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  1. Thanks Carl. I thaught about damaging the bushing in the process. I did order one. Will wait for it befor the operation. Nicolas
  2. I was afraid to pull hard and damage something. Thanks for sharing your experience. Nicolas
  3. Hi everyone. I wanted to change my upper column. I would like to ask you if what I plan to do is correct. My car is a 1981 S3. I have (i think) a column kike this one installed. I want to install a quick release one like this one. I will remove the Clamp and "just" slide back the column. I think the column is blocked by the upper bush. I think i read somewhere to remove the column by pulling it with a strap and a ratchet. Is that correct ?? Something like this.
  4. Hi everyone, I just saw this one in Canada. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/nvn/cto/d/west-vancouver-lotus-2008-caterham/7078061198.html bye
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