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  1. It's not staying local. I'll leave it up to the buyer to introduce himself.
  2. With fall around the corner, it's a great time of year to drive. Lots of interest but the car is still available. Putting it up on e-bay next week.
  3. Yes it's still for sale. It's around 1350lbs and it's easy to insure.
  4. Bump. Price reduced to $20,000. Motivated seller.
  5. Gary, Likewise. I've had a blast competing with you at Cumberland and I plan to attend local events in some sort of vehicle. And until the car is sold, it will be getting regular exercise.
  6. Thanks everyone. Josh- The car came with that windshield when I purchased it. I think the windshield was standard at the time because the tops snap into the top of the frame. I can take some dimensions for you if that helps. Jerry- The diamond wheels are close but they don't rub anywhere.
  7. Adding a link to more pictures http://photobucket.com/lotus_clone_for_sale
  8. I’ve decided to sell my Ultralite to make room for a race car. It has many upgrades (see below) and additional parts available which are included in the asking price of $22,000 obo. The car is Honda S2000 Suzuka blue and has a few paint chips in the left front fender and some road rash on the rear fenders. 2004 Ultralite S2K ~9100 miles, built by Brian with the 2.0 F20C1 motor. In addition to the original WCM specifications, this car has the following upgrades: - Mugen baffled oil pan and sump guard (original sump will be also included) - Japanese spec ECU plus Apexi VAFC II.
  9. Since I needed something to tow the BMW, I now have a double axle 17' trailer and full size pickup. The trailer weighs in at 2100#, significantly more than the Ultralite.
  10. Michael, I'll be there for Hyperfest and my primary plan is to bring the Ultralite. I'll have the BMW there since my son will be driving too. Thanks Bruce and Loren. The trailer worked great for me. It's now sold.
  11. I've decided to sell my aluminum trailer. It's a Mission trailer, custom built in '07 as part of a USA7s trailer buy. This one has a 6' deck and narrow fenders to fit inside of a small garage 92" wide. Perfect for a 7 or other small vehicle and easily to tow. It's 14' in length, all aluminum, electric brakes, spare tire and mount, stabilizer jacks on back, 6' loading ramps. Over $4200 new -- I would like to get $2995 for it. I will take some more recent pictures. There are a couple of scrapes on the deck from loading the car. It has spent most of it's life in the garage. Please call me
  12. Johan, Welcome. I'm in Reston, VA and happy to talk in the evenings or weekends. You can reach me at jeffwduncan@gmail.com.
  13. Happy New Year All! Looking forward to driving the 7 more in 2012.
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