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  1. If it's just the alternator concern, a small heat shield would likely be simpler and more effective perhaps.
  2. I wish we had hard numbers on the actual steering ratios (on our cars and other cars). The percentage increase above whatever the original s3 ratio was is not really that helpful. Also, turns lock to lock is not a useful metric either, as it doesn't take into account the total steering angle available, so is somewhat meaningless on its own. My car does not have much available lock, so the ratio may not be as quick as the low "lock to lock" number would suggest.
  3. green is higher flow/more capacity
  4. The TPS is reused from the plenum to the RBTB setup. Although it wouldn't hurt to have a spare, as i believe they are prone to failure. Another thing - last I heard, CC is still shipping the RBTB kit with the green R500 injectors- however these are incorrect, at least they were on my car. The new RBTB tune is designed to be used with the stock black injectors.
  5. FYI you don't need to send the ECU to be reflashed. CC will email you the tune and you can flash it yourself if you have an easimap cable.
  6. I built my kit from new with the roller barrels and they are amazing sounding but I have nothing to compare to. There is a thread on here about install/dyno.
  7. Which type of seats were you planning on speccing? If you do the Tilletts, the SV has a wider seat which may be necessary if you have wide hips. I am 6'1" and thin but I barely fit in the S3-sized tillett's. If you do the leather seats, then you will have more space. Another consideration is pedal spacing. S3 pedal box is comically narrow and requires small feet or racing shoes. If you want to drive in sneakers, then SV would be more flexible.
  8. At your size I think you would best fit in an S3 with standard floors. Personally, I wouldn't go SV unless I needed the boot space or fuel capacity. But I agree a test fit in various cars will tell you what you need to know. Hopefully there will be someone in your neck of the woods.
  9. Agree with the goal to keep politics out of this forum, even if it isn't in the TOS per se. We have plenty of other places in life/interwebs to engage in those topics. Let's keep this forum 7 related.
  10. I know of some reputable tuners but they mostly do Honda stuff, and most don't use easimap (hondata and emerald I think), though I don't know if that really matters tbh. The ultimate duratec engine builder/tuner (nationally AFAIK) is Hasselgren up in Berkeley (builds for formula Atlantic), but I dunno if he does "lower end" tuning or has a chassis dyno. And his rate might be insane. I would reach out to him though.
  11. Your ecu is fully unlocked right? Take the car for a proper dyno tune/mapping session? Costs money but You'll probably end up with a better map overall anyways.
  12. The voltage can be measured either at the back of the TPS connector or through easimap. When I first built my car I did not have easimap and set the 4.62V via multimeter at TPS. I have since adjusted it multiple times via easimap, which is infinitely easier. I have never measured back to back from plug to easimap to see how close the numbers correlate. I forget what voltage it is at WOT.
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