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  1. How does it work getting the temporary permits while awaiting BAR approval?
  2. I did bedliner inside my GRP rear wings, with PPF on the top. Car is too new to tell, but I'm hoping it holds up well. In just 200mi driven, I can see that the PPF is already taking some abuse so no doubt it's protecting against stone chips in the paint.
  3. Alignment on my diff mounts was terrible and getting the bolts in was an absolute nightmare. It took an ungodly amount of force. It better last forever, cuz I'm never taking it out...
  4. The next sentence means "If you import a box containing an engine and transmission and chassis and body and all the other stuff you need in order to make a car, it's a car."
  5. I thought buying the drivetrain from a different company on a different invoice helps to circumvent that issue?
  6. I am only just beginning the SB100 process. It says: Make: Caterham Model: Seven Model year: 2019 Which is interesting as I rec'd the kit in 2021.
  7. My MSO from Caterham (a 420R that was ordered in May 2020, and shipped Dec 2020) states it is a 2019 Caterham...
  8. That's what I thought but wasn't sure. I think some cars the camber can be changed independent of toe but not sure if it's actually possible.
  9. Random question re: alignment changes. Does changing camber affect the toe in these cars? ie if adjust camber, do I need to reset toe? Thanks
  10. The group called "caterham and 7 owners in usa and Canada".
  11. The talk on the facebook group is that people are recommending registering their 7s out of state, as CA is just a dead end...
  12. Everything i have read dictates that a dry sump system eliminates pcv. Hence why we have that plate on the left side of the duratec block.
  13. Yeah, I was trying to look up some dry-sumped production cars to learn more but didn't get far. One question I have is if I vent the oil tank to somewhere in the intake, would it be to a place under vacuum or not. With a PCV system, the PCV goes into the intake after the throttle body, so the vacuum pulls out the crankcase fumes. Then the breather from the valve cover goes into the airbox usually. I'm not sure what the BAR will want to see with my system. I think before modifying my setup, I'll inquire with them.
  14. Well my 420R is dry sump so there is no PCV at all. The crankcase is ventilated via the sump scavenge pump back to the oil tank. There's a breather from the oil tank, but I'm not sure how to connect that to either the stock intake plenum or the roller barrel intake that I currently have installed.
  15. To those that have been through the BAR inspection process - how was the PCV/CCV system addressed? I don't think any Caterhams have a closed crankcase breathing setup. I am trying to figure out how to pass their requirements with my dry sumped 420R.
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