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  1. The updated site looks great. Not a small task by any means. Thank you JohnCH. Jack Banker Carmel, Indiana
  2. Hey Graham, glad to see you have joined USA7s. Now we will have to get Gary on the stick. Love his new 310R. It was a treat to get to wire it.
  3. Congratulations Spfld62701. You won't be disappointed in the purchase of a Brunton Legacy chassis Stalker. Welcome to the group. Losing 10 pounds in this Covid-19 era is a good thing and hard to do. Jack Banker
  4. He asked me if I knew you. I told him that I saw your post about wanting to check out a SuperStalker but I did not know you personally. I did take a peak at your Turbocharged Miata powered seven that you recently sold. Nicely done. I love my Turbocharged Ecotec Stalker. It's a Hahn stage III that gives me 350HP at the crank and 302HP at the rear wheels at 13 PSI boost. I have the boost dialed back at about 6 PSI now but has not been dyno'd at the lower setting. Still more power than I need for street use. Jack
  5. Rich, I know (Dave Smith) the owner of the SuperStalker listed in the "Sevens for sale" USA7s list that is on the Indianapolis Craigs list. He is a great friend and his build is outstanding. It is chassis #106 built in Dennis Brunton's shop by Dennis himself while he still owned the Stalker company. I helped Dave with this build. It took us three years and no expense was spared. The GM 3800 supercharged is a L32 V6 crate motor. It has all the good stuff for auto-x, track day or touring. So far it has only been to some car shows and a couple of Indy Cars & Coffee events. That is m
  6. I noticed in the repeats that the Craigs List Indianapolis Stalker V6 has updated photos and a price drop. I know the car well. It is an exceptional build.
  7. Sean, I did not put 2+2 together. Now I remember you. Your chassis #is 96 built by Bob and Casey Piscura for use at VIR. Marty Carroll #31 lives in St.L, Dan Doerer #93 also in St. L, Cliff Flath #8 lives in Marysville, IL and Mike Major #137 lives in Collinsville, IL. I have met Marty, Dan and Cliff when Run & Gun was still active and running at Gateway. If I recall you lived in St. Charles. Putnam is a great facility. Two of us have run there and one of the other Stalker owners from here runs a C4 Corvette at Putnam. He has not put his Stalker on the track yet, but I expect he will nex
  8. Searya, Do you go to Putnam park often. There are 4 Stalker owners in Indianapolis. I had chassis #10 and still own chassis 21. Neighbor around the corner from me has #106. Two other friends in the metro area have 107 and 160. What chassis number do you have? Do you live close by Indy?. Let me know when you will be back at Putnam. Maybe we can meet up with you. Xcarguy almost moved here a couple of years ago. Jack
  9. Indy is finally back on track to weekly Cars and Coffee for 2020. Not unusual to have in excess of 300 and up to 650+ at the various venues around the city of Indianapolis. I took this pic at the end of the July 18th event at Tom Wood Aviation Airport just north of the Indianapolis city limits. Nearly 700 cars in attendance. Dennis Brunton loved aircraft of all kinds. This in appreciation for his inspiration in the development of the Stalker V6 Se7en. Really miss my great friend. Gone way too soon.
  10. Looks like a Toyota in-line 6 cylinder. Well done legacy chassis. Like Xcarguy, I know a lot of Stalker owners and have kept a master list of owners since 2003. Not familiar with this one at all.
  11. Dear SpfldIL62701, Thank you for such a nice report on the Chassis #104 Superstalker. I have been trying to help Bill sell this car even though I have never seen it in person myself. This car was built for the seller's father who passed away about a year ago. the car only has about 1100 miles on it and was never driven hard. I personally know the fabricators that did the final assembly and they are the best. They built my chassis #21 and I could not be happier with their work. They are very professional and honest and have provided Turnkey Stalkers for others in the past. This was most li
  12. I don't think so. I was in touch with the owner about 1 or 2 weeks ago. He was in dialog with a potential buyer but not sure they made a deal. It sounded "Iffy" to me. I think this extremely nice car only has 1224 miles on it and is in perfect condition. I will PM you with contact information.
  13. This professionally built SuperStalker for sale. The car is located Mandan, ND. Please contact me by PM on this forum for more details and contact information. A few photos attached. No expense spared. This is Stalker chassis #104. Built for the customer by Sugar Grove Custom Cars in Dallas Center, Iowa.
  14. Bob, I have both a C6 Vette coupe and a turbocharged Legacy SuperStalker. Wife likes both but prefers the C6 when it's too hot or too cold or if we are going on long trips. Good choice but you need to get another Se7en. You are not too old even when you are in your seventies. I am 75. Jack
  15. Tony Montgomery who lives about 2 miles from Dave and I. It is a 1966 Lotus Seven. Very nice Seven that he found in Louisville, KY a few years ago.
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