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  1. Couldn't find them. Just using standard flat top jack stands. Going fine so far. Engine went in pretty easy.
  2. Anyone know the best way to plumb in a prop valve in the cockpit like Caterham does on it's racecars? I have an AP racing lever type valve, and I'm trying to figure out the best series of connections to splice it into the rear brake line. Looking at a setup like this: Uses banjos to get into the valve, but how do I get into the banjo from the existing line? Forgive me I'm an absolute noob when it comes to brake line stuff. Thanks
  3. Sorry for your trouble, but I had to laugh. The video is hilarious. It would be great for that meme - "I must go, my people need me"
  4. Sorry missed that. I bet it won't last long. Very fair price.
  5. https://www.lotustalk.com/threads/fs-caterham-7-with-2-3l-cosworth-csr.481475/ Man..... my 420R kit is already stateside, awaiting delivery. If it wasn't, I would buy this instantly. If I could cancel my order, I would. Looks like a great build. And already SB100 compliant, no headaches. Gahhhhhhhh
  6. Awesome thanks for the tips. I'm going to give it a shot.
  7. You could try brake ducts - I'm not sure if that is common with these cars but in general, they definitely extend pad/rotor life. The other option is to upgrade to vented discs in the rear. Or play with pad compounds.
  8. Sorry that was a typo in my post. Subject line and link were correct. Plan is to keep the oil pressure gauge, replace water temp gauge with dual temp gauge. I believe the 420R already is tapped for a temp send so that should be a non issue for me. I just know nothing about gauges, so didn't know if the signal from the existing water temp in the car would plug right into the Spa gauge.
  9. I am going to be building my 420R kit soon and want to set it up to monitor oil temp. I know many people install a switch so that the water temp gauge can be dual-purpose. However I'm thinking of going with something like this: https://www.spatechnique.com/store/itemDetail.cfm?prodID=593&catID=27 Anyone know if this is a simple install or requires some type of special adaptation? Thanks
  10. I have read it is common with Caterhams because of the solid rear disc and poor airflow. More heat makes pads wear faster, even if they're not working as hard. What is your brake setup (rotors/calipers/pads)?
  11. Interesting so with these spring car stands since they're not adjustable for width, is there any issue getting the rubber pads to appropriate chassis points? Or do you have to add some additional padding for areas that don't line up with appropriate chassis lift points?
  12. Bumping this as my kit arrives soon. Anyone have some they used for a build that they don't need anymore? Looking for this style:
  13. BMW s1000xr. Currently carless. Waiting on the 7 kit arriving shortly for weekend toy.
  14. Even after $17k in upgrades? And the BAT scarcity tax? I wouldn't be surprised if it went for much more.
  15. Cool car but I can't say I approve of the lane discipline.
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