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  1. R400 is now sold. Thank s to everyone that inquired about the car. She’ll be missed but I suspect there will be another Caterham in my future.
  2. @Black HoleThanks for sharing your experience with registration. In reference to the items you stated would be needed to register the car in CT, and probably most states, all are included in the sale with the exception of the seatbelts. If the harness is not permitted in a particular state, this is an easy and inexpensive retrofit with mounting points already in place. The wiring harness is already in place for the reverse light. I have added a photo to my original post showing all these items and a few additional parts that come with the car. Thanks again!
  3. Take a look at the link below. This provides a good deal of information on registration requirements for “custom” or “homebuilt” cars such as Sevens or Cobra replicas for all fifty states. I’m no expert, but it seems most states have provisions for these cars and it’s just a matter of closely following their instructions. In looking at the CT requirements, it seems pretty straightforward, very much like the process used in NY. https://www.semasan.com/resources/everything-you-need-register-and-title-your-hobby-car-all-50-states
  4. For anyone that might be interested, the car is now advertised on the Hemmings website with a walk around video to help give you a better idea of the condition of the car. Thanks for looking!
  5. @VovchandrI’m not sure of the requirements in Vermont, but the only way to legally register a newly purchased Caterham (or any other type of component vehicle/kit car) in NY is to go the “specially constructed vehicle” route. The main requirement for doing this is to show to the NY DMV that the drivetrain was purchased from a separate source than the rest of the car. My car that’s for sale on this site was registered this way by the previous owner, a former Caterham dealer, but I registered a Shelby Cobra continuation car the same way back in 2007, so I am fairly familiar with the process. This method does require jumping through a few hoops, but as long as you have all the required receipts in place and follow the DMV’s instructions precisely, it’s fairly straightforward. Once completed, the car will be assigned a state issued VIN and will be emissions exempt for the life of the vehicle, as long as it remains in NY. I know MIchigan, and I think California has a similar provision. You can can contact the DMV in Albany to request the application documents and for help on whether your Caterham would qualify. From my experience, they are surprisingly quite helpful. Hope this helps!
  6. 2009 Caterham R400 I am the 2nd owner and have had the car for three years. Previous owner was a Caterham dealer and this was his personal car. During my ownership, the car has been trouble free except for a broken throttle cable which was replaced. A spare cable is included in the sale. The car was driven on the track two or three times by the previous owner. It has only been street driven under my ownership. It’s extremely fast, visceral, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face each time you drive it. I can honestly say this is the most fun car I have ever owned. Car is in excellent condition with no known issues. There are some small blemishes in the paint from use, but overall presents extremely well. Ready for the next owner to enjoy. Currently registered in New York as a 2010 specially constructed vehicle. Smog exempt for the life of the vehicle. Full documentation including all receipts included in sale. Mileage 4200 Chassis Metric S3 Standard floors Paint Viper Blue metallic Silver double stripes (Decal) Drivetrain/Exhaust Duratec 2.0. Approximately 220+ HP Roller Barrel throttle body with Pipercross air filter and carbon fiber backplate Caterham 6 speed transmission R500 polished stainless steel re-packable silencer with cat bypass Unused catalytic converter included, but not installed Carbon fiber coil cover for Duratec engine Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery Wet sump with baffled oil pan. Prepped for dry sump conversion if desired. Lightweight flywheel Limited slip differential Suspension Bilstein adjustable coilovers with Caterham spec Eibach springs De Dion rear suspension Exterior Carbon fiber R500 nosecone (installed) Painted composite nosecone with titanium painted noseband (included) Carbon fiber front and rear wings Carbon fiber aero screen Carbon fiber rearview and side mirrors Carbon fiber front turn signal pods Carbon fiber license plate light housing FIA roll bar painted black LED front turn signals from Justaddlightness UK LED rear lights from Justaddlightness UK Lifeline LED 3rd brake light Battery master cut-off switch Fog light and reverse light delete. Wiring harness installed and lights included in sale. Interior Carbon fiber dash Momo suede steering wheel with quick release adapter Tillet carbon fiber B6 seats with Dinamica suede padding. Tillet embroidered headrest pads included. Caterham black leather seats (Included) Scroth 6 point driver and passenger harnesses. Valid thru 2025 Sequential shift lights 12 volt socket Weather Protection Full windscreen with black frame interchangeable with aeroscreen Windshield wipers (included) Full hood with hood bag Softbits for Sevens mohair tonneau cover Mohair boot cover by Oxted Trimming Company (OEM supplier for Caterham) Wheels and Tires 13 inch Apollo black alloy (6 inch front & 8 inch rear) with Avon ZZR tires (Installed) Spare 15 inch gunmetal CSR wheels with CR 500 tires (need to be replaced due to age) Price SOLD Please PM me or contact me at Jacksonmiles471@gmail.com for more details.
  7. Thank you. I am in Western NY. I have updated the ad.
  8. One pair of Caterham composite bucket seats with optional Caterham Leather padded seat liners. Seats are less than two years old and are in excellent condition except for one of the seats having some spider cracking shown in the photo. I found these to be surprisingly comfortable. Only reason for selling is that I decided to install Tillett carbon seats instead. $700.00 plus shipping. I am located in Western NY.
  9. Caterham track day roll bar for metric S3 chassis only (2006 onwards). Caterham part number 30P021A. Satin black painted finish. Excellent condition. $295.00 plus shipping. I am in Western NY.
  10. Thank you everyone for your informed replies. It has been a huge help. You are correct, this is the car advertised on the Grassroots Motorsports website. I have contacted the seller and the car was assembled by Caterham USA in Denver, so I assume it was properly put together. Love the look and performance potential of the R500. For me, it really seems like the perfect spec. I doubt I would ever feel the need more power and should be an absolute joy on the track. Keeping my fingers crossed I can find a way to make this work. Thanks Again
  11. Hi everyone, I was looking for opinions on the value of a 2012 low mileage S3 R500 Duratec with the 6 speed transmission. Like new condition. I have found one for sale, and would like to make an offer, but am having difficulty putting a value on it........seems like very few sold here in the US, and this is the only one I have seen on the used market. This was an $80,000 car when new, but it seems like new Caterham prices have dropped significantly in the last year or so due to the favorable exchange rate. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  12. Beautiful car at a great price. Love the color. This should sell quickly.
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