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  1. Forgot to add, while the tillets are "adjustable", in practicality they really aren't. Doing it over, I wouldn't bother with the rails.
  2. The problem with the bench type of seats is that there is nothing between your head and the rollbar. Consider carefully how a stupid driver at a stop light could easily make a head crash into a roll bar. Race type roll bar padding is meant to protect with a helmut on and while it's better than nothing, this is really something to consider, as well as whiplash. Switch out the bench or attach something to the roll bar to act as a head rest/support. (And plan on the job taking A LOT MORE time and involving A LOT more cursing than you thought possible).
  3. Count me in Ross. For those of you who aren't familiar with Ross, he and his cross country trips are the real deal and if he's supporting the Roundup River Ranch, that's good enough for me. 11,500 miles - OMG! Ken
  4. So my wife has a 2018 XC60. Great car. The advanced cruise and lane departure features really do make long distance highway cruises less fatiguing, but while all of these features are great now, I wonder if they are going to leave the vehicle impossible to keep in 10 years when they start to fail and are just too expensive to repair. I can see failure of these systems leaving the car dead. 10+ years ago options like air suspension and xenon headlights were nice to have, if you still have that car now they are liabilities as they fail and are expensive to repair. All of the auto-violet stu
  5. 2009 Volvo XC70 T6. Rides and handles well. Tons of space. Fancy option gadgets are starting to fail now which are annoying. Next time going for simple, but I'm guessing that is no longer really possible.
  6. Yoram, Congrats on your choice - Sounds great. I have no actual experience, but the UK based Lotus Seven Club forum is filled up with posts on the virtue of half hoods from Soft Bits for Sevens and Oxted. These can be had with zips overhead which makes getting in and out with them on easier. Getting in and out with the full hood on is comical for just about anyone who isn't a 100 lb gymnast. My guess is that they know a bit about rain in the UK, so this might be something to think about, perhaps deleting the full hood. Back to Volvo wagons for a min - did you replace xenons with the
  7. Congrats on the choice! A side benefit of the S3 is the inspiration to not gain weight! Yoruma nd Vovchandr - Very cool that you are into Volvo wagons. I have a 2009 XC70 (our third) with 150K on it and there is just no reasonable replacement available. It needs some relatively expensive things (accessory belt, xenon headlights that work but throw a fault code, and rear hatch struts, tires) that don't really make sense but how else could I spend a few thousand and get anything close to take me to the next 50K miles?
  8. I think I would try to fill the crack with glue by expanding it with the screw, then remove the screw and put a small clamp on it. If that doesn't hold, fill the holes with epoxy, then drill small pilot holes and use smaller screws with washers to fasten the lenses. Only costs a bit of time and glue to see if it works.
  9. The other factor to consider that has not been mentioned is what seats are in the car. The original owner/builder of my car spec'ed that the seats be the old style bottom and bench back as he was tall and fit better in those, pulling out the bottom and fitting a formed bag for racing/track. When I got the car I put Tillet's in. Tillet's are definitely a more narrow fit and how wide you are (shoulders s well as hips) makes a difference. I'm 5'11, wear a large/XL shirt, and when I topped 190lbs it was definitely time to lose weight as the fit was getting tight in my S3.
  10. I believe it is triggering off of a 60 -2 tooth wheel, but I was not able to find or figure out what the position of the sensor is at TDC to use the output to trigger a different ecu (in my case an electromotive wasted spark system). If you find out more in this regard I would be very interested.
  11. I'm curious, what tools are you carrying with you?
  12. Glad you're all set! Safe travels. What an epic way to get to know your HPC!
  13. Here’s a pic of my clutch pedal stop as well as the cable end. Have you checked where the arm is when the clutch is fully depressed? Is it’s travel limited by the hole in the bellhousing?
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