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  1. Thanks, guys Honestly, I had expected more interest in it, aside from its wrinkle on the side it's a really good car. Anyway, it's gone to a new home now with an enthusiastic owner. Sad to see it go, but you can't keep them all. Hope you're all doing well. Steve
  2. Hi, Dave


    I tried to send you a message, but it told me you've got incoming messages turned off. You can get me on steve@javo.co.uk if you prefer.

  3. Hi, I had the car on eBay, but it failed to sell so if anyone's interested I've created a page with videos and images https://ashevillecaterham.blogspot.com/2020/07/2005-caterham-for-sale.html It's a 2005 SV model with an SVT motor. Overall in good shape, but for damage to teh skin around the suspension. Description int he link above as well as may photos. I'm located in Asheville, NC Hope you're all doing well Steve
  4. Hi, Thanks, all. I've been thinking about the photos, I'm sure I can find a pro. I live in Asheville, so locations are available so if i do put it on the likes of BaT. I agree with the keyboard warrior point on BaT and honestly it's a disincentive to use them, a few (often) rich guys humbly bragging the time they had to use their Carrera GT as their daily because their kid didn't like using it for college, and so many picking apart the tiniest details to show off their knowledge. You're right, my panel damage will be the talk of the comments for the whole auction. It grates
  5. Actually, i just checked and they're not sealed lights. I'll see if i can pretty them up.
  6. Thanks, Vovchandr You're right about the LEDs not being a great fit, though they're SO much better than the OEMs mine came with. I do have them, still, but they're in bad shape. I think vapor or water got into them and made the lenses milky, plus they're sealed so I can't do a lot about it other than replace. I have not dyno'd the car with Tom, he's a couple of hours away and I never find the time. The feel of it before and after suggests it added a few hp, but I have no supporting numbers. I'm inquiring with local body shops about the repair, but being and odd construction an
  7. Thanks, I think you might be right about BaT. I sent it to Carsandbids, and whilst they're interested in marketing it, they want me to agree to a 20k reserve which seems low. that might be fine if bidding gets up there, but it might not and I'll end up paying. Anyway, the device on the dash is my cellphone holder. I used one intended for a bike as it clamps hard to the phone, and i made an L bracket to hold it and avoid drilling the face of the dash.
  8. Hi, all I hope you don't mind me asking for a little input on my decision. I have a 2005 Seven with a Zetec SVT motor and 4800 miles. It's basically as I got it, but for an ECU tune (from Turbo Tom in NC), Team Dynamics wheels, new Yokohama tires, LED headlights and an AF gauge. It came from the factory to Mid Atlantic Caterham DE with a 6 speed, LSD, aero front control arms, 4 piston calipers, aluminium flywheel, removable steering wheel, oversize radiator, heater and weather gear. The documents I have for it also state stage 1 cams There is some damage behind the left wheel,
  9. I've not used tirerack personally, but I've heard good things about them.
  10. Many thanks. I'm both happy and not to be correct there! I thought those tires were a bit lively, especially when cold, so I've just ordered some new ones. Thanks for your input and for the reference links
  11. Hi, folks i was doing some bits of bobs on my car and I got thinking about age of the tires. They're Avons and in very good shape, but i wondered if they were getting old. I found the little oval label that indicates the week and year. Mine have 0600 molded on there suggesting that they were made in week 6 of 2000. Seems very unlikely given that the car is an 05, they're in good shape with no signs or cracking, rot or even much wear. I feel like I'm misunderstanding the tag, perhaps? I've added a picture, can someone enlighten me? Thanks, all http://www.usa7s.net/vb/
  12. When I had to replace my rotted hoses, I went to the auto parts store and they let me go through their collection of hoses until I found ones that matched. You might get lucky and find one the right shape and size locally.
  13. Hi, I'm in need of an upper spring retainer for my 2005 Caterham. It has Bilstein shocks with 1.9inch internal diameter springs. The part looks just like this one https://caterhamparts.co.uk/dampers/592-upper-spring-retainer-225.html but mine's a bit smaller I've called every vendor on the Caterham USA website and got nowhere since they either don't sell parts or don't respond to messages so I'm getting a little desperate! If anyone knows where i might get this item, please let me know thanks Steve
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