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  1. Check to see that the washers used to center the A-frame in the chassis are not rubbing on the OD of the A-frame that retains the bushings. If set up incorrectly they will make quite the racket!
  2. I was watching that exact video last night! Good stuff! It was scary watching some of the off track excursions, those drivers had guts.
  3. KnifeySpoony, I'm sending you a PM now. Andy
  4. As I said earlier in the post, my '03 SV is very similar to UlfarE's and was built with a 2.3L Duratec from a Ranger. It received cams, rods, pistons, porting, ITB's, MBE967 and a dry sump. I suspect both cars may have been built by William Sours of Autocourse. I'll bet if UlfarE checks his motor mount they are not Caterham parts, but fabricated by the builder. I think Autocourse was using Zetec cars as a basis for Duratec builds early on. Not that any of this really matters, if it runs good who cares !
  5. UlfarE, I'm running the same ECU. It's a nice unit and reasonably easy to get the hang of. The "Woody" reference is to a shop owner who serviced some Caterhams in this area years back. Get in touch when you want to play in the East Bay Hills Andy
  6. Your car may have been built/sold by Autocourse which was run by William Sours. Some of the details look very similar to mine and that's where it originated.
  7. The SBD unit is an ITG, guess how I know :). I suspect the orig. filter material deteriorated like mine did. The foam doesn't like UV much and eventually falls apart. You can buy replacement foam, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort of installation compared to a new unit.
  8. Check under the dash for the ECU. I wonder if this is a Woody car.
  9. Ulfar, Looks like the setup is nearly identical to mine from the Hillbank photos. It's an ITG filter. Hopefully the same knuckleheads that built the original motor in my car had nothing to do with yours. Lots of expensive parts and crap attention to detail. Runs good now, but not without a bit of work! The Duratecs are pretty easy to deal with. Andy
  10. UlfarE, Where are you located? I'm in Oakland and have an '03 SV with a 2.3L Duratec. I know a bit about 'em, at least enough to be dangerous . I'm in agreement that I hope the car was not run too often w/o filters, but what's done is done. I suspect it uses the same filter as mine. If you post a photo I should be able to tell. Get in touch if you're over in the East Bay and I'd be happy to look the car over with you. Andy
  11. If you have an MBE9A4 you should be able to look engine parameters there with no issues. You could install a switch to "tag" your data stream if an event occurred.
  12. John, If you would like some measurements of the hole in my bonnet and trumpet relationship I'm happy to take them, but be warned, the motor mounts are not factory Caterham. My car is an early '03 Duratec and has some non standard parts. Tell me what you'd like as a reference point and what you need for measurements. Andy
  13. If you decide to give up on the Pectel unit don't bin it, I may be interested. Andy
  14. As someone started earlier, MMC likely has something that will work.
  15. You might try something like the photo below. There's some interesting rivets out there that may work using the existing hole and eliminate the need to pull the panels back.
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