the standard Zetec? SVT has longer rods, different pistons, etc. All per notes of a chat with TurboTom a few years ago when he was building my new engine.
  11. When I replaced my entire engine I initially had to use the old tune (rushing to make USA7S event in ‘19). I did chassis dyno it to check AFR’s. It ran fine but a later tune added abt 10 hp and 6 lbs torque. So, assuming all is buttoned down, you will be able to participate, tho maybe not at full strength. Rooting for you!
  12. Wow, what bad news John! I was looking forward to following your parallel tire marks all the way down the straight!
  13. I will add my Caterham to this list. I posted it in the for-sale section of this forum a few days ago. It will probably end up on BAT, but wanted to give this more low-key approach a shot first.
  14. A coupla more pix: Top one shows the “notch” chassis. Caterham wasn’t able to fit this engine without metal snips. Next is the engine bay, followed by a shot of part of the fire suppression system(the extinguisher is plumbed to nozzles in the engine bay and passenger side of the cockpit), then the trailer and finally the ID plate.
  15. Yes, I have pictures proving the dangers of hanging out with you guys:).
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