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  1. Learning opportunity for everyone here...! Update... So Hagerty provided the insurance with no further information requested. Sent them photos, the requested resume and called this morning to check the status and the underwriter wrote the policy. I come from an aviation background and things are certainly different in the specialty vehicle world. I had a specialty aircraft (Pitts S2A) and was expressly prohibited from flying it (either solo or with passengers) by the insurance carrier until I got 20 hours of dual instruction in it from a competent instructor (even though alre
  2. So I'm working on getting the car to Texas, and stuff. Called Hagerty Insurance today and was asked for a resume of High Performance Driving...? Anyone else been asked for something like this? Should I expect to receive a requirement to attend a driving school somewhere? Where do you guys insure your Stalker's, Caterham's and Westfield's at?
  3. Okay guys... Sold. I finally broke down and bought it. After seeing it back in February.. and being "harassed" by the local mob here.. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Lost 10lbs and called the owner and we worked a deal. Working on getting it shipped to North Texas (hopefully before Thanksgiving). For those of you on here... any suggestions on adding a windshield wiper "system" to this..? Texas has a "safety" inspection with registration and one of the points is operation of the windshield wipers. I'm not sure if one of the those "manual" wiper systems or the single motor type
  4. WOW... what a fun group. You are seriously a bunch of enablers. Almost like drug dealers (wait, isn't the first one usually free?)
  5. You all (or more appropriately from TX, "Yawl") make some pretty good points. My response comes in at least 3 layers. 1). The car is perfect, altering it would be to dishonor it. I did consider buying it and either modifying the current seat or having a custom seat made. Then I remembered all the occasions where friends of mine have bought something like this and I accused them of heresy when they took a Sawsall or other device to modify or make better something that was perfect to begin with. 2). Buying the car now with the intention of losing 20lbs is reasonable. However,
  6. With all intended sarcasm and humor... Damn you...! I still fit in my Monster Miata so it can't be that bad. (I also think you are involved in the plot with my wife and doctor, the collusion is obvious)
  7. Believe me... I REALLY LOOKED AT THE POSSIBILITIES...! haha... The sides of the seat virtually rest along the sides of the tranny tunnel and the left side frame rail. The only thing I could think of was to cut the sides of the seat off and lay some cushioning on either side (and we talked about this). Having just realized how chunky I've gotten... I got home to Dallas yesterday afternoon and instead of eating at Whataburger, I got a damn salad. I think my wife and doctor are in on this or it's a damn commie plot.
  8. So I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in regarding this car. I flew up to South Dakota to see it and met the seller and did a pretty in-depth review. I will say up front, my intent was to buy it when I went up there and once I got there and started looking at it, I REALLY was going to buy it. Unfortunately I didn’t and more on why in a moment. The car is probably one of the best examples I have seen. The frame is professional construction and has some interesting addons that indicate someone put some real thought into this car. It has a true tilt steering and an adjustable
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