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  1. Yep, there's another set of unused wires on the left side of the engine near the oil filter as well. I just ziptied em somewhere out of the way. Nice progress. Everything is still fresh in my mind from my build so any other questions, ask away.
  2. My center (rearview) mirror on my aeroscreen doesn't want to be tight. The base is tight, so it's not tilting, but it rotates easily about its axis. The hex fastener on top is very tight but the mirror turns easily enough that at track speeds it won't stay put. I thought maybe the top bolt needed a little more downward pressure on the mirror so I added a thin plastic washer, but it didn't seem to do anything. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  3. I still don't know what they expect on cars with without an intake manifold/plenum (ie direct to head throttle bodies). My dry sumped duratec on roller barrels has no way to implement a pcv that I am aware of. Hopefully just routing the oil breather from the tank to the airbox will be adequate.
  4. I believe the Euro 5 cars are closed system. I know that my 420R is not. Not sure about the Sigma-engined cars. I am very pleased to hear that the roadblock against Caterhams may have been lifted. Maybe I'll get a plate someday after all.
  5. App is RaceChrono. It can use the cellphone GPS, but at 1Hz, the performance is not ideal. I'm using a standalone Garmin 10Hz GPS unit via bluetooth.
  6. Avon ZZS is the stock tire on new Caterhams with 13" wheels. It is the more street oriented tire, but still track worthy. The ZZR is the more track focused tire.
  7. So I guess I'm the only one with a right-side mounted alternator? Maybe this is down to the powertrain supplier, and not Caterham per se.
  8. Just got back from the track. Running 21-22psi hot.
  9. I know tires expand/balloon out at speed but I'm surprised that it would this much.
  10. I'm not sure how it's possible but it seems my right front tire is rubbing on my wingstay despite there being a ~1cm gap. Anyone seen this?
  11. Hmmmmm... my alternator is on the RIGHT side of the engine. Maybe the Left hand side mount is for RHD cars?
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