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  1. Kitcat, After all this time, I am still going through withdraw. Nothing will ever replace my Seven. First comprise car was a X3M. It was a nice little SUV on the road. It was almost fun at VIR until I came out of Oak Tree leading my group or instructors out of Oak Tree only to learn that the car would not go over 123. How embarrassing :-( ....It wasn't supposed to have a speed limiter! And the dealer knew that when I bought it. The dealer took it back in exchange it for a 235M. Nice little car, more fun and no speed limiter. However, wife, grand kids and 6'
  2. Hi Jim, I am still in Bethesda. My Seven now resides in Northern Virginia with Carl Bauersfeld. How are you doing? Michael D
  3. I guys. It has been a while since I last visited. Hope you all are well. We might even make it to NJMP in July and see you all. Michael D
  4. Hi guys, It looks like you all had fun. Makes me really miss my car. Stay healthy. Michael D
  5. Hi Guys, I hope you all have a quiet journey to NJMP. May you also not have any rain and lots of cool daytime breezes while at the track... hopefully not working on your cars. Who knows maybe even a stray BMW could show up. have fun and dive safe. Michael D.
  6. Hi Guys, Yes! I miss my 7. But that is not why I am posting. While reorganizing my garage I found my spare, rebuilt T-9 still boxed as it came back from Quantumechanics / John Esposito in Oxford, CT. $1,500 plus shipping. call 301-332-7610 if interested. Michael
  7. This car, trailer, extra tire sets and extra T-9 have all been sold to a local buyer.
  8. This car, the extra T-9, trailer and all wheels are sold. Thank you for your interest.
  9. Thanks guys. Even when the new owner came over to drop off the check he asked Where the heck do I find a place to park? They have NO PARKING signs in front of your house!*?> I need to get down to 2 cars and one must have a back seat for the grandchildren ;-) So I am looking for a car with a back seat that will be fun and fast on the track and smooth and comfortable for long drives. Think 2008 -13 M3, a 2016 M235, a 2017 M240 or a 2015,16 335M or 2017 340 M Anyone know much about a (don't laugh) NEW, 2016 Volvo V60-T5R 325hp / 370tq? It is really comfortable and fast in a straight lin
  10. *SOLD*SOLD* Car, Extra wheels and Trailer are all sold. Photos taken 7/18/17 http://mjdtopsites.com/web_app/user_files/105/uploads/IMG_8492.JPG
  11. Gale, Dam, That is one great looking car. http://www471.pair.com/stalkerv/gall...2_itemId=28094 http://www471.pair.com/stalkerv/gall...2_itemId=25138
  12. I would like to see the smile on his/her face on their first drive.
  13. What a great looking car. Good luck finding the right buyer.
  14. Croc, Thanks for the nice intro. Buddy loves to see his name in print. It seems that Ebay is having problems with my ten day listing. It has had something like 500+ visitors in two and a half days and when I looked at the back end; it says the listing ends in five hours. It just went live on Saturday! Maybe it is due to your post ;-) Than you very much. The Ebay supervisors' response was that "We see you listed it for ten days. We don't have a way to inform all of the people "Watching" the listing that our system broke. We are sorry for any inconvenience. You can relist it at
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