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  1. Hey Croc, long time! Love the look of the Apollos..was a little hesitant about the 13s on the SV but after driving them and now seeing the pictures and living with them it was definitely the right choice... Don't encourage me, have too many toys! (sound like anyone you know? Please show me this BMW CSL you have I'd love to see pics!) Part of me is hoping it doesn't sell and I can keep working on it..but progress has been slow with all my priorities with work, but the hot Florida summer is coming up and I know I wont get much opportunity to enjoy the car here in Jacksonville.. hot an
  2. Thanks Kitcat! Think it might sell quicker than I wanted it to (LOL), will have to take it out a bit this week while I still have a chance.. probably won't be my last seven.. :cheers:
  3. Here is a photo album with lots of pictures. https://imgur.com/a/wj4bLqY
  4. Forgot to mention, I have a set of brand new Caterham carbon stone guards included. I also have a Caterham Aero flow locking gas cap included..but today after taking pictures I drove out of the garage with it on the back and it fell off the back of the car and scratched...doh! Consider it a freebie with the sale of the vehicle
  5. Let me present this one of a kind Caterham for your consideration. Great car with no issues, fly in and drive it home if you like! (just bring some earplugs) [TABLE=width: 700] [TR] [TD=bgcolor: #000099, colspan: 3] 2002 Caterham SV, SILVER/ RED STRIPES, [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=width: 450, bgcolor: #CCCCCC]Caterham SV, with 218Hp+/- Zetec engine and 5speed gearbox 12k miles~ Painted M/B Sliver/Ford stripes. Florida Title. Fitted with the following options Zetec engine on throttle bodies LSD 5 x 16" wheels & tyres Heater, with on off control
  6. Lotusfan, I bought the wheelset and Avon ZZS tires from Demontweeksdirect (contacted them on eBay and had them mount the tires to the wheels before shipping). Can't remember the exact cost but it was a quick turnaround and cheaper than Caterham
  7. thanks! Got the sellers in the UK to mount the tires before shipping. Went with 185/55/13 and 215/55/13 ZZS --will check with Roger Krause when I burn through these in a few months
  8. no worries, just ordered a set from our friends across the ocean. :cheers: Could you recommend a tire for the 6" front and 8" rears on the SV? Would like them to serve dual purpose of Street/Track if possible? Hesitant to buy the Avons since they're not distributed in the USA too well, but thought you might be able to suggest a good size for the car thanks again, sorry if I'm hijacking your sale thread..but free bump!!
  9. Hey everyone. Searching for Apollo wheels to fit on a Caterham SV --with or without tires (13" 6/8 front rear). Might be a long shot but if you are looking to part with any, let me know! Also seeking Tillett seats. Thanks, Ben
  10. Very nice, Croc! May have sprung for this one if I hadn't purchased my SV a little earlier this year. Any interest in parting with the Apollo wheels?! Was looking to ship those exact ones from England..
  11. Defintely hitting the track with it. It's about 210 bhp or so. Thanks for the feedback Tom
  12. Hey everyone, Have a ~2002 Caterham SV which I've been refinishing and making "mine" Planning to swap out my 4x108 16 inch 5 spoke wheels to the more commonly available 4x100 bolt pattern like found on the Miata and ordered some adapters. The adapters are 15mm thick, could anyone recommend a proper offset to look at? Anyone recommend a staggered setup with wider rears or am I asking for trouble? Appreciate the help Ben
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